Welcome Back

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

When I came back from a one year deployment overseas I had to go through Mississippi to out process back to civilian life. I knew it would take longer than normal because I had a dental problem that had not been fixed since I left over a year earlier. I also knew I was horny as hell as I had not gotten to suck dick in over a year. As soon as I got into town I went to the adult bookstore hoping to find some action. Just my luck the store was closed since it was Sunday.

I drove to base to check into my room and get settled in for Monday. Once I was settled in I went into town again to by some new lingerie. I had not had much of a chance to wear any in a year and wanted to put some on. I bought a black corset with garter and matching stockings, one pink, one white and one black, lace bra with matching panties garter and stockings. I also bought some short cut off jeans and a couple pink tee shirts.

I then went back to a spa for a body wax. They waxed my chest, back legs, and arms before finishing with the bikini wax. I had them leave a landing strip. I put on my new white bra and panties short shorts and pink tee shirt on before I got a manicure and pedicure. I then went back to my room to get ready for Monday.

Monday morning stared like all other days with a two hour workout. The work day was what I expected paperwork and hurry up and get you out as fast as possible. As I mentioned in the beginning I knew I would be there for a dental problem. The Navy did not want to fix the problem but the Air Force base on the other side of town, said they would see me on Wednesday. I finished processing for the day around 1400 and went back to my room to get ready to try the adult bookstore again.

I flushed my insides real good showered then dressed in my black bra, panties, short cut offs and pink cowgirl tee shirt, (I didn¡¦t want to look too easy). I went to the adult bookstore and had a look around before going back to the booths. I saw about five guys standing around looking at me as I went into the last booth and started the as I took a seat. One of the men quickly took the booth beside me with a between us. I offered him a condom which he put on and his nice 6¡¨ cock came through the hole. I quickly began to suck his cock as I had not had any in over a year. This first cock was a quickie for me as I just could not control my hunger for cock. I had him cumming in no time. I took off his condom and tossed it in the trash can in the booth.

Now that I had my first cock I wanted more. I went to another booth this one without a gloryhole. I wanted to see this man. I sat down and started the movie and this man, average height and weight with a nice body came in and locked the door behind him. I took off my shirt and knelt down. I undid his belt and jeans. I slid them down to reveal a 9¡¨ cut cock. He had a big purple head with a well defined ridge crowning his head. His shaft was thick with veins covering it. I thought I would cum just seeing that huge cock.

I kissed the head and shaft before I put a condom in my mouth. Using only my mouth, I began to roll a condom over his huge cock. I was only able to get it about half way down he was too big and I was out of practice. I began to work my tongue over the head of his cock while my lips softly slid over his mushroom shaped head. I lick the ridge of his cock before I began to slide my head up and down his thick shaft. I looked up into his eyes as my mouth moved up and down his cock. I could see he was enjoying this as much as I was. I slide my lips off his cock and began to lick and kiss his large golf ball sized nuts taking care to savor each one. I licked his balls for several minute before licking up the underside of his shaft. My tongue swirled small circles as my lips kissed their way up to the head of his cock. My lips slide over his head and down his shaft.

I was now lost in lust as my lips and mouth worked up and down his huge cock. My tongue was trying to lick as far down his cock as I could reach as my lips glided over his length. I felt his hands rub the back of my head as he guided my mouth over his cock. I felt him push my head down gently as I opened my eye felt his pubic hairs brushing up against my nose. I had managed to take his entire 9¡¨ length down my throat.

He began to fuck my face with short deep thrusts as his balls began to slap against my chin. I held him down as long as I could before I needed air and pulled my lips up off his huge cock. I licked his head as I took in fresh air. After a minute I took in a deep breath as I slid his full length back down my throat. As I continued to deep throat his cock he began to again thrust his cock deeper into my eager mouth. I could feel him stiffen and swell in my throat. I could hear him breathing more heavily and knew he was close.

