Trust and Lust (Part Two)

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

When we last left Ben and Tyler, Ben had Tyler pinned underneath him on the couch and was forcefully pleasuring himself with his college roommate as the toy.

Ben moaned and gyrated his hips, grinding his half hard in my face and mouth. My entire face was sticky with precum, my hair tousled from where he had pulled on it. I think he might have pulled some of it out. It wouldn’t surprise me. He moved enough to free my arms and I began to explore Ben’s body with my hands. Slowly I felt up his powerful legs that towered over me. He was remarkable; I drug my hands up his lightly haired thighs and made my up to his round tight . I tugged on his boxers short’s elastic band I was eager to have his throbbing cock in my mouth finally after months of whacking to him in the shower. As quickly as I started Ben’s hands shot down grabbed either of my wrists he moved from on top of my and at once I feared I’d done something wrong and had upset him.

But I was wrong still holding my wrist he brought my arms together and held my wrist in one of his hands. Ben sat on top of my chest again going back to work. He held my hands above my head with one hand I never felt so helpless and I never loved it so much. I struggled a little underneath him. Then he reached down bulling a belt off of one of our pairs of pants that was strewn across the floor, next to us on the couch he bound my wrist together. It made it easier for him to hold me there with the aid of the belt and I started to breathe harder and faster underneath him.

He looked down at me his eyes burning into me know. I stared up at him, he knew I wanted him and he was taking his time. He open fist slapped me in the face again, to rise back into the action. My chest rising and falling fast and hard pressed up against his warm sweating ass and balls with each breath. I looked to see his cock bouncing off my chest with each breath. I struggled once again underneath him wishing I could jerk myself off so bad it hurt now. He slapped me again same side of the face it was red and tender by now. Ben slapped me to get my attention again and I looked up just in time to get a wad of his spit in my face. It caught me on the side of the nose rolled down around my eye blinding me right eye. I turned to let it fall to one side. Then Ben grabbed my face with his free hand. Pattered my face softly and quickly left to right, and tapping me on the forehead.

He was intensely silent the whole time, we were breathing in unison and I could feel his breath on my raw nipple. “Ben what are we do…” I tried to get out but he quickly grabbed my by the jaw again. “Shhh” he softly hummed to me. Then Ben took hold of my mouth letting go of his grip on my tied up arms and with both hands yanked at the edges of my mouth till I though my cheeks were going to explode. Still I didn’t move my arms from above my head. Every touch he gave me was like electricity running through me. He played tug-o-war with my mouth for a while then making sure it was open Ben spit down and with perfect aim it fell in my mouth. I coughed at first trying to get it out. When Ben swooped down and fiercely started exploring my mouth with his tongue. We lay there kissing deeply breathing like we had been working out for hours, I could taste the beer in his mouth and I didn’t want to let go. I started to nibble on his lips with each peck and release. Then he would nibble on mine we continued like that for a while. All the while Ben started rubbing my cock through my soccer shorts. My toes curled and I kissed deeper. Our lips let go for a moment and then he came back in hard this time, my head pressed against the arm rest I couldn’t go back any further we kissed until he nibbled my bottom lip again. When I thought he was going to release again instead he pulled it out and popped it pack against my teeth… again… and again then he bit down just enough to make me bleed.

He was playing with me he was doing his to get me to the edge and then with the pain he brought me back down. My mind was totally faded he was working me out of my mind. And ever time I looked up at his bronze body hairless chest and pits I wanted to taste him even more. I tightened my abs and raised myself up kissing his navel till I was out of control tongue fucking his whole stomach a trail of drool stained blood rolled down his abs to his strap. Ben pushed my head back down and I watched and waited and he shoved both his hand back down his boxer shorts. I licked my lips to taste the metallic taste of my own blood. Rather than swallow it I decided I’d spit it on him. Tilting my head up to my master hovering over me I spit up with all my force. The red trail spit flew threw the air hitting Ben in the side of the face and falling all the way down to spaces on his chest and mine alike.

