Worshipping Ryan : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

CHAPTER 6 : What's in it for me?

Kyle and I followed behind Ryan, Matt was kicking back on the lounge.

I grabbed a cigarette and headed outside, Ryan tagged behind me. "So you reckon you cancan stay the night again, I'll make it worth your while?" I light up my cigarette, "Such as?" "Does it matter what, I just promise you won't regret it, have I let you down so far?" he gave me a wink "Okay let me make a call to my coach, I'll tell him somethings come up" "Well it's technically there will be something comming up" we laughed "You're such a smart arse" "I know and I'm proud of it" he lent in to me and gave me a hug "I'll tell the boys you will be joining us again then" he headed back inside leaving me to finish my cigarette.

Matt came out on to the balconly with my phone in his hand "Hear you're spending another night with us, Ryan say's call your coach" he handed me my phone. I dialed in my coaches number and hit call he answered after a few rings. "Hello Brandon what can I do for you?" "Hi coach I was just calling to let you know I won't be able to make tomorrows game and give you time to organise a replacement" "Everything okay mate?" "Yeah just something has come up that I need to attend to, I'll see you at practice on Tuesday" "Okay thanks for the heads up, just remember I'm always here if you need anything" "Thanks coach, seeya Tuesday" "Night Brandon, see you then". I hung up and headed inside, Ryan was in the bedrrom.

"So did you call your coach?" "Yup all done" "Good boy, what do you say we head out and get a meal then, just the two of us, the boys can do their own thing" "What's the deal with that anyhow, why they paying for a hotel that they're never at anyhow?" "Beats me, I offered for them to stay here"

I threw a t'shirt on and changed back into my jeans as Ryan grabbed his beaten up adidas that he was in last night and threw them on. I grabbed some cologne as we headed out into the living area.

"Well we're just heading downstairs boys to grab some dinner, I'll pick up something to drink for us" "Okay see you guys in a couple of hours, Kyle and I can keep ourselves entertained for a while I'm sure, maybe do some shopping" "Shopping Kyle ha good luck with that, have fun" Ryan opened the door for me and followed me out"

Ryan grabbed my hand as we headed toward the lift, "Thanks again for staying" "That's okay I'm just glad it is just the two of us for now" he locked his fingers around mine as I pressed the lift button. The lift arrived a moment later and we headed in and down stairs. "So what do you feel like eating then?" he asked, "Thai" "Okay thai it is then" we arrived at the lobby and headed up George street.

We found a restaurant a block up and took a seat inside, Ryan studied the menu and decided on a dish, I already knew what I was after so I called the waiter over. He took our orders and headed off.

"So what is it you are studying then at uni, you never said?" "Well technically you didn't ask but simce you are now, graphic design; thought I would spread my wings a little since there was an opening over here with the company I'm with so decided to take the opportunity to travel" "Cool"

"What about you then, what is it you want to do with your life other than pick up guys in a clothing store?" "Piss off, you're the first one" he gave me a look "I so don't believe you" we both laughed "So c'mon tell me"

"I'm leaning towards something in tourism, I'm really keen to travel and work around the country and I can continue my study via corrospendance" "So other than the study you actually looking for work in the field yet?" "Kinda, been a bit half arsed about it though to be honest, been too busy with work and extra carricular activities" "You don't seemed half arsed to me, so get it into gear" "Well that's gonna be hard with you in me every second" we both burst out laughing.

"So anyhow when you start your new position?" "Monday week, I'm really looking forward to it; met everyone the other day when we hit town, all seem friendly enough" "That's good" "Yup so until then it's play time" "I bet it is"

"So how long have you been riding dirt bikes for then?" "Ever since I can remember, love every bit of it" "Bet you look good in your gear"" "You ride?" "Have done in the past" "Well I have Monday off if you're interested, I have a spare bike, got a good spot up near my parents place in the mountains we can go; we can leave tomorrow sometime and spend the night" Ryan spoke up "Sure I'd love to meet your parents honey that would be awesome you know I love you" he grabbed my hand as people started looking "But don't you think it's just a little too soon to say I love you and meet the parents, shit we only just met yesterday "It's never to soon with you" he replied "We both burst out in laughter as people looked our way and shook their heads "It's okay they won't be there, they are down south at the moment" "Okay cool I can deal with that"

