Loser will be slave: A fight for pride and manhood

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Me and Abi being classmates were competitors in everything! He equaled me in physique and intelligence. But our tastes always differed. My friends were never liked by him and vice verse. For a record, we had been studying in same school, coincidentally joined same college. And our rivalry continued there too. I don't have a count of how many times we fought. Many times it went to a violent blood sheds.

The story starts from a scout camp I opted to try. Again coincidentally he joined too. I was hardly surprised to see him in staff room for registering his name with scout instructor Mr. Louis. I mocked him for imitating me, which he denied and claimed that rather I was copying him. After sharing few more words with each other .. the situation went hot again and both of us were holding each others collar. However our scout instructor just entered the room. The situation was more than under control and we got scolded for childish act by Mr. Louis.

The day appeared. It was just we finished our Semester exams and start of the vacations. The camping place was actually a forest. It was going to be an adventurous trip. We 10 people (+ instructor) arrived to the place in our college bus. It was about 300Kms from our college. And we were all set and excited for a 5 days camping.

The place was really beautiful, and there was a small river flowing near by. there had been arrangements for food. But no shower/bathrooms. I although wasn't comfortable, still wanted to give a try to adventurous forest life ..

We cleaned a place and raised a tent there. Again there was no luxuriousness, in a 14X20 feet tent 10 people had to adjust. No bed, no pillows only mats and bedsheets that we carried ourselves. We unpacked our bags and left to river bank to freshen-up ourselves. On the way we eased our bladder. Since there were no bathrooms we lined up and showered the shrubs. While peeing I observed Abi's Penis, soft Milky white uncut, foreskin was a little pulled back by his fingers which made the tip of his ping head visible.

He finished few seconds sooner than us, so I commented "Adult pee for long time, since their Bladder will be bigger, while Kids pee a little but 10 times a day!" that commented made him pissed off, before he would react I turned to him and said, "Now don't think that was for you, that would prove you aren't adult" and I laughed at my own joke.

At the river bank we again clashed, this time because by mistake he had used my towel. It wasn't a deal practically, I would have let go if someone else was in his place.. but our rivalry just boosted the situation to fight. We were caught again by our instructor. This time we were warned by him. "If I ever see you again fight!.." the instructor yelled "I'll complain to the principal! And have him take strict action against you!" .. he continued "I don't repeat it, if you ever again caused trouble in these 5 days, I'll make sure you'll pay for it.."

This certainly had impact. We attended lectures and adventurous hiking in forest for two days. And for two days we avoided mocking each other, even if we did, we didn't get carried away, rather tend to avoid..
On third day when were taking bath at riverbank, he commented on my undergarment saying "it looks like panty". I yelled curse words at him. Again the situation turned red, however we remembered our instructors warning and stopped the fight.

It was almost 11PM and rest other people in other tents were fast asleep it looked like. Also our instructor had his separate tent mounted at good distance from ours.

We were chatting at our tent while relaxing. Suddenly it happened, my undergarment (I don't know how) was lying at Abi's place, he had gone out and just returned to tent and observed it in his place, he picked it up looked around and threw at me "Hey that's your panty!" .. I got pissed off and charged at him to beat him up.. As soon as I gave him a punch, One of our classmates stopped us and yelled "Don't you remember what Mr. Louis said?? Don't fight now.. you'll be in trouble if you cause noise again! Don't forget! If you cause any noise, nearby scouts and instructors can hear you!"

I reluctantly stopped. I went back to my place in the tent and tried to get the anger out of my mind.. two minutes passed we were discussing about mountain climbing event. Then he suddenly asked "Hey Irwin, wanna fist fight with me?"
Rest other classmates looked with surprise at him, he continued "Let's not fight, okay? I don't want to get in trouble because of you.. but I want to settle some scores, why not try harmless fist fight? No noise no problem!"
I immediately reacted "So eager to lose? Let me know when you are ready"

He said "But one condition, The loser will suck the winner's .. AGREED?"
That was a surprise to all of us "What the??" was the first reaction most of us gave..
One of our classmates said "Abi! what was that ? what are you upto!"

Abi thwarted him "I'm talking to Irwin! so shutup!" turned at me and said "Com'on.. don't you have daring? Don't you have confidence on your manhood? com'on panty take up a challenge"
Those words provoked me and I immediately replied "YOU WANNA TASTE MY CUM SO BADLY?" .. "Bring it on bitch! but... Loser will have to be the slave till camp is over .. are you ready?" I mocked..
to which he first got a jerk of surprise on his face but then he smiled "Alright.. do or die as bitch"

Rest others were still having surprised face..
Again one of them tried to neutralize "Guys plz stop it!"

This time I shouted "STFU! mind your business!" and continued.. "And yeah, when he loses, make sure that he won't run away from sucking my cock!" ..
Abi gave a mocking smile and said "Make sure HE WON'T RUN AWAY!"

One of them gave a statement "alright! Let them have their way let's not interfere, they are acting all smart asses but we'll make sure loser is gonna face hell!"

We laid in the middle of the tent, belly down, facing each other. Right arms stretched out ready for first fight..

He counted 1 to 3 and our body muscles got tighten.. I didn't want to lose to that bastard.. I thought we could have done this long back, It would have been easy for me to settle it at once and treat him like bitch..
As I was flooded in thought, he overpowered me a little, it was little tilted to the right, He gave a evil mild laugh and hissed, be ready to taste my milky white cock!!

