About My First Time

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

Many years ago now I started to have some thoughts about m2m sex, not sure if it was just in my mind and nothing more or if I actually desired m2m sex, that is when I joined a bisexuals site, beginning with just chatting to experienced guys about my thoughts.

One local was happy to answer my questions, trying to fill me in on any subject I brought up. After chatting a few times, he invited me over for just a and a beer, putting a face to our conversation's. I took him up on the offer, going to his place a few nights later. As I arrived, I was greeted by a rather attractive guy, having only seen pictures of what I thought to be a good looking and body for someone at 53 as he invited me into his dining room, pointing me towards a chair and getting us both a beer. As he sat down, we started off talking about general life, what we do and what our lifestyles involve.

After a couple of beers, I think my inhibitions lowered as the subject I went there to talk about came up, him asking what kinds of scenarios I thought about and if I had any desire to carry them out. Still being rather shy about the subject, I said I had a few ideas but not sure if I wanted to do any of them. He said he had no problems with expressing myself and to just speak my mind. I timidly began to tell him my thoughts, starting with wanting to know what another guys cock would feel like in my hand, how it would feel growing with my touch. Very softly, he asked if I would mind if he get his cock out, and that he was expecting nothing from it. Feeling this was, as he said, nothing more, I agreed with a little unease but when he slid his shorts off, letting his semi hard cock rest on the chair between his open legs, I found that I seemed to like having his bare member before me, thinking down that it looked so much better than in the photos, my eyes staying on it for a moment, constantly looking back to it as we chatted.

As the chatting continued, I felt myself looking at his cock more thinking of it as a play thing and not another guys warm cock flesh, beginning to wonder how I should go about my growing desire to reach out and feel him, not sure how to take the leap. He must have noticed my eyes dropping to it frequently, telling me that anything I want to do is fine with him, that he has no issue with me exploring my desires in the safety of his home.

It took me some time after this to get up the nerve to take the next step but in the back of my mind I was still wondering if I really wanted to take that step and what would come of doing so but I kept having visions of holding him in my hand. Finally I got the nerve, moved closer to him and slowly reached out my hand, looking up at him occasionally for assurance when he said it was ok, not to stress, I donít have to do anything I donít want, adding that he was hoping I would make a move.

As I reached closer to him, he spread his legs wider, allowing me good access to his still semi hard cock, neither of us saying a word for the moment as my hand found his cock, the warm flesh feeling good under my palm as I slowly slid my fingers around his girth. Although his cock felt similar to mine, it was also very different being another guys cock, the sensation of his member in my hand feeling strangely natural, beginning to feel comfortable with having him in my grasp, was as if I had done this before.

With my hand happily wrapped around his now growing member and not being able to lift my eyes from the amazing sight of it poking from my hand, he spoke softly, asking me if I liked holding his cock. Still not looking away from it, a told him it felt really good, I loved the feeling of his warm soft skin in my hand, the sensation of it growing as I held it firmly. He said that he was going to relax and let me play with him if I wanted but no pressure to do so was implied, even though I knew he was hoping I did.

As he tilted his head back and closed his eyes, I began squeezing him gently, occasionally rubbing my thumb over the pre cum oozing from his knob, relishing the idea that I was making him horny and wet. While gently squeezing and rubbing, a thought like wanting to feel another cock in my hand came to mind but this time I was wondering what it would feel like in my mouth, thinking what his now hard 7Ē cock would feel and taste like as it entered my mouth, sliding over my tongue and how much of him I could take, the first cock on another guy that I have felt stirring ideas in my head.

I had often wondered what my girlfriend thought as she swallowed my own shaft, what the sensation was of sucking and tasting a cock, also believing that a guy would be a better sucking cock as he knows what feels good. Now here I was, a hard shaved 7Ē cock before me, ready for me to use as I please, my hand still wrapped around it, my mind telling me to move towards it, to lift his knob to my lips and take my first cock in my mouth.

I slowly moved off my chair and between his legs trying not to let him notice but he must have felt a change in my grasp, letting out a slight moan of delight without opening his eyes. Now on the floor, I was mere inches away from his knob, his mushroom head looking huge as it poked out of my hand, suddenly wondering if I could go through with this, thinking he is so , I could never fit him in my mouth. I continued to grasp and squeeze him with my hand, working up the courage to have him in my mouth.

