Slaves 4 rent : Part 3 : naked toys

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Read Slaves 4 rent : part 1 or Slaves 4 rent : part 2 of this story.

The slave awakes to yet another day in his cell. the day normaly follows a usual routine. he is woken unshackled from the floor and then his head and wrists are placed into stocks low down on the floor. his ankles are shackled behind him. his waist is hauled into the air by a leather strap. this is connected to a chain from the ceiling. he is then left with his backside in the air to await his master. each morning his master will enter his cell an push his large soft penis into his bowels and empty his urine into him filling his bowels. his anus is indeed slack enough for this routine procedure which will arouse the masters manhood untill it fills his bowels snugly, upon which he begins to have sex with him. this will be followed by his bowels being pummeled until the masters warm semen gushes into his well used cavity. the slave is normaly then shackled to the wall standing up or back on the floor to await the masters clients like the rest of the sex slaves. he knows however that he is the only one that the master uses for his own purpose and amusement.

Today is different however. after the master has filled him with warm bodily fluids he is left as he is. the master as usual, leaves but this time the lads who work as guards bring another lad into his cell. they shackle him to the slaves mattress. one of the lads kick the slave. hey fella look, you have a room mate. he sneers. with that the lads leave the cell closing the door behind them. silence resounds in the small cell more to do with shock on the slaves part of having his routine upheaved. and more than likely shock on the new lads part due to the recent events that have found him naked and shackled to the floor with another lad in an obvious sexual pose. the slave can hear the new lads soft fast breathing.

Guess you have agreed with the master that you wanna be one of his slaves eh? the new lad blinked surveying his new surroundings. erm yeah i did... he warned me it would be for as long as he wanted an that i would have no say in any of it if i sounds well horny. the new lad looked at the slave an studied his current situation. sooo..wots goin on wiv you at the moment? the new lad enquired. the slave felt a little humiliated to be left in the stocks in front of this new lad an shuffled uncomfortably. the lad looked at him,he realised he was finding himself getting aroused, he began to realise he could not reach his now throbbing penis. he looked shyly at the slave who could clearly see his erect penis.

They told me you can let me know the ropes. the new lad said. unable to do anything about hiding his throbbing manhood from the slaves view. what do ya wanna know. grinned the slave. well...what happens to us? the new lad whispered come your tied up like that? the slave smiled. well im the masters personal morning piss toilet, an once hes filled me with his piss he fucks me an fills me full of guessin they have left me like this to either try an humiliate me or to give you an idea of wot goes on here fella. the new lads mouth had fallen wide open but his penis was still throbbing. probly more than what it was a second ago. um so..are we kept like this all the time? the slave shook his head. no fella, not all the time but most of the time. we are kept nake. slaves are not allowed to wear any clothes. wankin is forbidden and if you do manage to cum sumhow, then you will be punished. the new lad looked shocked. so we never cum? not often fella unless its done for us. the new lad looked at the slave still with shock. an you look so skinny do they not feed you much? not alot fella most slaves here are kept really skinny. our master prefers us that way. the new lad looked at his toned muscular body in thought. i guess that i can say goodbye to my muscles then if your anything to go by. he murmered.

Silence fell as the new lad lay in thought. an all your bodyhair. the slave said, as he looked at his new cell mate. slaves are kept completely smooth, so you can say goodbye to that bush an those golden hairy legs fella

The door suddenly swung open as the master walked in followed by his two guards. they had obviously displeased him in some manner for there shorts had been removed and there genitals wore small metal chastity devices. there buttocks and the back of there legs were red an welts had begun to show. the master studied the new lad an turned to his lads. gag this new slut. he then turned his attention to the slave. he knelt down behind him an placed his hand on his raised buttocks. he looked at the now gagged new lad. watch what happens slut. that tight little hole of yours will be but a faded memory by the end of this month. with that he began to thrust his fist into the slaves anus. the slave grunted then groaned as the masters fist disappeared into the slaves bowels. the new lad looked on with wide eyes as the room was filled with the smell of the masters urine an semen he had filled the slave with earlier that morning. the slave looked at the new lad. he cud not help but notice his throbbing penis as he was fisted in front of him. he tried to remain quiet to retain a little dignity in front of this beautiful new slave, who clearly was arroused by his ordeal. he however could not, an without realising began to moan as his master worked his fist back and forth twisting an pulling out before again entering his slack back passage. gurgling squelching sounds filled the air, along with his uncontrolled panting moaning sighs. he began to worry for he had not ejaculated for about three months. he knew he would cum if his master continued his .

Tell the new slut why im abuseing you lad. the master said. ungh b-because im ungh your slut sir...because thats wot im for..ungh to be fucked an fisted..the master increased his fisting to a hard delibrate thrust.wot else you filthy whore? ungh for drinking the cum and piss of your clients to be fucked by them for money. the fisting was not so much painful but it turned him on as his master knew. the humiliation of being turned on in such a manner in front of this new slave as he watched in shock was the trick. the new lad was positively dripping with excitement his groin thrustiing wildly about as he watched the slaves treatment by the master. once again the slave knew he was about to ejaculate. p-please sir im gonna ugh ugh... the new watched as thick semen spattered across the floor. the slave closed his eyes, waiting for his masters response. you filthy slut you know i hate it when you cum like that. the master pulled out his fist smirking to himself. chain him next to this new slut, i will deal with you later in front of your knew cell mate, he can watch you sob as i torture you before the clients can you. the master then turned and walked out.

As he lay panting next to the new lad he groaned with frustration. shit, shit no. i jus cant help it an he fuckin knows it too. the new lad snuggled up next to him. his gag had been removed. that was soo horny he whispered. wot will happen now tho? the slave turned to face his new bed mate, there ankles shackled, there wrists shackled above there heads the new lad pressed his body against the slaves skinny frame his penis dribbled over him. he looked at the slave in earnest. the slave turned away. im gonna be tortured in front of you. he said quietly. the lad pressed closer. i wont lie to you, i think i will enjoy it tho.. the slave smiled.

I'm sure you will you horny sod, now you had try an fuck me coz im sure we will be wearing chastity belts or sumet if were gonna end up chained together again cud be months before you even cum again probly the last time you ever get to fuck some one. the new lad didnt need another invitation. my god your really slack! the new lad exclaimed his groin eagerly thrusting against the slaves buttocks. wot will the torture be. he panted. the slave was getting turned on by this new lad his penis now throbbing again. probly whipped. he knows it dont hurt to fist me with anything anymore..or he will shock my balls. he likes to humiliate me more than anything. the lad suddenly gasped as his semen shot inside the slave. the slave turned around to face his horny new cell mate. they began to kiss. i cant wait. he whispered.

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