Waggoner Park IV : Panties

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

The next Friday night when we stopped to pick up Dwayne, he said, “My mom wants to see you.”

I was nervous when I went into the house. All smiles she handed me a Wal-Mart bag and said, “I bought these for you to wear to the movies tonight. When I looked in the bag it was a pair of powder blue panties. Not knowing what to think I pulled them out. “Try them on,” she urge, “Let me see if they fit. I had to guess at your size.” Knowing what a forceful person his mom was I was resigned to putting them on, turning to go to the bathroom, I made about 2 step before she stopped me. “Where are you going?”

“To the bathroom to try on my new panties.’

“Don’t be silly. You can do it right here.”

Knowing that resistance was futile, I turned my back and hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my gym shorts and pulled them down and off. Face burning with embarrassment, I did the same with my briefs. I quickly stepped into the panties and pulled them up. Still embarrassed but less so now that my private were covered I turned back to face her. “Wow,” she said as she cupped my balls, “Am I a good guesser or what?” Humming she felt my bottom and then pulled on the waist band. “Now I know your size I can buy you a few more pair. Since it’ll be easier I’ll probably get one of those 6 packs in assorted colors.

Actually they felt pretty good. I like the way they cupped my ball and the way they felt across my bottom. But I was too embarrassed to tell her that.

I wanted to ask her why she bought them for me but was afraid of what she’d tell me.

I slipped on my gym shorts and bent to pick up my briefs. “Leave them there. I’m going to Wal-Mart to buy you a couple of six-pack, so you want be needing them anymore. Just pick them up after the . If I’m in bed they’ll be on the table by door. Just help yourself.”

Oh god, I thought as I walked back to the van. Is she going to make me start wearing panties all the time? Little did I know that she’d called my mom and explained the situation so she wouldn’t be shocked when she found panties in the dirty clothes hamper.

We picked up Mitchel last so he rode in the back with me. He didn’t mind though. He made me slide my hand through the leg hole of his shorts on the way.

As usual Friday was double feature night, ‘Flaming Star’ staring Elvis Presley and ‘King of the Bullwhip’ staring Lash LaRue. Westerns were here in Texas so we got there early to get a good parking spot. There mmust have been a lot of Elvis and Lash LaRue fans in town because the place was packed. For the first time since we’d been going on Friday nights the parking places on both sides of us were taken. We had curtains so we didn’t have to worry about any casual passersby seeing in as long as we were careful about opening the side door.

We missed the previews of coming attractions but we loaded up with junk food. On the way back to the van, “Dude, what are you wear under your gym shorts?” Dwayne asked as we were getting back in the van.

“Your mom made me put them on,” I murmured embarrassedly as I handed my cardboard tray of junk food in to Mitchel to put on the shelf.

As I shut the side door behind me, Dwayne said, “I didn’t ask where you got them,” as he grabbed my waist band. “I asked you what they were,” as he pulled down the front of my short. “Oh my god,” he laughed as he pulled my shorts on down to my knees. “He’s wearing fucking pants.”

Suddenly everyone was looking at me and laughing. Pushing onto my back on the mattress, Mitchel yanked my shorts on down and off. Then they all had a good laugh at my expense. The consensus was that they liked them. “Dwayne’s mom always was cool,” laughed James. The he said, “She knows he’s sucking our dicks, doesn’t she?”

“Yea, but she’s cool with it. She even said if the weather’s too bad to go to the lake, we can use my bedroom.”

“Now that’s a cool mom,” put in Mitchel. “If my mom found outt she’d throw a shit fit.”

“I don’t think mine would be too happy about it either,” I mumbled.

It was a laid back Friday night and no one was in a hurry. Since Mitchel was already back there I pulled his shorts off for him. He liked me to do it slow, so I started off by kissing and nibbling his belly and working my way down as I slowly inch or two at a time pulled his shorts down. When the other guys weren’t looking he like for me to kiss and lick his thighs as I pulled them on down his legs. With plenty of time I work his and balls slow. Bring him to the edge a couple of times before I finally let him cum. Forgetting that tonight there were cars on both sides of us he screamed out from the power of his orgasm.

The on the right actually rolled down the window to see if ask if there was a problem. Dwayne told him that James was trying to light one of those mosquito repellent coils that we bought at the snack bar.

I won’t say his orgasm was powerful, but I thought I gave him a heart attack. He just laid there gasping for breath for about 20 minutes.

Dwayne was next so he and Mitchel exchanged places. Not wanting to miss any of the action, but not wanting to be obvious about it, Mitchel kinda turned sideways in the seat and leaned against the door in such a way he could watch the screen or the action in back. Only someone who walked up to the window could tell which way he was looking.