Our dinner arrived as we continued to and got to know each other a little more. "So you ever been in a relationship?" I asked "Nah, never found the right guy, a few flings but other than that nothing; no one so far has got me, what about you?"
"Nope just been living a life of freedom, play whilst I am still young" "Cool, so do your parents know?" "Yea I came out when I was like Fifteen, you?" "Shit seriously fifteen, damn and here I am at twenty one and still haven't told my parents" "So any reason you have'nt told your parents then?" "It's just never come up" we both laughed, "But I think they know"

We finished up and paid for dinner then headed off for a walk, we ended up back on Oxford street, Ryan darted into a porn shop and so I followed, we headed up the stairs. "Hello boys, after anything in particular this evening?" there was a guy standing behind the counter, in his mid to late thirties, "Nah were good just browsing" Ryan responded, "Okay have fun"

Ryan headed over to the dvd section, "What tickles your fancy?" I looked over at him, "I dunno" I walked up beside him and started to have a browse, "You must know; what is it, dildo's, 's, I could keep going here you realise" he gave me a huge smile "You do realise it's just as easy to get what you want online?" "So you do know then?" we both laughed I did however find a dvd I was interested in, with that Ryan headed over to the toy section.

We browsed through the selection of from dongs to more serious stuff like restraints. Ryans eyes light up at the array of choices I could see now just how keen he was on it all. He came across a double ended dong and smiled at me as we walked along he picked up a few more toys.

We headed over to the counter "Looks like you boys will be having some fun tonight then, 'he gave me a wink' cash or card" Ryan grabbed his wallet out and handed him his card "Got any poppers behind there?" "Sure do he showed us a selection and Ryan allowed me to choose. I gave Ryan some cash to cover the dvd and bottle of akyl. The guy tallied everything up it blew me away at the cost ad Ryan had gotten a little carried away. "Seeing you guys have spent up so I'll throw in a bottle of lube and condoms free, what size" I looked over at Ryan and back at the guy behind the counter "Better make it extra large" "Extra large it is then" he placed everything into some bags and handed Ryans card back; "Thanks" "My pleasure you two boys enjoy yourselves then" "You can count on that" Ryan responded and with that we headed off.

We stopped off at a bottle shop on the way
back to Ryans apartment to grab a bottle of whisky and some coke.


We arrived back at the apartment the boys were still out. Ryan grabbed the dvd from the bag I had chosen and threw it in the player. "So you mentioned something about downloading some porn" he picked up his laptop from the floor. "Well if were gonna watch this we probably don't need to" he gave a me cheeky smile, "You can never have too much porn" with that the Dvd started to play in the background.

I grabbed us a glass each and poured us a drink and headed over to the lounge where Ryan was sitting. I placed his glass down in front of him and took a seat beside him. On the screen in front of me was a guy jacking off to a magazine with pair of briefs in his hand, room fully clothed.

He was tanned about five nine in height or so and had blonde short hair with skateboards and surfing posters etc covering the wall about 18-19 . He was dressed in a pair of blue jeans, red globe shirt and skater shoes. As he was jerking off the door opened, there stood a guy in similar height and build with blonde hair to his neck in a school , his grey socks up to his knees just below his short line, his white shirt, navy blue striped tie and blazer. The guy on the bed stopped wanking rolled over and looked up at the guy at the door, he quickly placed the magazine and briefs under the bed.

"Give us a look at what your reading" he threw his sports bag down beside the bed laid down beside the skater guy and reached under the bed, he picked up the magazine ", what the fuck?" as he looked closer "And my briefs, man your fucked up what you doing with these?" as he brought them up over the skater guys face, "Nothing sorry," "You bet your sweet arse you will be sorry, wait until I tell mum your a fag" "You would'nt dare" "Would'nt I?" he rubbed the briefs in his face, shoving them in his mouth, "You like the tatse of them?" as he pinned him to the bed, he reached for his belt and tied his hands behind his head to the rail ripping his jeans and underwear down to his ankles, pulling each sneaker off, releasing the jeans and underwear free, he got up and emptied the contents of his bag on top of his brothet, all his gym gear fell out, he walked out of the room closing the door behind him as he went.

