(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My cousin Vinnie and I used to jerk off together while looking at our dads' porno magazines. We started jacking off together when we were just barely old enough to ejaculate. The next year, we were both able to shoot even loads and we were fascinated with our cum.

Our ritual developed where we would jack off together until one of us felt that tingle in our balls that signaled our orgasm. We would tell the other that we were getting close and the other person would take over stroking really hard and fast. It used to thrill me to see my cousin blast shot after shot as I pumped his until he became a trembling heap and begged me to stop.

We talked endlessly about the girls in our school, and even our female cousins. As we stroked our dicks we fantasized out loud about how good it would feel to a pussy or to get a wet blow job from one of these girls.

Eventually Vinnie and I started to discuss the possibilities of using each other’s' mouths.

I desperately wanted to be sucked, and, even though I was nervous about trying it, I was very eager to make a deal with Vinnie.

My cousin Vinnie was reluctant at , but I was very persistent. Eventually I told him, “I’ll let you put your in my mouth if you’ll let me put mine in yours.”

Since I was going to let him stick his cock I had to undress him.

Vinnie let me lift his t-shirt up and off of him. Then he just sat and watched as my hands jerkily unbuckled his belt and unbutton and unzip his pants. When I started to pull down them and his jockey shorts, he raised my to help me.

I pulled his pants all the way down to his ankles. Vinnie could tell I wanted him to lift a leg so I could pull them off. I couldn't believe it as he let me take them off him one leg at a time.

When Vinnie was completely naked in front of me, it made me shiver for a moment.

Hefting his cock as if I was testing its weight, I started fondling and slowly jacking him off.

That first time we didn't suck each other off. We just slipped our erect cocks in each other’s' mouths and sucked for a few seconds. I remember that, after trying it with each other, we talked about how it felt. Not only to have a warm wet wrapped mouth around our dicks, but also how it felt to have that hard piece of flesh in our mouths. I loved the shape of the head and how soft and velvety it felt but since Vinnie didn’t say anything neither did I.

This now became a part of our routine. We’d get home from school…where we had total privacy for about an hour each day…get the porno out of our parent's bedrooms and look at the magazines.

Our hard cocks would come out and we’d stroke ourselves while lying side-by-side on the bed or sitting next to each other on the couch.

We’d talk about what we’d like to do to this or that girl and at the same time, slowly build up our pace while watching each other jack off. It always reached a point where one of us would ask the other if they wanted to suck and we always wanted to.

However, I also remember that for a long time, after sucking each other's dicks, we’d finish each other off by hand.

We did, eventually, start to pump each other's cocks with our lips and mouths. We would even fuck each other's mouths until we got right on the verge of cumming before pulling out and shooting.

I remember Vennie was always really nervous about me cumming in his mouth and voiced his concerns many times.

I eventually told my cousin Vinnie that he could cum in my mouth if he wanted to.

That first time that I sucked Vinnie to completion I really felt like I'd taken an important step. His cum had an acrid peppery taste and it kind of burned my tongue but I swallowed anyway.

I swallowed his cum and again we talked about how it felt and tasted. I loved how his shaft throbbed as he was shooting his hot load into my mouth, but again it wasn’t something that I could tell him…al least not until he sucked my dick to completion .

I tried to tell Vinnie that he’s NEVER had a sexual experience like the one when you let another shoot a hot load in your mouth and you feel each burst of cum hitting the back of your throat. Now that I’ve experienced it, show me a hard cock standing tall and it makes my mouth water. Nothing turns me on as much as sucking a cock to completion. Your mind will go euphoric as it receives the tactile signals that another man is cumming in your mouth. It's a mind bending experience counting the number of shots as you swallow each and every drop of his cum.

But no matter what I said to persuade Vinnie to let me shoot off in his mouth, but he refused. He’d still suck my cock but he always insisted that I pull out before cumming so he could finish me with his hand.

This always bothered me but eventually I got used to it.

I soon realized that when I had Vinnie’s hard cock in my mouth that I looked forward to feeling him squirm and buck. And when I felt his warm cum shooting in my mouth, it made me really hot. Its taste wasn’t very pleasant the first time. But something I quickly got used to and once I did it tasted so good that I craved it.

I began to look forward to swallowing his load after school and I really missed it when Vinnie eventually got a girlfriend and we stopped doing it.

I wish I still had someone to suck off every day like we used to do.

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