What a trip

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I'm a 41 year old Bi-sexual male that loves to crossdress, traveling with my job which kept me in different states for about 4 months at a time. i would always choose a hotel that was close to a adult book store or all male spa and if those weren't available a truck stop. In this case there was a adult store about 10 blocks away.

Late one nite when i was extremely horney and in the need for some while being dressed like a little slut. I have had some experience sucking dick and an occacional pounding now and then, however i have always wanted to be gang banged by a large of hung guys while dressed like the slut i am, so i set out to fulfill that fantacy it was about 5pm when i packed my back pack with everything i needed my strap-on titties, sexy lacy bra, some sexy blk panties, fishnet thigh highs and garter belt and a pair of black stelletto stripper heels along with some lube and several dildos in a veriaty of sizes and headed out to the local adult video store where they have viewing rooms some with glory holes, I know this because i have already been there several times its one of my favorite spots where i've always had great luck in finding cock. When i arrived i noticed it was quite croweded, i went to the counter and got 30 dollars in singles and proceeded to the back where the booths are and my favorite booth was availible. I like this one the most because its quite small and it has a glory hole on each wall so i figured if i got on all fours my ass would be at one hole and my mouth at the other.

I usually change in the booth but this time i was so horney that i went into the bathroom and changed there and started to warm up with some dildo action. Once i was all lubed up and ready to go i shoved a huge butt plug in my ass it was so that it bearly fits in my ass and keeps me streched open wide. I finished dressing in my outfit put on my heels and i walked out into the store where several guys stood as i strutted rite buy them. Then the cat calls started. I had on my strap-on titties, lacy black bra, lacy black thong panties, black fishnet thigh high stockings, garter belt and a pair of black stelleto stripper heels the heels were 8 inches and i still had a huge butt plug in my ass. I felt like a real slut and by all the stares i got i new i was in for a real good time. I stepped into my stall purpusley not locking the door behind me, put in a few dollars and selected a bareback gangbang video. Amost immeditley a nice cut cock about 8 or 9 inches or so came thru one of the holes and at the other hole i could see another guy watching me so i got down on all fours onto the cum soaked floor and started to slowley suck the cock that was sticking thru. While sucking i slowley removed the huge butt plug that was in my ass so the other guy could see and replaced it with a huge dildo with a suction cup at the base, I stuck it to the wall just above the hole from where he was watching and slid it in my ass and started to rock back and forth while sucking the cock in the other hole, It wasnt long before a huge cock about 10 inches long and really fat came thru so i removed the dildo leaving my ass hole gaped and the cock slid right in to the hilt bareback and all he started pumping me as i sucked the other cock when all of a sudden the cock in my mouth shot several streams of hot deliouse cum down my throat and i swallowed every last drop. Not even a minuate passed when another big hard cock came thru and i continued to suck as my ass was being pounded, Shortley after the cock in my ass errupted.

I could feel stream after stream of hot cum being shot up my ass about that time the door to my stall opened and there stood several guys stroking there huge cocks and watching me get fucked as soon as the cock in my mouth errupted i was pulled out of my stall by about ten or so well endowed guys and into the hallway where there were more guys yet, all of them took turns with me, my ass always being full and pounded and my mouth always full this went on for about 2 hours. My ass hole was dripping cum and i had cum all over my face aswell. Then 2 huge black guys came in and everybody stopped as they stripped down while everybody watched when they were completley naked i was in awe, there were 2 of the biggest cocks i have ever seen, both must have been 12 inches or more and thick as a baseball bat One got behind me and i felt him line up his huge cock with my cum soaked ass and slowley pushed it in it hurt for just a minuate he was about half way in and was slowley moving it in and out. The other guy grabed my head and shoved his huge cock in my mouth while all the others stood and watched, some were even taking pictures and filming it. After about 10 minuates the guy in my ass shoved his huge cock all the way in i could feel his balls against mine, it felt like his cock was in my stomach then he really started to fuck me, all i could do was moan with pleasure I was so turned on and it felt so incrediable that i shot my load from just being fucked.

I some how managed to swallow the other guys cock all the way to his ball sack after about 30 minuates of this they switched places and continued. This went on for about an hour before the one guy pulled out of my mouth and went around back as one of them slipped under me and i sat on his cock the other also started to push his way into my ass. I never thought it would happen when all of a sudden it poped in it hurt for only a minuate or so and before i new it i was being double fucked by these 2 huge black cocks and thats when the other guys came back into it as they each shoved there cocks down my throat and dumped what seemed to be gallons of hot yummie cum down my throat. the 2 guys fucked my ass like that for about 45 minuates when they both started cumming, i could feel there cocks in my stomach as shot after shot of hot cum was unloaded deep in my ass. They must have dumped at least a quart of hot creamy cum into me. They came for about 5 minuates before pulling out and when they did i was so full of cum that it shot of my ass then all the other guys started fucking me again. It was then the 2 black guys said to me man your hot! we own this joint, how would you like to do this every friday and saturday we'lll pay you 200 dollars per show. Will charge spectators and we will find you the biggest hottest cocks around with a minamum of 30 to 40 guys. They said just think about it because they new i could not answer right away as my ass and mouth were filled with cock.

