A real pleasure

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'd been out with my student mates for an evening drinking but on the way home the bastards stripped me to me underpants and stranded me in a country lane about four miles from my digs. The fucking cunts thought it highly amusing, even placing bets to see what time I would get back home from the long dark walk home as it must have been about two in the morning then.

Apparently discovered that it was a typical prank played on final year students though I was in no mood to laugh. It seemed ages before any vehicle came along the road and when the first couple did, the sight of me flagging them down dressed only in a tight pair of Calvin Klein briefs was enough for them to put their down hard and drive wildly into the distance. I had all but given up hope when a sleek saloon pulled up by the side of me. The driver wound down his window and I scurried to where he had stopped.
"Student's revenge?" asked the driver with a smile.

I couldn't see him that clearly but he looked about forty five with a nice face and sleek combed back hair. He was in a suit and tie and looked from all accounts to be a business man.
"Yes" I replied "I've got about a four mile walk from here".

I tried to cover my embarrassment and my bulging pants but he didn't seem to mind.
"Well" he said "you look pretty for a walk but I'll gladly give you a lift".

He swung the door open and I climbed in next to him. I told him my name was Craig and found out that he was called Robin and was a business man driving back home after a long business trip to France. We chatted very easily together and he said he would let me have some of his clothes that were in the boot in a suitcase as he thought they would fit. We did look about the same build although he had a far better dress sense than myself. I told him that he was very kind and he said that he would pull over in a suitable spot and sort them out for me. The gentle squeeze of his hand on my knee set a few bells ringing in my head but I didn't make a deal of it.

A short while later he pulled into a little lane off a country road which was well hidden. He turned off the engine and just sat looking at me making no attempt to get out of the car to the boot for the clothes.
"What?" I queried.

He just smiled a broad smile and placed his hand on my leg again this time far up onto my thigh.
"I thought that maybe we could have a little fun first" he said.
"Fun?" I replied, trying to move his hand from my thigh." I'm straight mate" I said.
"That's what they all say at first" he said "but once I've got my mouth around their cocks they soon change their mind".

My heart was fucking thumping and I was surprised to find myself getting a little excited. What the fuck would my girlfriend say if she found out I'd been sucked off by a strange man.
Robin moved his hand across to my bulge and squeezed gently.
"It's a pity to deprive this of a good sucking" he said.

I was stiffening under his touch and my mouth was getting dry with nerves and excitement. I didn't prevent him squeezing my bulge and did nothing when his hand slid up the leg of my pants and grabbed my throbbing .
"That's better Craig" he said "just relax and let it happen, it will feel so nice."

His hand worked my cock back and forth and I was soon as stiff as fuck and ready for anything. He eased my pants down a bit and pulled my cock from the top of them.

"Wow" that looks so suckable" he said dropping his head into my lap. When his hot mouth slurped over my prick and down my shaft I was breathing heavily and moaning with every lick of his tongue. I'd been sucked by my girlfriend before but this was so different, this stranger really wanted to suck it whereas as my girlfriend only did it as a kind of favour. Robin's mouth and his of sucking were driving me crazy and when he pulled my balls out and sucked them too I was in fucking heaven. He pulled my pants right off and removed his jacket too.

"Now I can get down to some serious sucking" he said dropping down onto my cock again. I spread my legs wider and found myself holding his head to increase the pressure of his hot mouth on my dick. His tongue did a hundred laps around my swollen helmet whilst a curious finger found my arsehole and dipped inside it. I was moaning now and just relaxing into the sucking, all thoughts of my girlfriend gone. Now I knew why guys sucked guys, now I understood how good a sucking off could be.

Robin took my cock down his throat, he was pressing his right thumb against my prostate from the outside whilst pressing a finger against it up my arse and the feeling was intense. When he started wriggling both finger and thumb hard I could feel myself reaching the point of no return.

"You're going to make me cum" I squealed.

Instead of removing his mouth he just went wilder, drawing his lips to my helmet and down my shaft again sucking my cock greedily. I started to shoot my load into his hot mouth and it was a fucking mega cargo of spunk. He carried on sucking me off until I could shoot nothing more and afterwards he placed his lips against mind. Little did I know that he hadn't swallowed a drop so when he kissed me my cum ran into my mouth and we ended up passing it back and forth until it was all devoured and shared between us. I'd never tasted spunk before let alone my own but I didn't mind the taste and the sexual magnetism of Robin was turning me into a complete sex slave.

"Do you want to come home with me and stay the night" he said.
"I'm not sure" I answered "what do you want to do?"
"I want to fuck you of course" he said "You're so fucking sweet."

Somehow the thought of being fucked didn't worry me too much as Robin certainly seemed to be stirring up all kinds of hidden feelings.
"O.K." I finally said "I think I'd like that very much".

Strangely I found myself placing a hand on his thigh now and squeezing it gently a further move and I was squeezing a very nice package as he switched on the ignition and began the drive to his home.