He returned a couple of minutes later to see his brother squirimg under his gym gear, he moved some of the clothes to discover a raging hard on underneath "You filthy perve, you enjoying that aren't ya?" he pulled off his blazer and threw it on the floor then undid his shorts pulling them and his underwear free. "You wanna taste me?" he pushed his arse back into the guys face and removed the underwear from his mouth."Fuck off bro there's no way I'm licking your arse" He looked back at his brother "Yea you will, now lick it like the perve you are!" "I'd rather not I'm sorry dude" "Shut it and just do as your told" he backed his arse over his brothers face and sat down "Lick it"

"Mmh ooooh ooh fuck, yeah" "How is it, you enjoying that perve?" he did'nt give him time to answer as he grabbed the back of his brothers head by his hair and pushed him in closer. "Clean that hole, yeah bro lick it like the dirty fucker you are, sniffing your own brothers underwear, teach you a lesson or two" he undid his zipper and pulled out his cock and began wanking himself, his brother thrashed underneath him, "Cut it out and just do as you were told, ooooh mmmh yea fuck that actually feels good"

He pulled up a few minutes later giving his brother some time to breathe as he pulled off his shorts, "Fuck you, what the fuck Tyler?" "No fuck you you'll pay for being such a dirty fuck" he undid his tie loosley and pulled off his shirt, he removed his underwear and shoved them in his brothers mouth, "Time to get fucked" he spat on his hand to lube up his cock, "Time for my meat" he spat on his hand again and wiped it over his brothers arse before pushing his cock against his arse.

His brother glared at him and shook his head to say no, he ignored him and drove his huge package inside him,"Mmphh" you could hear the muffled moans. "Yeah you're gonna take all my cock" he drove his cock inside, he was forcefull and suddenly his cock was buried inside his own brother" he threw his legs up over his shoulders as he begun bucking back and forth. "Mmmh oooh, his brother begun bucking back and soon they were in a rythym. "You enjoying that queer?" they continued to fuck like that for a few minutes, he pulled his brothers feet from his shoulders and pushed them back, driving in deeper. "Mmmh yea you are tight" he fucked furiously and ripped the underwear from his brothers mouth, he leant down and
kissed him, as his cock slid in and out.

He pushed in deep, "Fuck I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna fill that hole of yours" he fucked hard and fast, lifted his brothers arse up and shot inside him, "Oooohhh mmmmph oh fuck bro" he pulled his cock out of his brothers red arse, and finished shooting his load, the cum dripped from his arse as he drove his cock back inside, he contined to fuck his brother until he was ready to cum,

"Fuck ohhh fuck yea I'm gonna shoot" he soon pulled his cock out and began to wank himself, "Who said you were getting off?" as he moved up closer to his brothers face,

Straddling over his brother he placed his cock in his mouth "Suck it" he grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face right into his crotch. he brought him close again then stopped as he looked into his brothers eyes "No way you pay you suffer queer" as he fucked his face, "Oooh yea mmmh that feels so good, I'm gonna shoot" with that he pulled his cock out of his brothers mouth and shot his second load over his face. He licked up some of his own cum and spat it in his brothers mouth, "You like that queer boy?" as he pushed his head down he got up removed his polished shoes and socks and grabbed a towel, "I'm going to clean up" he walked out of the room leaving his brother un-satisfied and still tied to the bed.

Ryan looked over at me, and pointed to a website he found, we started searching the index as the next scene started. "So that was pretty hot huh, look at your raging cock inside those pants; we should do something about that" I smiled "Not just yet" he smiled back "Okay" The next secne was pretty hot too, we both stroked at our cocks through our pants.


"Master Ryan will be back in a moment" he got up and left me sitting on the couch alone, stroking my cock whilst watching the dvd.

