Zac Efron: Pains and Pleasures

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This is a work of fiction. The characters depicted here doesn't mean who they are in real life. This is just a work of my imagination. The story of the sorts include scenes are or seem graphic as well as non-consenualsex. Do not do this in real life.

This is just fiction kiddos! F-I-C-T-I-O-N! OK! If you are not old enough to read stories like this you know the drill. Also note that you can either imagine the Zac from High School Musical or the one from The Lucky One.

Chapter 1

Zac woke up, got out of his bed, and checked his iPod. It made a ringing chime as a notification popped up. 3:00 'S APPOINTMENT it read, as Zac went into to his bathroom prepping for the day. It was his birthday, October 18, and he went down to his local Sunset Boulevard Starbucks. He walked, signed a few autographs, posed for some pictures, got his coffee, and got back into his 07 Audi A8 and drove off.

After his lunch with fellow celebrity sing Taylor Swift, Zac drove to the doctor's office. He signed his named on the waiting list and sat down waiting. After five minutes or so, the nurse called Zac to the back. She did the standard procedures (taking pulse, blood pressure, weight and height, etc.) and told him the doctor will be right in as she left the room.

"Good afternoon Mister....oh Efron! How are you today? I see that it is your birthday." The doctor said. "Who're you?" Zac asked a little confused. "Oh, right. I'm Dr. Cong. I'll be your doctor now since Dr. Campbell got relocated." Dr. Cong said. Zac was a little nervous, but he could tell that he could trust his new doctor. Dr. Cong was 30 years old, 6 feet tall, and 162lbs. He's , therefore has dark brown eyes, not-too-poufy jet hair, normal looking glasses, and fairly tanned. "It's not often I get to work on a celebrity, you know?" Dr. Cong says as he's prepping up for the routinely checkup.

"Well I just need a quick checkup for the year and all, doc." Zac says nonchalantly. "Let' begin now Zac. I'll need you to take of your clothes, if you don't mind?" "Not at all." Zac answered as he begins taking shoes and socks off. He then grabs his shirt and pulls it off, the soft end ever so slowly rising upwards. He hops off the exam table and unbuckles his belt. He unbuttons his jeans and pulls them down. There, Zac Efron is, standing in nothing but his tidy whiteys.

"You know, must men choose to wear boxer, such as myself." Dr. Cong says, obviously looking at Zac's package. "Yeah, well girls find these sexier." Zac explains as he blushes a little bit. "Man this doc is weird. God I just want this to end." Zac thinks, as he takes his underwear off.

"I see your body hair is valued by you?" Dr. Cong says looking at Zac's body from every angle. "Yeah, well it's just something I got into." Zac states. "Okay then. Here, I'll need you to take this." Dr. Cong says hand Zac a Dixie cup of a pinkish liquid. "It's a medicine for the physical routine. It's required now." Dr. Cong states. Zac takes the cup and drinks it down. "My muscles are tensing!" Zac begins to groan. He clenches his stomach and nearly loses his balance. "Of course they are! The medicine I gave you my latest creation. It's a pacifying stimulant! I call it the Bitchafier!" Dr. Cong exclaims.

He quickly locks the door and pushes a green button that sound -proofs the room. "You're my sex slave now. I've been planning this for months. I get the greatest pleasure of turning a celebrity who everyone thinks is gay into my own personal bitch." Dr. Cong continues explaining. He gets being Zac and grabs him in a hug, softly caressing his nipples.

"You'll learn to love the pleasure of pain my !" Dr. Cong whispers in Zac's ear. He licks them and then playfully nibbles on them. Zac melts in his arm. He's unable to resist due to the medicine's effects. Dr. Cong places him on the exam table, facing toward the ceiling, and straps him in the stirrups. "Are ready for some fun?!" Dr. Cong coyly says, walking out of the room toward his office.

When Dr. Cong returned he had a box filled with special "tools". In the box were stimulating electrodes, a milking machine, and the "Egg." "These will help you get started Mr. Efron, for you see you aren't my first victim." Dr. Cong says coyly. "Get me the fuck out of here! Someone help me! HELP ME!" Zac screams. "Oh yes! Scream louder. I love it when they scream." Dr. Cong says, reaching for the electrodes.

There were three types of electrodes: the patch kind like at a regular doctor, some clamps, and one probe-like urethra electrode. The "Egg" is an egg-shape electrode that is 6 inches from right to left, and its height is 10 inches. He places the patches on Zac's abs, biceps, and the soles of his feet. He puts the clamps on his nipples and his balls.

He finally places the urethra probe and then the last clamp on his cockhead. Zac is morally horrified at how his looks. "God that hurts! Take it out!" he screams. Dr. Cong then grabs the milker and places over Zac's cock. "Don't worry, you'll be begging for more soon enough" he says.

Dr. Cong walks to the control box. He starts up the electrodes at a level 5 shock. Zac begins moaning. His nipples harden, his balls begin churning, and he can feel a tingle in his cock. After five minutes of this, the doctor raises the shock level up to 8. Zac immediately goes from pleasure to pain. His cock feels like it's being split into two by the urethra probe. The head feels like ants are trying to bite it off. The milker goes into double-time, giving Zac only the slightest amount of pleasure in his pain-induced state. Dr. Cong then takes his time lubing up the "Egg".

He uses a pink lube filled with microscopic beads that double the intensity of any nerves it touches. Kneeling right below Zac's , the doctor begins to slowly place the "Egg" in Zac's ass. Zac screams to take it out but he doctor just keeps pushing it further in his ass. Once fully in, he pushes the button to turn it on. Zac goes into a state of pure bliss. The "Egg" vibrates and shocks his tight little ass. The doctor takes the milker off, and starts to jack Zac off. Zac can feel the urethra probe wiggle in his cock when he jacks him off. "Oh God doc I'm gonna shoot my load!" Zac moans in ecstasy.

The doctor immediately pushes the button on the "Egg" to turn it off. "Hey wh-why d-d-did you turn it of-f-f-ff!" Zac whimpers. "I can't let you have any fun baby!" the doctor says. He cranks up the shock level to the max, 10. Zac begins to sob in pain, he can't take any more. His cock feels like it's being burnt off. After five minutes the doctor shut off the shock-electrodes. He takes all of them off except the urethra probe. He playfully tugs on the probe. he slides in in and (almost) out of Zac's cock.

"OOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHH YEAH OH!" Zac moans. The doctor the yanks out the probe, causing a slight friction in Zac's dick. "OOOOOHHHHH!" Zac screams. The doctor then put a cock-ring on him, and then sticks the "Egg" back in his ass and turns it on. Zac begins moaning and groaning, unable to burst his load and being forced to feel his ass being tormented by the pleasuring vibration from the HUGE invader. The doctor leaves the room and chuckles to himself thinking, "Tomorrow should be interesting."

If you want me to continue please contact me at rosemage7137 at yahoo at dot com

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