It went on like that for about 5 hours before i finally finished the last cock. I was covered in cum from head to toe, I got up and walked to there office opened the door and said, you guys got a deal, they were happy to hear that and said cum over here and give us some head slut, do you think you can handle a couple more loads? happley i said hell yeah walked over to them got on my knees and swallowed them 1 at a time until they shot there loads. The first blew when he was in my throat he held my head all the way down as he shot load after load of his hot sweet cum down my throat and the other came shortley after accept he pulled his huge cock out of my mouth aimed for my wide open mouth and let it blow it was like someone had turned on a garden hose so much cum and i swallowed every last drop i then stood up still covered in cum and still dressed like the slut and said so i will see you guys here tommorow right, i cant wait i was still so horney i didnt even bother to change, i just walked home dressed as i was in heels and all since it was about 3am. About half way home i was stopped by some cops while walking down an alley they asked what happened to me, as i told them the story 2 other cars arrived before I new it I was surrounded by 6 cops with there big hard cocks out so I sucked them all off and i swallowed each ones load before they let me continue my slut walk home The following night i walked back to the book store dressed the same way, but i was wearing a red outfit i had to walk through a big truck stop to get there and was stopped by about 5 well hung truckers that took me into the bathroom and fucked me as i sucked them all. some came in my ass and some in my mouth and i was on my way

When I arrived at the book store I walked in and was greeted by the two large from the prior night ( the owners ) I was quite horny and looking forward to what the night had in-store. I was wearing my strap-on tits with a hot red boos-tier, lacy red g-string panties, with matching garder belt, black thigh high stockings and my black stiletto stripper heels. They were pleased at the way I was dressed and escorted me through the book store where it was quite crowded with lots of horny men. We went back to there office where i sucked both there cocks as they gave me the run down of the night. They explained that they had 35 well hung guys that were just dying to get at me. They said that they had a private room in the rear all set up and said there were going to be about 60 people that were just going to watch and enjoy the show they also said that pix and video were going to be shot, about that time one of them shot a huge load of cum in my mouth it was so big i thought i was going to drowned, but i managed to swallow it all. The other guy came around back of me and shoved his huge black cock in my ass and started to fuck me hard after a few minutes of this he shot a huge load of cum deep in my ass, it felt like he was filling my stomach. I loved it it felt so good that it made me cum and no one had even touched my cock yet. They then pulled me to my feet and escorted me through the book store where everybody started clapping and whistling i then noticed that on one wall there was a large flat screen monitor that showed there office where i just got the 2 men off and realized that everybody in the book store just watched me get them off and that turned me on even more.

We walked through this door in the rear and there inside in the middle of the room were 35 of the most biggest cocks i have ever seen and all around were men and some women seated all naked and waiting for the show to start. I strutted in to the room and went right to work i started sucking the first cock i came to. I'm telling you there wasn't a cock under 10 inches. Almost immediately my panties were taken off of me and my ass hole filled with cock as i sucked cock after cock as cock after cock was shoved in my ass after a little while the first load was shot right in my mouth as i swallowed every last drop, then i felt the huge cock in my ass erupt with a huge load deep inside me it felt so good then another cock took its place and then another cock invaded me and i was being fucked in my ass by 2 huge cocks at the same time. After a little while it got real quite and in walked this Arab guy, he had the biggest cock of them all, i swear it was at least 12 to 13 inches long and so fat it was a little bigger than a baseball bat i thought it would rip me in half. i tried to get it in my mouth but i could only get the head of it in, he went around back of me and started to push his huge cock into my ass which was dripping with cum and very well lubricated it felt like he was ripping me. he was gentle and took his time. finally the head of his enormous cock popped into my ass i tried to scream but my mouth was full of cock. he slowly entered me until he was almost all the way in and then slowly pulled out all the way leaving my ass gaped, then he shoved it back in. he did this several times until i was used to it and it started to feel real good then he slammed it in as far as it would go and started to pound me hard, all i could do is moan as the cock in my throat erupted at the same time and was pulled out and replaced by another. he fucked me hard for what seemed like an hour before he shot this enormous load into my ass, it felt like a fire hose inside me it was by far the biggest load i had ever had. it was so much that it was seeping out as he continued to pump my ass. it turned me on so much that i shot my own load i could feel my ass hole clamping down on his enormous cock as he moaned as i used my asshole to suck every drop out of that wonderful cock he finally gave me all he had to give as i could feel his cock going limp and he pulled out.

2 other cocks took his place quickly. this guy would fuck my ass 2 other times through out the night .this went on for hours until i had every cock cum in my ass and in my mouth i was covered with cum and loving it when they were all done i went out to the audience and started to do some of them i was so turned on i could do this all night then the 2 black guys came in and had a glass filled with cum from the audience and wanted me to drink it and i did and it was so good i licked the glass clean then they both fucked me in the ass and it was so good to have these 2 huge black cocks deep in my ass as i felt them both cum in my ass it was dripping cum as i stood up and they handed my 200 hundred dollars and a video tape of the whole thing and said will we see you next week, i said hell yeah they said that they had already had about 50 guys for me next week and i said i cant wait. i left shortly after wards dressed like the slut i was still covered in cum i walked towards the truck stop where it was full of horny truckers. again i was taken to the bathroom where about 20 truckers waited for me i did them all. before i started my walk back to the hotel room when i was stopped by the same cops and had to do them as well before i could continue my walk back.

Before i got there i decided i wanted to stand out on the corner pimping myself out for the rest of the night i got around 10 guys and did each one of them for 40 bucks each the sun was cumming up so i stood on the corner and jacked off for all to see until i shot my own huge load all over my self. i was soaked in cum from all the cock i had through out the night and my ass dripping cum i then walked my slutty ass back to my room and popped in the video they had given me and started to jack off to it when there was a knock at the door..
*** to be continued...

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