Dwayne loves getting his cock sucked and he always tastes good so I licked his thick shaft up and down and all around, not stopping there and not forgetting the head. Tightening my lips, I took him from the head all the way down balls. He got harder and harder with every bob of my head. When I throating him, he moaned aloud. He was being so loud I was afraid they would hear him in other cars. As usual when he went off besides being loud he was a heavy cummer.

James slipped out of the driver’s seat and back into the cargo area. But instead of moving up front Dwayne still naked from the waist down stayed in the back where he could watch the action. I started out by sliding down and licked his balls and then I took his dick into my mouths. Sucking, licking and kissing, I slid down to James’s and gently probe it with my tongue. When I went back to sucking his dick and licking his balls it was more than he can stand. He arched his back upward trying to get trying to get more of his dick into my mouth. With a muffled grunt, James exploded, shooting his salty cum into my mouth. For a change I pulled off and let him shoot all over my face.

At intermission as we walked to the snack bar, I asked, “Does anyone owe anyone else money that I’m going to have to blow to pay it back?” That got a laugh from James and Mitchel but a grown from Dwayne.

I veered off to go to the restroom while the others went on in to the smack bar. The place was empty except for one kid named Austin standing at the urinal. He was a year behind me in school so I didn’t really know him just his name. As I moved up beside him and took my cock out, I unconsciously cut my eyes to the side to check out his equipment. I thought I was being discrete but obviously I wasn’t because when he finished peeing he stood there and played with his cock. When he caught me looking he gave me a knowing smile and moved closer to me. Without thinking I reached over and touched it.

Before it could go any further we heard someone coming. Moving to the far ends of the urinal we ignored each other as we put or cocks away and left. Out of ear shot of anyone we asked each other if we were alone. We were both with people. I knew he lived in the same general neighborhood as I, so I told him bring your baseball equipment like you’re planning on a game and be at Waggoner Park at 10 am. I’ll be at the turn around across the parking lot behind the softball fields. Austin was about 5’ 9 which was considered tall back then and a typical teenager, all legs, elbows and big ears with a shock of red hair.

I didn’t mention Austin to the guys as we walked back to the van. Once all the junk food was in place and we were back in the van it was Mitchel’s turn again. As he sprawled back on the mattress with his legs spread I moved up between them. Knowing how much he likes foreplay I started by kissing and tonguing his belly button. Then I nuzzled and nibbled the hair on his belly as I worked my way down.

Bypassing his cock, I moved down and paid a little attention to his balls. I could tell by his breathing that he liked what he was doing. From his balls I licked my way up his shaft to his head. I took his cock in my mouth and with my eyes closed, I was in seventh heaven. Tightening my lips I started bobbing up and down until his cock obliged me again by cumming loads of white, thick stuff in my mouth. He almost giggled as I licked off every possible drop of it.

Dwayne lying back on the mattress. Kneeling between his legs I leaned down and started licking the head of his cock, sticking my hot little tongue in his pee-hole. Knowing how vain he was I murmured, “Uuuum,” you’ve got a big one, with nice thick veins.” Pausing, I run a finger down a pulsing vein. Then I opened my mouth and swallowed his cock. He groaned when my nose hit his pubic hair and my chin but his nut sack.
He moaned that my mouth was so hot and wet that it felt like a pussy. I’m not sure how he knew since he’d never had any pussy. But I didn’t say anything, I just started moving my mouth up and down his hard shaft.

I slid farther down his shaft with each bob of my head. I felt his cock crashing into the back of my throat and he seemed to be thrilled by it as I was. I kept banging him harder and harder with my mouth. I felt his cock swell, becoming harder and harder. As the pressure build, he held it as long as he could. Upon release, I felt a wave of absolute pleasure wash over my entire body. For each release, a slightly smaller wave of pleasure washed over me until a final release occurred.

With James it was nothing fancy but a pleasure to suck. He relaxed on the mattress and leaned back against the side wall with his legs spread. Lying between his leg, I propped myself up on my elbows and took him in my mouth. I did a little bobbing but I mostly just used my mouth muscles. I don’t know how I learned how to do it, I just knew. It was like clinching and unclenching my hand and jacking a guy off except I was using my mouth instead of my hand. Using this method is slow but extremely pleasurable. It was so slow and pleasant it almost put him to sleep. But it produced one of the most powerful orgasms he’d ever had. It was so strong he almost passed out.

When the movie was over and we left, everything went in reverse order. Mitchel got dropped of first and then Dwayne. When we pulled up into his driveway Dwayne’s mother came out carrying a Wal-Mart bag. “Here you go dear,” she said as she handed me the bag in through the window. “I told you I would pick you some more.”

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