I looked up at his face to see the look of pleasure as he neared the point of no return. I felt his balls contract up against my chin as he grabbed my head and drove his cock as deep as he could. The look on his face showed me just how much he was enjoying my oral attention. He shot at least eight huge bursts of thick hot cum down my throat. I would have liked to have finished him down my throat but as the condom filled I had to pull my mouth off. By the time my lips reached his head the condom was overflowing. I had never seen a condom overflow before. I pulled the condom off as he finished shooting the biggest load of cum I had ever seen.

I cleaned him up as best I could. He zipped up and thanked me as he left. I was still on my knees as I began to clean my self up. I had cum on my hands and some on my face and shirt. As I was wiping my hands the door opened and a man walked in with a smile on his face. He said that guy is really hung isn¡¦t he. The guy had his pants down and was stroking his growing cock before I even had finished saying yes he is. He stepped up to me and began rubbing the other mans cum over my face with his cock. I reached into my pocket and took out a condom. He did not seem to want to wear one but when he realized no wrapper no head he let my put it on.

His cock was nice and thick with blue veins protruding all over the 7.5' shaft. The head was a big mushroom shaped red head with a purple color along the ridge. I began to work along the ridge and over the head. My lips and tongue teased his head with licks and kisses. I then began to slide my mouth over his shaft. He again began to ask if I had been able to take the other guy all the way down. I looked up at him with a smile, or as much of a smile as you can have with a mouth full of cock, and a twinkle in my eyes. I moaned as I slid all the way down to the base of his shaft. I slid my mouth all the way off his cock but the tip which my lips were pressed up to. I then slid my lips all the way to the base again. I did this three more times before I pulled my mouth off him.

I kissed and licked my way down to his shaved balls. I sucked each one into my mouth one at a time. They were large, about the size of a goose egg. I love licking and playing with nice shaved balls. Mmm they felt, tasted and smelled so good. He began to beg me to finish him. I slowly let his nuts out of my mouth and began to kiss and lick my way back up his shaft. As my lips reached his head I slid my lips over his big mushroom then down his shaft. He was breathing harder now. His hands were on the back of my head as he began to thrust his cock into my mouth. I again pulled off his cock. I said if you want me to finish you off just relax and let me.

I slid my lips over his head and all the way down his shaft. I began to work my head all the way up and down his full length. As I increased my speed and the pressure of my lips on his cock, I could feel him grow harder and I felt his balls pull up to tighter and start to slap against my chin. I was ready to drain him and he was ready to be drained. I drove my face all the way to the base of his cock. With my nose pressed into his bush and his balls on my chin I looked at his face just in time to see the look of pure ecstasy. I felt shot after shot of hot cum hit the back of my throat. He must have shot five hard blasts before he began to slow down and regain control. When he finished his orgasm, I slid my mouth off his shrinking cock. I took off the condom and threw it away. He thanked me and left.

I stood up and walked out of the booth behind him. Four guys had lined up at the door to get their turn at my mouth. A couple of them made rude comments about the cum on my face and shirt. I had forgotten I had not finished cleaning up after the second guy. I went into the bathroom and cleaned myself up as well as I could. I thought about leaving but decided to have one more cock before calling is a night.

As I walked out of the bathroom I could tell the guys were all eager to take a turn on me and I smiled at the power I felt over them to have them all want to fuck my face at the least. I walked with the most feminine walk I could to the first booth to the exit and walked in. I was surprised to see a young airman in sitting watching a this girl in the on the screen. I said please airman relax. He looked nervous as I knelt down in front of him. I undid his belt and pants. He stood up as I slid the zipper down. As I slid his pants down I could not believe my eyes. This young kid had the biggest cock I had ever seen. I pulled his underwear down to see what had to be at least 11-12¡¨ of very thick hard cock. I could barely get my hands around it. It was a thick as a beer can with a thick purple head. It looked more like a dome than a mushroom. The shaft was equally thick and covered with thick blue veins; it turned out to be just over 13 inches. His balls were the size of baseballs. I won¡¦t lie I was a bit scared of the huge size at first.

