Be careful what you wish for

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My name is Nik and I am addicted to trawling the internet for gay websites looking for clubs and saunas, anywhere that I could experience encounter. I was sure I could find club or sauna somewhere in the UK.

I came across various clubs but discounted them as they were mainly public so concentrated on reviewing all the saunas in the UK. I eventually filtered out one that I thought may be worth a visit and where I would feel comfortable. I had noticed that some where just an excuse for getting fucked and I wasn't ready for that.

I organized a business trip to London with the intention of visiting the sauna in the afternoon. I managed to arrive in the vicinity of the sauna around lunch time so dropped into a local pub for a couple of glasses of red wine - for dutch courage. After about half an hour I decided to go for it and walked towards the sauna, constantly checking if anyone was watching or nearby. I walked up to the door and opened it to be greeted by a young and friendly who ushered me in then said please sign in, “SIGN IN” actually put my name! well I conjured one up pretty quickly and signed and paid whereupon I was handed a towel and directions to the various facilities. I made my way to the changing room then to the sauna where there were about 10 guys of middle to older ages.

Some were playing with each other but nothing too exciting.
I sat down and let my towlel fall open, It didn't take long for one guy to grab my and start playing with it, I wriggled free and got up to put some more water on the coals but that did not go down well – did I think it was a sauna?
I sat down and the same guy started again, he was about 40 and looked south American. I was getting hard and glancing at the porn film being played on the TV. He pulled out a condom and put it on my cock then started to suck me off. After a few minutes I actually grabbed his head to pull him onto me then I nearly came so I pulled out.

After a while I got up to check the other rooms out, sling room, beds and private rooms. Not much going on and no one particularly sexy so decided that was enough. Just as I left, a strapping young came out of the changing room in his towel and entered the sauna, I considered going back in but didn't, anyway, I thought for my first visit I had accomplished something so went for a shower and took my time, probably hoping someone would come in and fuck me. I returned to the changing room, got dressed and left. As I walked out I checked the area again but it was quiet and nobody saw me (hopefully).

Well that was it and I was not sure I would be visiting a sauna again, it was time to try something else.

One of my fantasies is and while surfing the net I came across some links (via a kink website) to some gay dungeons. This got me very excited and I decided to investigate each one very carefully. Could I actually be able to achieve my fantasy?
Unfortunately they seemed to only cater for couples or groups who want to hire out the facilities to act out their own fantasies, then I found one that hinted at being able to accommodate single men. Well I nearly erupted just at the thought of it!. I needed some time to think about it, could I do it, would it be safe, my mind was swirling.

After a week or so I thought it wouldn’t do any harm emailing them to get more info, good idea!, so I sent a message saying I was single and would like to experience some gentle BDSM and can anything be arranged, I was going to ask for prices but I thought fuck it I'll pay whatever they ask, re-mortgage the house even.

I received a very polite reply the next day, ….more than welcome to visit us to have a tour and see what we can offer then you can decide what you want to do. Rates are £80.00 per hour.
Please book an appointment, we currently have this Friday afternoon available. Look forward to....

Wow, this was just what I wanted to hear, I could check it out then go away and consider (i.e. didn’t have the balls to follow through) I emailed back and said Friday's good.
So I got the train and then underground and checked the map they had kindly provided on their website.

“5 minutes walk from xxx station” Find number xx with a large door and knock. No outward sign of what was beyond. OK so I chickened out first time round then retuned after a few glasses of red.
I finally plucked up courage, strode up to the door and rattled the brass knocker a couple of times. I was quivering no doubt about that. The door duly opened and there stood a fairly handsome well built guy maybe mid 30's, somewhat hairy but looked ok to me, was he going to teach me a lesson I thought.

He introduced himself as Ian and ushered me in to a small office come reception with a couple of red leather chairs. Ok he said, we appreciate as a first timer you may be nervous and may have reservations, we want to make you feel comfortable and completely at ease.
So far so good, all very relaxed. Ian then said lets take you to the dungeon ( gulp) and show you what we have on offer. He had said “we” twice so I asked who is “we”. Oh, its only me but it sounds better if I say “we”. Fair enough I thought. I followed Ian down a flight of stairs and through a door into what I can only describe as HEAVEN!, everything was there, all the equipment that I had seen on websites plus some that I had never seen. I was already getting horny. Ian then proceeded to explain what each piece of equipment was and how its used, using very explicit language so I had no doubt what was on offer.

I was actually enjoying the tour and felt very at ease, of course I hadn’t committed to anything yet. Ian explained it all very well even to the point that some equipment had “quick release” chains, so if at any time the constrained person felt uneasy they just pull the chain and they're out. We returned upstairs to the office where Ian said if I was to proceed he would be the master and I would be his captive slave (signalling more movement in my trousers).

So its up to you he said, I am free now for 2 hours, if you are ready we can have a glass of wine together to relax ourselves then go down for some fun. It just sounded great and it occurred to me what if I shot my load within the first few minutes.
OK, I said lets go for it, I handed over the money for an hours service and Ian got up and latched the front door. We don’t want any visitors do we, he said.

We had some wine and I was itching to get down there. OK Nik, lets go down and sort you out.