Ben smiled wiped off his face and in one quick move slugged me in the chest, not hard but just enough to know he was still in control then he smacked me in the balls a couple of time. They were throbbing enough with all the excitement they were so sensitive I jumped underneath him with each hit. I bit my lip and chocked back my urge to cry out with passion and pain. I opened my eyes when he finally stopped playing a beat on my nuts.

My right eye was still a bit sticking around the lids from the wad of Ben’s spit that had landed in it. My eyes were looking at him with heat now, my breathing was getting steady now still hot and heavy but cooling off. As I focused on Ben again I got worked up all over again. Sometime during the beating Ben had manage to slip out of his boxer shorts and now his cock sat on top of my chest. I jumped forward wanting it for myself, tongue hanging out like a dog. I got as close as I could, but he was too far away. He inched forward my mouth watering for him. Feeling his hot ass developing a pool of sweat on my naked abdomen, I waited for Ben to decide. He yanked up on my cock from behind his back. Then pulled three times as hard on my nipples at the same time I winced at the pain but my attention stayed on his half flaccid cock.

I couldn’t wait any longer I had to act, I reached up with my tied hands over my head and ripped at his chest with all my might. I felt Ben’s skin tear underneath my fingers and he bit grit his teeth and let out a huge muffled cry. Ben quickly took charge I closed my eyes and prepared for the worst of it. He jerked my arms back I thought they would pop out of their socket. Then he pounded my checks with his other hand, it felt like with a couple of fingers. He was swiping at my face it was stiff but as I opened one eye I got a up close look at what he was beating me with.

I had manage to get Ben completely hard and Ben was slapping me with his cock which had grown to a complete 8 inches now. The thought of that alone made me more wet then I could have imagined. I didn’t think I could get my dick harder than it already was but it was so hard now it hurt. I opened my mouth and moaned begging to receive Ben’s member. He raised himself to his knees and thrusted his hips into my face.

I gagged immediately, almost throwing up his cock hit the back of my throat like a fist punching me. I took in the scenery, Ben’s trimmed pubes smelled like his gym shorts after a work out the rank smell of a locker room or stale sweat. And his balls were resting against my chin almost dangling on my neck. I was breathless, then I realized I really could breathe. Ben was holding me there and holding his dick as inside me throat as he could manage. I could feel veins beginning to pop out in my neck and knew my face was turning seven shades of red, and just when I thought I would have to do the unthinkable… bite down…. He jiggled his hips around allowing a quick breath through my nose, but he didn’t take it out. He keep slide it around in my mouth until I began to relax again.

My face returned to its natural color. I could feel Ben’s heartbeat from his throbbing cock on my tongue. I rolled it across the bottom of his cock as much as I could, and it tensed up so I knew he liked it. He started to ease up again and brought his dick in and out of my mouth. Face fucking me slowly until he was on a full rise one hand holding my arms back and the other resting on the arm rest he was leaning over me fucking my mouth so hard you could hear a pop every time his cock went in and out of my mouth and another when his balls would slap on my face. There was drool mixed with Ben’s precum dripping from my mouth on all sides running down my chin, neck and Ben’s balls.

He took his stoned cock out again fell to his knees again and started beating me all over my face slowly, he’d slap my forhead breathe out and passionately letting the pain and pleasure mix in and then slap me again he hit my entire face till his dick was too sensitive to take it any more. He held it in front of my face and I opened submissively. He waited, closed his eyes “Blow” he told me. I took a deep breath and blew like I was blowing out candles on my birthday cake. He slapped me with his hand then his dick and said “No you idiot, slow soft… now blow” I took another breath and slowly whispered on Ben’s dick. The soft gust of wind barely had time to touch the tip of his cock before it was jumping in front of me. Five seconds into it his ass was dancing on my chest. He was pulling my hair and I thought he was going to loose it all together. And that thought made me think I was going to loose it as well.