I move my face in closer and the musky smell of his big balls drew my mouth to them. I began by licking and kissing his huge balls. He was not shaved and I did not care. I worked on his balls for what felt like five minutes before I opened my eyes to see his huge club sticking straight up. I kissed and licked my way up his huge shaft. When I reached his head I slid my lips and swirled my tongue over it. As I licked over his piss slit I got my first taste of his sweet pre cum. I slid my lips over the head of his cock as my tongue swirled around the ridge of his dome head. The taste of his pre cum was making my mouth water as I slobbered over his huge cock. I worked my mouth up and down as far as I could. I knew I would not be able to take him all the way down and I was not even going to try.

I just kept sliding my mouth up and down his shaft five or six times then I would go back up and lick the precum from his head before going back down on him. I was lost in my lust as I closed my eyes and worked my mouth over his cock. My mouth began to hurt from my having to stretch it open so wide. I slid my lips off his huge cock and went back down to his balls to give my sore mouth a break. I also did not want him to cum too quickly. Once my jaw stopped hurting I went back to the tip of his cock and lapped up his sweet pre cum. I slid my lips back over his head and back down his shaft. I closed my eyes again and continued to slide up and down his cock as my tongue continued to lick the underside of his cock.

I heard him say ¡§oh my god¡¨. I opened my eyes to see I had his cock almost all the way down my throat. I pulled up again keeping the same rhythm as I took in as much air as I could and licked up as much pre cum as I could; it was really oozing by now. I went back down on his giant cock this time I went all the way until my face was pressed up into his pubic bush. I pulled up just a little before I drove him back into me. He then began to thrust his cock deep into me several hard fast thrusts. I felt his cock explode down my throat. He must have cum ten huge blast of cum down my throat. As his blasts began to slow I began to pull off his cock. I needed air soon. I kept swallowing as my lips slid up his shaft. When I could I took in as much air as I could through my nose in between swallows. When he was done he literally collapsed into the chair. I caught my breath and cleaned him up. He pulled up his pants and got himself back together as I left the booth and the store.

When I got outside the cool night air let me know I had cum in my shorts big time while I had sucked off this young airman. I got in my car and waited for him to come out of the ABS. He came out in a few minutes and I told him to get in I would give him ride back to his barracks. He said you can¡¦t get on base. I told him I could and to get in. I told him I would drive around the block before we go back to the gate or they would know what just happened. I told him my name and let him know I would be there for at least a week if he wanted to do that again. Man I hoped he would want to get another blowjob.

He was surprised when we got to the gate and I handed the guard my ID and he saluted and waved us through. He gave me directions to his barracks and said his name was Richard but his friends call him Dick. I gave him my number and told him to please give me a call if you would like to get together for another blowjob or anything else he might want. He got out and thanked me for the ride and everything. I drove back to my room and took a shower and jacked off to the thought of the cocks I had pleasured. Not only did I want to suck on him again, but I fantasized about trying to take it all the way into me. I wanted him drill my ass deep and hard.

Tuesday was a dreary day with rain forecast all day. I went to the morning appointments. I could not get Dick and his huge dick off my mind. At about 1030 I got a text from Dick asking if I wanted to get together tonight. I quickly texted back yes what time would you like me to pick you up? He texted back he would be ready, anytime after 1700. I replied see you thenļ. I know I was hard as a rock for the rest of the day. I was done by noon and went to my room and showered and dressed so I would have time to shop for a new outfit for tonight.

I went to a boutique in Biloxi. I found this cute little jean skirt that made my ass look so good I had to have it. I also found a cute little black skirt with matching 6¡¨ heels and nice lacy top. Very hot! I found a nice light brown wig to match my hair color. I found a pair of women¡¦s black slacks that looked good on me and again showed off my tight little butt. I found a nice shear white top that looked good with the slacks. I had to go to three shoe stores to find shoes to match black with three inch heels. I went back to my room and took care to clean myself out for my date with Dick. I took a nice bubble bath to relax. I got dressed in my black bra and panties my new black slacks outfit. I wanted to go totally girl but did not want to freak Dick out.