That suddenly took me to a flash back.. I remembered his cock while we were peeing in forest on very first day.. "His foreskin covers his head completely when it's soft" I thought. I wondered how much of his head will be visible when it's rock hard.. remembering the pink tip of his head I saw while he was peeing brought me some chill suddenly in my spines..
I started battling my mind.. "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME .. Why Am I thinking about his cock .. damn it .."
meanwhile the first tag got tilted little more to right.. And his evil laugh was popping more often.

"He's my worst enemy, I should beat him.." I determined, I collected all my power and tried to pull back my right fist, but I guess my energy was too less to make it up at that point. He had upperhand..
moreover thoughts of his cock in my mouth was making me sick ..
DAMN IT! I yelled loud and clear.. His laugh was loud this time too.. There wasn't much of my chance to come back in game .. For final time I remember his cock .. it had a small vein lining from root to the head, I wondered, if his cock gets hard, will that become big and clearly visible too?"

Flooded with too many ugly fetish thoughts, I decided to give up .. I released my right arm, all I had in my mind was that milky white cock of his ....
"SHIT!" I still was unsure what I did..

Within a fraction of second I relaxed my right arm, he nailed it to the ground..
"HAHAHAHA" He let out a big evil laugh !!

I looked up in anger.. "ahha?! no! baby! no anger please.. ! You are my slave now! remember your bet? there are 8 other's who witnessed it!"
"Come! suck me!" He ordered, while he went and stood at his place ..
I had no choice, as I knew rest others would make do it forcefully .. I got up and walked at him.. I was on my knees keeping face right infront of his vest level.
He commanded "Strip off!" I don't like you wearing cloths"

I started to take off my shirt and pants, when I was done I was on my underwear (again sat on my knees), when I was about to remove it, he said "wait! let me help you,,"
He lifted his right leg and started to pull of my underwear with his toe, he giggled while he did, others in my tent were enjoying the show too..
It was all my mistake to yell at them arrogantly when they tried to stop it initially when Abi challenged me..

My mind was completely blank, my dick was hardening due to humiliation.. I pulled off my underwear completely and again I sad on my knees. He unbuckled his belt and pants.. He pulled his pant and underwear together a little low to reveal his soft dick balls and 2-3 inches below that..
He didn't touch his cock .. rather he moved a step forward to bring his dick little closer to my face..!

There it was milky white uncut cock! foreskin completely covered the head.. I raised my left hand and held his precious.. lifted and kissed the tip! Then pulled the foreskin a little to see the tip of his pink head!
THERE IT WAS! I brushed the tip of it with my tongue, I played for few seconds till he left out a moan ..
"HE'S ENJOYING IT!" one of our classmates yelled!
I ignored it and wrapped my lips around his dick.. slowly I squeezed it with lips while I moved my head back..

Again, I took his soft meat completely into my mouth and squeezed it with my lips hard and moved my head back! He left a moan when tip (foreskin) of his tool was stretched while pulled out of my mouth..
I repeated to squeeze him with my just my lips and served him a great pleasure, he was enjoying it while his fingers playing with my hairs.. now and then he tried hold me tight to his crotch while I took him completely in ..

He asked me to lay down. I did. Then he removed all his cloths and sat on my chest. This was more humiliating than earlier.. He moved a little forward and his soft dick was touching my lips.. I parted my lips to take him in.. He slowly moved back, my tight clutch with lips of his penis made it stretch again while he moved..

His tool slowly started to harden .. When he was fully hard in my mouth .. I took it out for once and took a close look.. The vein I was thinking about while I was fist fighting was really visible clear and big now.. And the foreskin moved back for good to reveal most his head.. I drew line on that vein with my tongue .. then I pulled his foreskin back to reveal his head completely ..
He was rock hard now .. I widened my mouth and moved my head to take it in and out..

He positioned his hands above my head.. And knees just below my armpit.. He adjusted himself so that he was ready to fuck my mouth like a pussy .. He started to hump in to my deep throat.. I gagged but he showed no mercy .. his moans were loud and erotic.. I started jacking of my dick..

He screwed me for 10 minutes or so and then he took out his dick saying He was about to cum and doesn't want it so soon..

He took a five minutes rest.. and then came back.. ordered me to turn around and keep doggy style.. He lubed his dick with lots of saliva.. parted my cheeks and pressed his dick hard at my entry.. I closed my eyes tight to feel the pain + pleasure.. He was really enjoying for sure his sworn enemies tight ass.

He pushed an inch or two into me and took it out.. I felt relieved and a little pleasure when it moved out.. Within a second I felt it gush more than 4 inches into me .. I let a moan when he pulled it out back.. And he pushed some more cock into me.. this time it was deep and completely in.. he bumped his thighs to my hips when he jammed his cock deep into me with tremendous force. my legs shivered with each of his powerful strokes deep and furious..
He was holding my vest tight and ramming my ass real well.. For 15 minutes battle, I was sweating buckets and I was panting a bitch..

He really made me feel like bitch with his manliness. every time he went deep inside me I felt myself complete, feeling his manhood inside me made me crave for it..
I didn't realize how loud and how many times I cheered him yelling his name and "fuck me" ..

He came into my ass, I didn't have much options to choose as I was slave.. taking advantage of it.. he made me suck and get fucked by others in my tent too.. I spent rest of the hiking events and nights giving pleasure to my classmates.

Mine and Abi's rivalry came to an end, me ended up being his slave.. though I was slave for 2-3 days only (till the camp ended) there was no point in showing arrogance there after ..
I had to switch to other college as I made quite famous name in that college with this story..

I'm still in contact with Abi, we meet, I still like being treated as slave. He never got an answer for why I became his slave suddenly! And why acted so strangely .. Well.. I guess FETISH is the answer..

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