Some twenty or so minutes later I was confident enough to pull his cock from his trousers and wank it as he drove. He was soon moaning and his cock was soon rigid. It was a really nice dick, bigger than mine and probably about seven and a half inches long by the feel of it. It throbbed in my hand, hot and sturdy and so I leaned over and began sucking the uncut cock as he tried to concentrate on the road ahead. I'd never had a man's cock in my mouth before but I fucking loved the feel of it. It was spongy but firm and the juicy knob was just a treat to suck on and lick. I could have swallowed his cum had he spunked but whilst I was sucking we arrived at his house and I had to curtail the gobble.

Safely inside his bedroom I could really take a good look at the man. He was probably a little bit older than I had originally thought, maybe nearer fifty three but he was very distinguished looking and handsome and his dark hair was silvery grey at the sides. When he undressed he showed off a very well toned body which was both hairy and fucking fantastic. His prick and balls were very touchable and I grabbed hold of them to show how keen I was before dropping to my knees to show off my newly found sucking skills. I was naked now and gobbling cock like a pro. My hands played with his hairy swinging nuts and I attempted to throat the stiff prick in my mouth but found that I wasn't quite that experienced enough to take it down.

He pulled me up from my knees and kissed me very gently pushing his tongue into my mouth. I could still taste my sperm lingering there and it made the kiss very sexy and our tongues very lively. Robin lifted me up and carried me to his bed placing me down on my belly. He got a pillow and pulled it under my hips so that my virgin arse was up and ready for a cherry popping. I don't know what he used for lube but it was very cold and wet and slippery as his fingers worked it into me. He pulled a condom onto his prick and lubed his shaft with the same stuff.

The initial feel of his cock against my hole had me rejecting it with very tight arse muscles. "Just relax Craig" he said " relax and push against it as if you were having a crap",
I did as he said and taking a deep breath and a load of courage I let his rigid rubber coated cock invade my arsehole. I groaned loudly as he shoved the fucker all the way into me. If this was fucking hurting now what was the fuck going to be like.
Robin held his dick still letting my hole adapt to the alien object wedged right inside.
"Fuck! It feels so fucking big inside my arse." I said.

Robin didn't answer me he just began moving ever so slowly letting his cock move back and forth along my tight arse channel.
"Oh! Fucking hell" I whimpered "fucking fucking hell!"

His cock continued to move slowly back and forth and gradually I began to relax with the rhythm of it and eventually enjoy the feel of my first cock up my arse.
"That's right Craig open it up for me, take my big dick deep, take it right down to my balls."

I was gasping a little with the fuck and clung to the bed sheets white knuckled.
"It's getting better" I moaned " I'm beginning to like it".

It was true, I was beginning to love the feel of his thick prick invading my arse and the hurting and pleasure seemed to roll into one and I found myself pushing against his cock to get it really deep.
He began moving faster, his prick burning up my hole and making me whimper with a lust for cock I never knew I had.
"Fuck me harder" I begged "fuck me harder and harder, fuck me like you've never fucked before".

Robin was pounding my butt hole now and his grunts and groans were a joy to my ears.
"Fuck me another way" I begged "turn me over onto my back and fuck me like crazy".

Robin stopped fucking and pulled his cock from me, the condom slipped off and fell onto the bed. He rolled me onto my back and lifted my ankles onto his broad shoulders. Now I could gaze at his handsome face and run my hands up his hairy sexy chest and abdomen.
"You can fuck me raw" I gasped "I want to feel the heat of that hot cock ".
"I'm O.K." he said "I'm clean and have no disease, I've only just been checked over. I can show you if you like".

"No" I said " I believe you, just get that bare cock up my arsehole now!"
Robin lubed his bare cock up and then shoved two lubed fingers up my arse to the knuckle.
"Fuck me man.....fuck me".

He pressed his hot knob against my willing arsehole and I let him in.
I was wondering what my student mates would think now and my girlfriend if they could see me giving up my arse to a bare cock. My thoughts were shattered with a lunge of hot intensity as Robin's fuck hungry cock tore into my burning hole.
"Wow!" I screamed "that feels fucking awesome".

His prick was so hot and it felt fucking wonderful working its magic up my arse and over my prostate.
He was moaning too and his face was a picture of absolute pleasure and lust.
"Fuck my hole" I moaned "fuck it deep".

Robin plugged my fucking hole like a power drill, driving his cum loaded cock in and out like a fucking piston.
"Spunk inside me" I groaned "fill my arsehole to the fucking brim".

I pulled Robin down to me and we kissed again as the fucking got into it's final stages. I pulled his butt towards me to get every fucking millimeter of cock in and he began screaming in the throes of a frenzied cumming.
The heat of his cum washed over my prostate and my belly swallowed it all up and wanted more.
Robin was lathering my guts with his sperm and I was almost weeping with fucking joy.

The fuck over we collapsed together clinging to each other, our bodies wet with sweat. He rolled me on top of him and kissed me some more. I felt his cock flop from my arse and felt his fingers working dribbles of cum back up my hole.
"Thanks for the lift mate" I said grinning.

He smiled.
"Don't mention it". he said "it was a real pleasure".

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