I drove over and pick Dick up just after 1700. He got in and as I pulled from the curb he said he could not take his mind off last night all day. He told me when he was in high school last year all the girls were afraid of him because of his huge cock. I told him I was too for a bit but I figured I had to at least try. He said I am glad you did. I asked if he had eaten. He said yes. I asked what he would like to do and he just smiled. As we drove off his base I asked him how much longer he had to wear his uniform where ever he went. He said this weekend he would be able to wear civilian cloths again. I smiled and said we should do something special this weekend then. He smile and nodded his head. I asked if he would like to go to New Orleans. He surprised me and said yes he would.

I drove him back to my room on the Navy base. I showed my ID and they waved us on. I led him to my room and let him in. When we got inside he noticed my new outfit and blushed a bit as he realized I was in heels, black slacks and a shear white blouse with a visible black bra under it. I asked him if he liked my outfit. He said yes but those are women¡¦s clothes. I said yes I have a wig too would you like to see. He nodded yes as I took it out and put it on. He said he liked to think of me as a woman. I told him I would like to be your woman. I told him this weekend I will be all women for him with makeup and all. I said I can¡¦t here going on and off bases. He nodded understanding.

I walked over to him and unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. I then undid his belt and pants and helped him out of them as well. I hung them up. He took off his tee shirt and underwear. I took off my slacks and blouse then hung them as well. I walked over to the bed in lingerie and wig and crawled up between his legs.

I leaned in and began to kiss his huge dome shaped head and licked the first drop of precum off his head. I said oh you have been thinking of me today. I went down on his balls kissing, licking and sucking on each one staying on them for several minutes. Licking and kissing my way back up his huge shaft, I began giving him the best blowjob of my life. I wanted this to be special.

I slid my lips over his huge dome and down his shaft. I cleared my mind as my mouth continued to slide up and down on Dick¡¦s massive cock. He slid in deeper and deeper down my throat each time my mouth slid up and down on him. I felt his pubic hair tickle my nose as I finally reached the base of his long staff. I loved the feel of those big balls on my chin. I was enjoying this as much if not more than Dick was.

I felt Dick begin to move his hips as my head bobbed up and down on his cock.. He began to moan as I increased the speed and pressure of my lips as they slid over his cock. His hips began to thrust in perfect unison with my mouth. He was thrusting his cock deeper down my throat as his breathing became louder. I felt his cock stiffen and grow larger as his balls contracted up against my chin. I knew he was ready to cum and I wanted to make him cum. I began to moan as the first blast of cum shot down my throat. Blast after blast of cum continued to shoot down my throat. He must have shot 10 huge hard blasts of cum before the powerful shots began to subside. I continued to milk his cock with my mouth as I slid up his cock to get a breath of air as well as a taste of his salty sweet cum. Mmm it was so good. I milked as much of his cum as I could as he finished pumping his cum into my mouth

As Dick lay on my bed looking down at me in my wig bra and panties, I saw a sly look cross his face as he smiled at me. I asked what he was thinking about and he smiled again. He finally asked me if I just like to suck cock or do I ever do more. The sly look never left his handsome young face. I gave him a big smile, as I was pretty sure what he had on his mind, answering yes I do like to do more with the right man.

Dick got a strange look on his face like he was afraid I would say he was not the right man. I smiled at him and asked what was wrong. He said everyone is afraid of his cock. I asked him if he had ever fucked anyone. He said yes once a girl let him but then she went around school saying it was too big and hurt her so no one else would let him near them. I smiled and said I was sorry that had happened to him. I also let him know I was more than willing to try. His face lit up and his cock seemed to come back to life immediately.