"Ryan returned a few minutes later, he had replaced his adidas for a pair of beaten up black and red Nike BW and was now wearing a pair of black football shorts and football socks. He stood above me "Lay down and strip off your shirt" he had a look in his eyes, I did as he said and he stood up on top of me, he placed one on my chest the other on my cock, he pushed down on me with his weight, my cock throbbed underneath him, he looked down and smiled as pressed in deep walking over me marking my chest with his tread, each time coming closer to my face before stepping back, each time I inhaled his scent and reached out to touch them he would give me a slight kick "Wait I'll tell you when"

The dvd was still playing in the background, there were three skaters getting it on, their was a guy lying on a park bench being fucked whilst he was sucking another guy off, he looked to be really enjoying himself.
Ryan was really taking to this, he leant down over me and looked directly into my eyes, "You want my filthy sneakers don'tcha?, you wanna worship me, you want everything I give ya" I nodded "Fuck yea I wanna worship you master Ryan" he gave me a huge grin "In that case then put this on" he threw down a woollen ski mask with no eye holes, I did as was told and placed it over my face as pre cum dribbled out of my throbbing cock, the feeling was intense now as he stroked my cock through my shorts before they came off with my underwear,

He got off me before taking a seat on the lounge, he placed his foot on front of me I could smell his rank socks, I reached up and grabbed hold of his foot in my hands and ran my hands up and down his leg, "Okay you can lick them clean now slave boy" I pulled his foot back towards my face and begun licking the underside working my way over to the top, licking at his rank socks as I went. "Slave boy likes that does'nt he?" I nodded as he shoved me back with his other foot.

I felt him funble around a bit before he pulled his foot away and inserted his hard piece of meat into my mouth, I eagerly begun sucking his cock and licking his pre cum as he grabbed the back of my head driving his cock down my throat. "Mmhh oooh fuck yeah suck that cock, take my pre cum dirty boy" as he begun bucking back and forth; my own cock still oozed pre cum.

He pulled his dick out of my mouth a few minutes later and pushed me down to the floor, he sat down on the lounge as he rubbed his feet up along my body, and begun stroking my cock between his sneakers, my pre cum oozing out on to them as he pushed hard together. He ran his foot up my torso to my face, I grabbed hold of his foot and inhaled, "Lick your pre cum slave boy, I want these sneakers clean I want you taste yourself" I did as said my cock growing harder by the second as he ran his other foot over it, I felt his socks. I licked at his sneaker "Oh yea you enjoying that are'nt ya!" I grabbed hold of his foot in my hands and licked his sneaker clean from the bottom to the top, I tasted my pre cum on the top of his sneaker and licked at it until It was gone before working my way up to his ankle and socks.

"You want my filthy sock don'tcha boy?" "Yes sir" "Well you can't have it yet" he kicked me slightly before changing feet "Clean it" as he pushed his other sneaker into my mouth. I did as was told same as before and waited to get hold of those socked feet. I could feel him wanking above me he was sure enjoying this he reached over and I felt something hit my cock, I was certain it was the dong we had just brought.

He ran the dong up along my torso and back down till it hit my arse as I cleaned his sneaker, he finally gave in "Okay you can have them now" I slowly removed his sneaker that was in my hands and begun licking the underside of his rank football sock and worked my way from the heel to his toes where I begun sucking on his foot. He begun to moan "Ohhh mmmh oh fuck yeah suck master Ryans filthy sock like the dirty boy you are" he spat on my chest running his foot over it and replaced his sock with his sneaker, "Lick!" I licked the spit off the bottom of his sole as he ran his socked foot over my nose, I inhaled that scent before he ordered me to suck on his other sock. I removed his shoe and begun working his other socked foot.


Ryan was fucking me with the double ended dong when the door opened "What have we got going on here then?" it was Kyles voice, then Matts "Oh fuck that's hot I wanna be in on that" next thing I knew somebody was laying on the floor next to me and then there was a cock in my mouth I did'nt know who's it was but it felt good as Ryan ploughed that dong in my arse.

I heard Rayn speak up "Strip now and get on the floor" there were clothed being thrown over the floor "Now lick em" I assumed that it was Matt being told what to do "They're wet" Ryan laughed "You bet they are someone's been good at his job" as he drove that dong inside me.

