The wood-Z : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It all began after a crazy night a blowjobs...

We had both shot loads all over each other, sticky and warm and our balls drained. We laid there .

After an awkward morning of smoking a cigarette with each other. Not talking just sitting thinking about how we just came all over each other and are still sticky and a little hard.

The next couple off weeks we did not talk. It was clear that it was an awkward situation. And during those weeks I jacked off so many times to the thought of having his rock hard member in my mouth.

I was so horny one night just sitting stroking my and decided to text him.

I didn't know what he was thinking about what we did.
I asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime.

He responded with what do you want to do?

Not Knowing if he wanted to suck my cock again or he just didn't want to hang out and have nothing to do. My cock was throbbing an I thought i would initiate this and see where it goes
I said suck your cock..

There was a long pause in the texts maybe 5 to 10 mins. When he response to me was faster than ever. (M loved his phone I knew he read it. Then i started thinking what if M isn't gay and I was just making it up in my mind. He then responded with want to today? Meet me at Starbucks.

We both arrived at the same time. I drank two cups of coffee thinking only about what was in his pants. I got very nervous and fidgety and he was cool as a cucumber. One of our friends showed up and we were about to leave to go have fun...And our friend was trying to hang out with the both of us. M finally responded with we are meeting Luna (another close friend) at the park, we are gonna hang. That shut our friend up.

I drove M and me to the park thinking we were going to meet Luna. I forgot that what we were even doing for a second. He turned to me and said Luna Isn't meeting us I just didn't want him to come along with us and spoil the fun. as he touchs my leg.

We parked and started to walk around the trails, M climbed onto a tree and I said

" where are we going?"

M said "where we can have some private fun"
I got hard instantly.
And could feel the goosebumps in my throat.

He climbed Down and we walked a little more.
Finally he said "anywhere is good I think you just need to choose."

I needed off the path, we didn't need anyone to watch us play with each other
I looked left and right and said " it, heres fine"

"Where?" M said skeptically
"Behind the tree?"
we slowly was behind it and sit.

"Fuck me" and M shoves his tongue down my throat. At the same time he reached over to my pants and started to play with .

I was so nervous for some reason and he could tell and tried to get me to calm down. I stood up and took out my cock. He with wide eyes and a big smile was so happy to see it. He grabbed it and his hand felt so good. He started to jack me off. And I closed my eyes next thing I. Know his mouth was wrapped around it. Warm and soft slide up and down he knew how to take a cock.

I told him to stop because I didn't want to cum and told him to stand up. I got on my knees and stated to take his round cock that hardened when he was sucking me. I kept sucking for awhile he loved it
Then he told me he wanted to suck m again. i wasnt going to say no.
So he did.

Then we switched again
I wanted him to cum on my face I was telling him commanding him too
He looks down and says "I already came today I might not be able to"
Then I had an idea.

I stood up, pulled him close and with our hard cocks touching banging against each other
I whispered I brought condoms and lube in a bag in the back of my car if you want to fuck my . This is your only chance. Then I turned around and bent over to grab my pants at my ankles and pushed my spread open cheeks against his cock. I felt him push against my hole.

He grabbed his pants faster than I've ever seen anyone get dressed and said "where are they I will run and get them" I was thinking we were going to do it together but I sit and say "in my trunk here are my keys"
And he runs off.

I play with my cock a little that is soaking wet from his spit, my underwear is wet, it gets me even harder.

He's back in a flash
He says "I never thought you would be into this"
I told him "Well. I am. But you can't tell anyone"

I dropped my pants and got in my knees to get M hard again and as is was to sucking he gets really hard I grab the lube and in a fast swoop I switch my mouth with the lube and he let's out a loud moan "Oh. Fuck me"
I put the condom in my mouth and roll it down his hard cock with my mouth.

I bend over leaning onto the tree
"Fuck me"

M walks up to me and I feel him cock brush up against my hole. It was wet and cold, he spanked me then made me bend over more.

i thought he was going to just shove his cock into me, but he didnt. as i was bent over repeating fuck me he was rubbing lube all over my ass and fingering my hole, then he came dome and licked my asshole

M came up and said " Now i'll fuck you."

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