I took a of lube and a box of the largest condoms I could find out of the nightstand. I handed them to Dick and told him he would have to loosen me up real well first. He eagerly took them and said he would. I moved around so I could suck his cock while he had easy access to my tight ass so that he could begin loosening me up. I felt the cool feel of the lube as he began to lube me up. He started with one finger sliding it slowly in and out. I felt a second finger begin to enter me as my lips continued to slide up and down his huge cock. After a few minutes I felt his third finger enter me. It felt so good I wanted to feel his cock enter and fill me completely. He had his whole hand pumping in and out of my man hole and it felt wonderful.

I told him I thought I was ready and he jumped around behind me and I felt the head of his cock sliding up and down my crack. I felt his head as it found my hole. I felt the pressure increase as he began to push his monster head into my tight hole. I felt a sudden stinging pain as his huge head pushed past my sphincter and inside me. He stopped to let me adjust to his enormous size. After a minute or two, when I felt ready I told him to go slow. He pushed another inch in then slowly withdrew the inch. He then slid in again going in deeper before withdrawing it again. He continued to slide in and out nice and slow pushing in deeper with each stroke. It felt so very good as he kept his slow rhythm I found myself pushing back to meet his huge cock burying him deeper inside me. I didn¡¦t seem to take that long before he was buried all the way inside me. He felt so good in me and I felt so full.

When I was ready I told him to fuck me faster. Dick didn¡¦t need to be told twice. He began to slide all the way out to the head then push back into me in one steady thrust. It felt so good each time he slid over my love button I knew I would cum soon as he kept thrusting in and out of me. I continued to push back to meet each thrust.

I started to tell him to go faster and harder. Dick was soon fucking me as hard and deep as he could. It felt so good I was soon cumming with out even being touched. Dick didn¡¦t slow at all he just kept thrusting into me as hard and deep as he could. Once I was drained I began to push back into him hard again. I had never felt so good and full in my life.

He knew just how to work his massive cock to bring me back to the brink of orgasm and keep me there. He would go fast and hard then short deep hard thrusts before long slow withdrawals and insertions. He would mix up his fucking which kept me close to blowing my second load. I continued to push back to match his thrusts. We must have fucked like this for more than an hour before I felt his cock grow even bigger than I thought possible deep inside me just before I felt the first of many intense shots of cum hitting my insides. As his cock was exploding in me I felt the first spasm in my own cock as I too began to shoot another load of cum. As my ass tightened on his huge cock the force of his orgasm increased again.

When we were both drained we collapsed together on the bed totally spent. I felt his huge cock begin to shrink before it started to slip out. The condom had somehow managed to hold his whole load. I had never seen a condom that full before as he removed and discarded it.

We both fell asleep for a short nap. We awoke and took a quick shower together so I could get him back to his base before his curfew as a student. I did manage to give him one more, quick blowjob in the shower. I got him back to his barracks with five minutes to spare. As I dropped him off I thanked him and asked to see him again Wednesday night. He said I get out of class at 1530. I said I would see him then. I also asked Dick if he would like to go to New Orleans with me for the weekend. He said he would like to and he would let me know tomorrow.

Wednesday was a slow day for me as I had only one appointment at 1300 on the Air Force base with the dentist. I spent the morning soaking my sore ass in the tube for an hour. It was sore but I knew I would get over it and I wanted to do it all again and soon. I practiced putting on my makeup until it was time to go to the dentist. I then washed off the makeup and got dressed in my white panties and my uniform.

The dentist I had the appointment to see took a look at my tooth and determined I needed a root canel. He asked another dentist to come in and give his opinion. He looked at my mouth and said he agreed I needed a root canel. The first dentist left us alone in the exam room. The dentist then took a hand mirror and had me take a look. I thought he would show me my tooth but he asked me to look at the back of my throat. I could see some bruising. He then asked me to step into his office. I did not know what this was about but I followed him into an office.