We went back down and Ian asked if I had a preference for any equipment, well my fantasy is the wooden stocks so lets try it. OK, but first I will give you a massage, please get undressed now and don’t touch your cock at all.

He got undressed, he had a short but fat, cut cock and it swung about nicely. We were both naked and I was semi hard, it was very warm in the room. He said lay down on the bed face down and proceeded to pour some massage oil over me and started to rub it in. It felt nice and I felt him opening my cheeks for a good look. I was laying on my hard on so when he said turn over it was a relief. He massaged my front and brushed my cock at which I groaned. He said I wont wank you as you are not to cum yet. Then he said lets go over to the stocks.

Ian took me over and said bend over, put your wrists here and your neck in the troft. My cock was now hard and occasionally up.
He lowered the top section on to my neck and restrained my wrists and I noticed the quick release chains were within grabbing distance.

I was ready for the taking if he wanted to fuck me. He went over to get a cat of nine tails and then started to run it up and down my back, down the crack of my ass catching by balls. Just as well I could not touch my cock as I would have exploded.
Ian came round the front of me and bent to inspect my throbbing uncut cock, mmm he said lets get this foreskin pulled back shall we and he gently pulled it back then got up and said if you want a greater experience I suggest you use the blind fold and let your imagination run wild.
OK I said and he fetched one from the cupboard on the side. As soon as it was on the excitement got too much for me and I could feel myself starting to cum which he noticed and said hold it, don’t cum, I managed to hold it some dribbled out.

Then to my surprise I heard a noise above then footsteps coming down the stairs, Is he ready yet a voice said, Ian said yep, nearly. What’s going on I thought, and my heart started pounding. I said Ian what’s happening? Its John, he's here to fuck you. Oh, Oh I didn’t like the sound of this and asked Ian can you take the blindfold off please, sure he said which made me feel a bit more comfortable then he said, you’re going to want to see what Johns going to do to you anyway. He removed the blindfold and I saw John, a pretty tall athletic black guy.
Shit!, my cock was going limp, Ian got on the floor and started licking the pre-cum from my cock. I was getting worried. John came over – ok he said, this is what’s going to happen your going to suck my cock while Ian gets your ass ready for me then I'll fuck you before I dump my load in your mouth.

Al right that’s’ it I thought, I looked for the quick release chains and pulled on them both, nothing, I pulled again nothing, big gulp which John noticed, yeh you’ll gulping soon he said.
John undressed and as he pulled his shorts down his cock plopped out semi hard, it was big and it was going to hurt. Ian went around the back and started to pour oil down my bent over back, it went down between my ass cheeks and on to my balls then dripped on the floor.

John marched over and said open your mouth, I didn't so he put his left hand under my chin and the other over my nose then pulled my mouth open. He slid his cock in and started to fuck my face. Ian then stuck his finger up me and said time for a fucking. I tried to say something so John withdrew and said what are you saying, I said can you just use some condoms and Ian said “surely is part of your fantasy” then his cock entered me slowly and he was quite gentle, “living your fantasy now” he said as he pushed his way in.
Johns cock was now big and hard in my mouth, I was sweating and it was dripping off my forehead.

John said to Ian, ok my turn and pulled his cock out of my mouth, he showed me his hard rod and said take a good look as its going to rip your ass open. I was fucked, literally, Ian withdrew and John walked around and put at least three fingers up me easily and said, ok you'll do.

I felt the tip of his head make its way into me followed by the rest of his shaft or as much as I could take then he started to fuck me and I groaned at the pain. Ian was now sucking on my limp cock and managed to get both my cock and balls in his mouth. Then he put his hand round to feel Johns cock thrusting into my ass

After a few minutes which seemed like hours John said “I’m ready to give you your mouthful now and slowly pulled out, it was like a long train going through a tunnel as he withdrew then he walked round back to my front. His cock was wet and semi hard as he returned it to my mouth.

He grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me on to him, his cock hardening. Ian then disappeared for a minute then returned with a camera and tripod which he quickly set up, he said, now I’m going to film you taking Johns load.

Johns cock was now super hard, he pulled it out of my mouth then pulled his foreskin right back exposing a big, wet,shiny head, then he said here it comes and thrust it back in my mouth, meanwhile Ian started fucking my ass. I felt Johns cock throbbing and was aware that he was close to cumming. He then groaned and his cock jerked then first wave hit the top of my mouth quickly followed by a second wave, it was like a burst water mains as it filled my mouth then ran down my throat, then I felt Ian cum inside me and he groaned as his cum filled my ass, John also groaned as I gagged on his cum, it squirted out the sides of my mouth and ran down my chin, warm and sticky.

I glanced over to the camera which had a red light indicating that it was recording. John took his cock out of my mouth but we were still connected by beads of of his cum, he then wiped is cock on my face, Ian had already pulled out and cum was running out of my ass down my legs and to the floor which was now covered in a sticky mess, I was, and had been, truly fucked. John walked away and wiped himself down before disappearing back upstairs, Ian had already finished with me and was fiddling with the camera and he told me to take a shower and let myself out, thanking me for the payment and fuck then said I would d be able to see my performance on the internet soon.

Well, I thought I wouldn’t be coming back here in a hurry,.... would I??

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