Finally I decided it was time to fulfill what had only been a thought until now as I moved my face towards his knob, lifting him closer to my lips. I gently began kissing the tip of his cock, enjoying the feeling of his smooth but hard knob, opening my lips more with every kiss, eventually taking his flared head between my lips before sliding myself from him. I could taste his pre cum on my tongue, I was unsure earlier if I would like the taste but suddenly found I didnít mind it at all, sort of salty and sweet at the same time.

He was now letting out slight moans every time I dragged my lips along his knob, causing me to realise I was doing a fair job considering it was my first cock. Now I had taken a cock between my virgin lips, taking more of him seemed easy. I began working my lips further down his shaft with every stroke, sucking him hard and squeezing him with my lips as I slid down him. Before long, I had as much of him in my mouth as I could, his knob almost causing me to gag. I held my fingers at the point I could take, lifting from him to see I was taking about 5Ē of him.

With his cock wet with my saliva, I stroked him up and down, asking him if my lips felt good on his cock. He replied with a moan firstly then said I was doing an amazing job, he could not believe it was the first time I had swallowed a cock. This gave me a smile and a feeling of pride that an experienced guy loved my work.

He now knew I was ready for play not just the chat we had met to have, he pulled me to my feet, quickly standing in front of me as he leaned closer, asking me if I was willing to kiss a guy. I said truthfully it was something that never crossed my mind but at this point I was very turned on and open to new experiences. He leaned in, pressing his lips softly to mine as we eased into a passionate kiss, his tongue pushing at my lips as I gave in and opened my mouth to let him in, his tongue wriggling around my tongue, the sensation feeling rather erotic, our lips sucking each others and our bodies pressed hard against together.

Our kissing continued for some time, my hard cock straining at my shorts, pressing against his naked member, our hands roaming over each others bodies. As we kissed, I put up no protest as he slowly removed my clothes, breaking our kiss for a moment to lift my shirt over my head, his hands sliding down my back and inside my shorts. With his hands now grasping my arse firmly, he pulled me hard to him, my cock pressing against him. He asked if I was ready to get my cock out in front of him which I happily agreed to, telling him I was ready ages ago but not sure if I should. He again assured me that anything goes, to explore my desires!

We stopped kissing for a moment as he knelt down in front of me, pulling my shorts over my hard cock and to the floor. As I stepped out of them, my cock was pointing straight at his face, almost resting on his lips. With this sight before me, I badly wanted him to take me in his mouth, my earlier unsure feelings now just a memory as my desire to enjoy male love consumed me.

He looked up at me for a sign I wanted to be taken, giving him such as I ran my hands through his hair, pulling him to me. As he moved closer, he ran his hands around my waist, grasping both my arse cheeks firmly as he opened his mouth, taking my knob between his lips. I shuddered in pleasure, a tingle running up my spine as he slowly slid his lips down further and further onto my shaft. My mind went into overdrive as I felt my knob enter his throat and his lips press at the base of my cock. He held there for a moment, finally sliding his lips back along me, pressing his tongue hard on the underside of my shaft.

I could not believe how good it felt, no woman had ever made my cock feel like this. He continued moving slowly up and down my full length, my knob sliding easily in and out of his throat, constantly sending shivers through my body! It didnít take long before I was ready to cum, letting him know this. He slid his lips from me, not letting me cum just yet. He again stood before me, gave me a quick but again passionate kiss before leading me out of the dining room and to his bathroom.

Upon entering the bathroom, he opened the door to a large shower, turning on the water and asking me if I wanted to join him. Before answering, I brushed my body against his, squeezed his arse as I entered the shower, telling him I like the idea! He stepped into the shower with me, closing the glass door behind us. The feeling of the water running over my naked body as another guy stood naked right next to me, his cock pointing out in front of him, it felt great, even better was watching it run over his body, a stream running off his still hard cock.

He tilted the shower head down so we were not quite under it as he grabbed some liquid soap and poured some over my shoulders and chest. After putting the soap back, he turned to me, spreading the soap over my body, occasionally squeezing my nipples. I had never had my nipples played with but found I quite enjoyed it, the feeling sending tingles straight to my cock, causing it to twitch slightly.

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