He asked me to have a seat. He then looked at me and asked if I had any ideas how I got those bruises in my throat. I didn¡¦t say anything. He then said their is only one way to get those bruises like that. He told me I could be kicked out of the for that. I just looked at him. He pulled out his cock; it had to be 9.5 ¡V 10 inches. He then told me to get on my knees and please him very well or he would start the investigation which would have me kicked out. I got on my knees and began too kiss and lick his cock and balls. I worked him down my throat and quickly sucked him off. He blew a nice load down my throat and in my mouth. I really didn¡¦t pay much attention to what I was doing I just wanted this to be done as fast as possible. When I had finished the dentist said I had done pretty well making it a very quick one this time. He then said he would see me tomorrow night in my room for a nice night of . I gave him my room number and he said 1800 sharp. I left feeling sick to my stomach. I had never thought a or dentist could tell if you give oral sex especially if you deep throat.

It was almost time to pick up Dick so I went to one of the outside recreation areas with a bathroom and I changed out of my uniform and into my outfit. I debated telling him what had happened and I decided I¡¦d better it could affect him if they investigate, then I decided not to make him worry. The dentist could not do anything to me now that I had had sex with him.

Dick came running out to the car as I pulled up. He had a big smile and was wearing his PT uniform instead of his usual uniform. I asked him about it and he said today is the first day he doesn¡¦t need to wear his uniform off base. He also said he didn¡¦t have any regular clothes yet. He said he was getting some tomorrow as it is his duty day and he will not be able to leave base. He also said he would love to go to New Orleans with me for the weekend.

I could tell he was excited about something because he kept looking at me with a sly smile. I had to stop at a red light when he leaned over and gave me a kiss. It felt so good when our lips met for the first time. I had not tried to kiss Dick for fear he might bolt or freak out. I could tell he had never been sexually active with a man before the first time and did not want to push too fast. When the light turned green I stepped on the gas now I wanted to get back to my room to be able to show Dick just how much I wanted to kiss him.

I let him in as when I closed the door we met in a passionate kiss. Our tongues explored each others mouths. When we finally separated I told him how much I had wanted to do that from day one but didn¡¦t want to go too fast. He thanked me for not pushing him. He said he wanted to give me some pleasure since I had given him more pleasure than anyone had ever given him before. We slipped out of our clothes and began to kiss again on the bed. I then worked my way down to his chest to work on his nipples. I could tell no one had ever done this to him as well as how much he liked it. I licked and sucked first the left nipple then the right. He then moved so he could do the same to me. I love having my nipples played with and he knew what he was doing. He licked sucked and nibbled on my sensitive tits and I was going crazy.

I then moved so I could begin to lick and suck on his big balls. He surprised me when he shifted so we were now in a 69 position. As I worked on his balls he did the same to me. It felt so good. I could tell this was his first time yet he was doing very well following my lead. I then licked and kissed my way up his huge shaft to his giant dome shaped head. I slid my lips over his head and down his shaft. I felt Dick do the same to me. I am not very well hung which was good for him so he did not gag much at all.

I was able to work his cock down my throat. I was quickly lost in my lust to please Dick. My lips slid up and down his huge cock as it in turn slid in and out of my throat. I was surprised when my cock was about to blow its load in Dicks mouth. I pulled my lips off is massive cock to let him know I was about to cum and I did not want to cum in his mouth and freak him out. He moved his head up and down my cock pushing me over the edge as I began to shoot blast after blast of cum in is mouth. He just kept moving up and down my cock as I continued to shoot my load in his mouth. I put my mouth and lips back on his cock and he shot his load right down my throat. I drained him as he drained me. When we were done we kissed again. I told him how incredible it was.

He said last night he decided I had enjoyed sucking his cock so much he decide he would try to see if he would like it as much as I did. He smiled and said it was better than he could have ever imagined. I asked him if he would fuck me again. He just smiled and said I thought you would never ask. He began to lube my ass as he worked his fingers inside me to loosen me up. He asked me if I wanted to fuck him too. I could tell he really did not want me to by the look of relief when I said no I am strictly a bottom into getting fucked. I thought it was sweet that he had offered though. He had me ready to fuck in no time.

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