With the construction worker

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

On a hot summer day of 2005. At that time I was 18, and my employed me as a monitor to watch over the construction workers in a recently built site. It happened that I was on the third floor standing beside two workers in their early thirties. One of them was brunette, tall, and well built. He was not that handsome but still he was really attractive.

The second worker was blonde with a fair tallness, but he was handsome.

The two workers had noticed my slight soft behavior, so the tall man told me that i am soft to work at that tough place and the blonde started laughing. I replied with a yellow smile on my face," trust me, I can handle it." Then the tall guy started asking me about my courtships, but i was answering vaguely. At the end of the day the blonde man invited me insistingly to have supper with him, and the tall man told me that he was going there as well. I was really excited to be with these two alone... So they picked me with their car.

Once we were there the tall man sat beside me after he took off his shirt. I was able to receive the smell of his skin, it was so manly. He told me that I can take my shirt off since the weather was really hot. I felt shy because I had a white untanned skin and i was a bit . He insisted and helped me to take it off. He was impressed by the white color of my chest and he touched tenderly my nipples and said that they were and pink. The blonde man was busy preparing supper.

The tall guy started squeezing my nipples with his rough fingers, and I was to trying to bend shyly towards him. Suddenly I Felt his beard on my chest and he was kissing my nipples. The blond man entered the room but surprisingly he ignored us. Then the tall man took my hand and pushed it against his huge . I was completely unwilling to ask him to stop. He asked me to unzip his pants and so I did. His huge uncut dick was free outside, so he stood up and pushed his it to my mouth. Its taste was kind of salty due to the sweat, so I asked him to wash it but he refused and told me that I have to get used to the taste of real men.

Shortly after his dick was in my throat so he fixed my head and asked me to swallow it and he kept fucking my throat. all that was happening in front of the blond man and he did nothing but watch.
Then the tall man took it out of my mouth and he asked me to bent because he wanted to fuck my white hole. The blonde man came near me and squeezed his hairy balls in my mouth. The tall guy started fucking me hardly and i was moaning of pain and pleasure but the blonde man made sure that I enjoyed the taste of his long dick.

His large dick was trenching my tight ass and i was begging him to slow down but he refused. Then the blonde man told his friend to stop fucking for a while because he wanted to come in my mouth, and so the tall man did. The blonde man shoot his creamy yummy cum in my mouth. I made sure that I enjoyed every drop of it.

The tall man then pushed his dick into my throat and asked me to swallow the cum of his friend, soon i felt my mouth sinking with a hot salty cum of the tall man, then he fixed my head and helped me swallowing the load with his huge dick. He made sure that I cleaned the fore skin of his dick with my tongue and the blonde man spitted in mouth and said, "taste this"

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