"Okay boys on your knees, time for a double fuck" we both did as was told as Kyle slipped his cock out of my mouth he did'nt even give me a chance to breathe before shoving it back in as the dong re entered my arse I heard Matt give out a moan "Mmh ooohhhh oh fuck that's big" "You're gonna take it boy" the dong slipped back into Matt's arse and soon Ryan had begun a rythym between the two of us.

Kyle slipped his dick out of my mouth I was holding onto his sneakers when he brought one up to my face. I inhaled the scent before it was placed in my mouth and begun licking.

It wasn't long before I was ready to cum "Ooh mmmh" I muffled under Kyles sneaker "Not yet" I heard Ryan say "You can take Matt" he pulled the dong from Matt's arse as he slipped his cock in my arse he reached over and placed one of his sweaty rank football socks in my mouth. He drove in deep "Mmmph" "Yea that's what I'm talking bout feel that cock boy, feel that hole open, he had left the dong inside me and I was taking all of it.

I heard Matt moaning as Kyle begun fucking him behind me, next thing I know they were up beside me I couldnt see anything but someone was wanking me.

"Oooh mmmh" I muffled under the sock gag. Ryan bucked back and forth inside me "Kiss me dude" he reached over toward Kyle and they fucked furiously as they made out. I could'nt hold back any longer "Mmmph mmmh" My balls tightened as they shot a mammoth load across the floor, my arse clenching tight around Ryans pounding cock. "Oh fuck oh fuck yeah that is hot man your arse feels good" he continued to buck back and forth the cum still shooting from my throbbing cock.

Ryan pulled out a little while later Ok I'm gonna shoot he flipped me over and ripped the sock gag from my mouth and sat over me, "Lick my arse" I begun licking "Oooh mmhhh, ohhh fuuuuckkkk!" he shot a massive load across my chest before turming over and kissing me and removed the head mask.

Matt and Kyle were still fucking so we got in on the action, "Suck his balls" he pointed toward Matt, I did as was told as he made out with Kyle."Oooh mmmh yea suck ny balls" and with that he shot his load across my chest. Kyle quickly pulled out of Matt, Ryan raised my legs allowing Kyle to enter me. Kyle begun fucking me hard and rough he drove straight inside me, "Mmmph oh oh yea" he pushed in deep as Ryan held my legs up for him. Ryan ordered me to suck on his feet and I did. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum again I pushed back against Kyle as he thrust inside "Mmmh oh yea you are a good fuck, a good slave" I clenche my arse again as I went to shoot, Ryan looked down at me, "I'll let ya know when" so I held back as Kyle continued to pound my arse, "Ooh fuck oh yea fuck I'm gonna" "Okay now you can" as Ryan spat into my mouth and kissed me "I shot my load as did Kyle both directly on to my chest, some of hit hitting Kyle in the face, he fell forward as Ryan let go of my legs.

Ryan knelt down and licked up some of the cum from my stomach it was a good mixture of all our juices, he gently leant forward "Open!" I did and he passed the cum from his mouth to mine "Now swallow" not like I wasn't going to anyhow as he pushed his foot down on to my face placing his sneaker over my nose, I swallowed that cum and took in every bit of what had just happened as he smiled from above. "You enjoy that?" "I did master Ryan" "Well there's plenty more of that to come, it sure is one hell of a 21st present, now get up and have a shower with me we're going dirt bike riding tomorrow" he reached out for my hand and helped me up as Kyle and Matt lay there naked on the floor.

I removed my sneakers and socks as Ryan turned on the water in the shower, "I really need a piss" he pointed towards the floor I followed his lead and knelt down on the tiles, "You up for this?" "Yes master Ryan I want to worship you, let me taste your piss" and with that his dick sprung to life soaking me in his golden piss, "Okay open" I opened my mouth and begun to drink his piss, he looked down and smiled at me, "And just when I thought it could'nt get any better"

"Is there room for two more?" it was Kyle, without hesitation he and Matt joined us and the started all over again.

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