Ty, and Andy

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was just a slow day in my resturatnt and my wife walked in and announced she had a suprise for me that night. I began to think that we were going to have our usual , but when i arrived home my friend from highschool was there Andy. Me and Andy used to fuck back in the day, he went off to be a football player and i went for chef/ buisness. THen my wife finds him. She said that she paid for us to have the weekend in a getaway together, so we could catch up. I had no idea what was going on i was hung up on the fact Andy was in my living room.

Once that weekend came we were on our way to the hotel when we started discussing all andy has been up to, i told him about my life and we started on highschool. HE said he missed me this whole time, i told him i havent been with another since him. HE said well that can all change tonight. With him telling me this took me back to the good old days, andy took off his shirt in the car and started to rub his . Just like he did when i was 18 and he was 19. Now i'm 25 and he is 26. Andy asked if we could stop at a truck stop cause he needed to piss and asked if i would walk with him.

Well we went into the handicap stall and andy whiped out his 10 1/2 inc cock and said let me see yours. Feeling embarrised i pulled out my 7 inch and he just smiled. Andy got on his knees and began to me off. After a couple of minutes i started going up and down on his cock. Andy then sat on the toilet and motioned for me to ride his like we used to. I started on his dick and thought how much pleausre it would bring but in the begining all i had was pain. After i went up and down for a lil bit it began to be beautiful pleausure to me. Andy grabed me on the hips and made me go faster and harder, he told me to get off and sit on the toilet and relax.

He then grabed my legs put them over his soulders and started ramming me, all i could do is moan in all of the pleausure i had, it wasnt as loud as i thought since no one came in yelling. and the more Andy pounded the better it felt. The whole weekend Andy and I fucked not in our hotel but out in public places, having the time of our lives. On the way home we fucked at the same gasstation but in a smaller stall with a glory hole in it.......

To be continued.

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