I took another breath and even more lightly began to blow on his member again, slower and softer this time. His whole body began to shiver starting with his abdomen then his hips and ass it was that familiar jerk, I knew he was going to blow. But before he could he covered my mouth again, smiling down at me. I looked at him, silenced his muscular chest bouncing up and down sweat glistening in the dim room. He rose to his knees again wiping off the sweat from his hair lining. Then he pulled on his balls a couple of times adjusting them, making sure everything was in order.

He stood up completely towering over me like a bronze statue of a god, with his 5’11” frame of pure masculinity. What would be his next move? He stepped off the couch onto the floor next to me and my cock jumped in anticipation. He walked to the opposite edge of the couch were my feet lay. I craned my head upward to watch what he was doing. Ben grapping my ankles yanked quickly. I snapped down a couple of inches until my head was flat on the couch cushion. It was a pretty tight but I was able to lay completely flat on the couch. Before I knew it Ben was on top of me again planning his next move. He stood over me still, only this time he lowered himself onto my face. I watched as Ben’s ass lowered down on top of me till I could see nothing else. His ass was slightly more pale than the rest of him and had a small line of hair that extended from his pubes up his ass crack to his lower back. Then instead of tasting Ben’s candy ass Ben checked to see if my mouth was open. Which it was and dunked his sweaty danglers into my mouth. He worked his balls in my mouth. I was drowning in them. His cock to my amazement had gone soft again, meanwhile I couldn’t shake my hard on from the start. He played with my hair and pulled my arms up to feel his chest. I rubbed at his raised skin from the clawing I gave him earlier and tugged at his A cup muscular pecks and nipples.

Ben slide further up my face and I kissed and licked his chode until he gave me access to his glory hole. I worked my tongue in and out pumping my neck to get as far in as I possibly could. Ben squirmed with pleasure on top of my face helping me work my way in as deep as I could get. I slid my hands down Ben’s body to his soft cock that the instant I touch started to get hard again. Now I really knew Ben was enjoying himself. I took his cock in my cupped hands and worked it the best I could. Ben was really getting into it wiggling up and down until he couldn’t take it anymore, he started fingering himself plunging finger after finger into his deep dark hole. Watching him going wild by himself was turning me own I was amazed by his ability to pleasure himself. Then bringing them out and shoving them down my throat to lube them up for another trip.

Ben turned around now and was on all fours. He knelt his ass down onto my face so that I could just manage to suck on his balls as he continued to drive himself crazy with his fingers in his hole. All the while Ben had slid my own shorts off, without me noticing and was slammed his mouth down on my cock muffling his cries of pleasure. Every once in a while Ben would let up for a second to double jerk me sometimes or to jerk himself and I would explore his hole once again with my tongue, or fingers or both, when he would go back to work on himself I would make out and nibble with his bubble ass to shut out my moans from the way he was working my cock.

Ben had a way with blow jobs. I had come to expect the nibbling and loved it when he would slap my dick on his face or grinding it on his front teeth. He’d spit on it basically devouring it. Then went down and took my cock down completely when he reached the base burying his chin in my brunette pubes I jerked my hips up with pleasure. I was feeling the urge to cum but was fighting. Turns out Ben had his own plan with he was throat deep with my cock he bit down on the base of the shaft with his front teeth. The shocking punch of pain and pleasure made my entire body tense and I bashed my head against the wooden part of the head rest, hard. I reached up with my hands and tore into Ben’s back like a tiger. “Fuck” we both let out a cold yell. He looked back at my face to make sure I was okay. And we continued like that till Ben got bored or a better idea. One or the other

When Ben rose from on top of me I had no clue where he was going, he stepped out of site and in the darkness I could hear drawers opening things being thrown out of the way and more stuff being stepped on. I almost fell off the couch trying to figure out what all the commotion was about. I checked my bruises, though my tied hands made things difficult. Ben was taking longer than I imagine and I didn’t think it was over but I needed to cum so badly. I tried to free my hands but realized that was useless, so I cupped my fingers together and started beating off like there was no tomorrow. But before I could even get rock hard again there was Ben looking down on me with the most adorable smile ever and something I couldn’t make out in his hands.

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