Trust and Lust (Part Three)

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Tyler still lie on the couch slightly bruised but still ready for more action by the hand or of his dominant friend Ben. Ben was just returning to finish Tyler off when we last left them.

I caught Ben out of the corner of my eye and threw my hands back up behind my head like a kid caught masturbating by his parents. Ben pounced on top of me. “You little bitch he.” he said landing on me with a thud, taking my entire breath away. He played patty cake with my face wringing my chin with his strong hands making my face turn every which way. Then he lay across my body on top of me and made out with my chest, licking me across all the bruises he had left. Sucking and nibbling on my soar nipples driving me wild underneath him. He kept on hand pressed against my arms so that I didn’t get any more ideas about moving.

Ben worked his way up my neck again and kissed me. Then he let his face rise just inches away from mine and he asked “Do you trust me?” I hesitated wondering where he could be going with this. My mistake, he landed two swift punches on either side of my chest. Thud, thud, the air escaped me… he asked me again.

“” I let out in agony… “yes” and just as soon as that word was out of my mouth Ben had reached down and pulled up something out of the dark. It was a thin blue bandana I didn’t know where he had gotten it from or what he was going to do with it. He dangled it in front of my face making sure I was concentrating completely on it. I watched it slide down my face tickling my neck as he drug it onto my chest. Arousing my nipples he continued pulling it down until it was covering his flaccid cock. I watch Ben as he played with the bandana he rubbed it against his and the sensitive part of the skin between his balls and his ass hole. I started to get hard again watching my friend find new ways to pleasure himself and pleasure me while he was doing it.

My jaw dropped I was completely consumed with thoughts of Ben inside of me. “Ben…fuck me” I finally let out. He stopped with the bandana and looked down on me. I had an intense look on my face I had waited for to long I wanted him now. I worked my body underneath him to let him know I was serious. He smiled at me… “fuck you”, he said… “fuck you” he took the bandana out from underneath him and twisted it a bit with both hands. Then he shoved it in my mouth! Wrapping it around the back of my head and tying it off. I mumbled but all my wailing was caught inside the fabric. The bandana was tight around my mouth and it smelled and tasted like Ben’s ass. My mouth watered more and more with each taste of it till the gag was completely soaked. Ben looked happy with his decision.

He stood up once more and walked towards the far end of the couch. Then Ben picking up my legs till my shoulder blades, neck and head were the only things still touching the couch. My entire body tensed up abs, ass, legs and all. Ben readjusted my legs; crossing them so he could better control them with one hand and with the other he reared back. He swung at my ass full force I watched every second breathing harder and harder. But he stopped inches early. “Relax” he said to me “you trust me” I tried to make my body go limp but every time he would motion forward I’d seize up again. So finally I closed my eyes and let it happen.

He reared back and swung his open hand full force onto my ass. The smack was ear splitting it sent a shock up my spine that made my head jerk back and forth on the couch. My scream fell softly into the bandana and my face flushed red. I was limp cock and body. Then he pulled me to one side so that my lower back legs and feet were totally off the couch and my shoulder head and neck made a T shape with my body on the couch. “I’ve gotta even it out” he promised me, “Now close your eyes”

I did as I was told and he swung at me again this one felt a little worse it was with his left hand too. I bit my tongue in pain and could feel the metallic taste pooling in my mouth once again. I was pissed off. I squirmed but he managaed to keep a hold of my legs, with one hand no less. He let me rest on the couch again full body strewn across it.
Ben grabbing me by the mid section flipped me over onto my stomach. I screamed begging for mercy I knew my ass couldn’t take anymore. I watched him as he picked up a cheap rubber soled sandal from the floor. Squirming on the couch, trying to get free, Ben let out a soft chuckle as he approached me. He smacked his own ass a couple of times winching at the pain himself. Even while watching him my own ass was throbbing. He laid on top of me his front facing my feet.

Ben spit on my ass rubbing it in my ass crack. Slowly and tenderly. I could feel my ass pucker with the pleasure as his fingers gently caressed my entrance. He glided his hands over the reddest parts of my ass. Then I felt the slide of the sandal and my ass tensed up rigidly. He turned the sandal on its side and explored my ass crack with it. Then a lightning of a crack, my back arched I bucked but with Ben on top of me neither of us barely moved. He had smacked the center of my ass this time and I’m sure it was glowing read now.

He worshiped my ass some more rubbing it with his hands bitting it kissing it nibbling on it. Till it was sensitive enough that even the feel of his breath when he exhaled made me tense again. Taking the sandal Ben quickly tapped on my ass, like someone knocking on the door, but softer, fast but soft. I bucked and jumped underneath him begging to get free. My eyes welled in pain, but all I could get out was muffled screeches.

When Ben was finally done with the sandal my ass was nothing but raw hide. He blew on it slow and softly and I writhed in pain beneath him. Then Ben turned around so that his front was facing me. I still had tears in my eyes but my face was buried in the couch cushion and half hidden by my arms covering my face.

Ben let his entire body fall over me, covering me like a blanket. I felt his hands slide up my back and around my body, over and up my chest. Till Ben had both arms wrapped around the front of me between me and the couch cushions. I could feel his heart beating on my back, and every breath that he took as his chest and abs worked against me. He took his hands from under me and massaged my back kissing it with his mouth licking it with his tongue. He kept working his hands up until he was tugging on my hair again, and practically chewing on my ear. I was into him working my ass against his cock feeling him grow from soft to harder with each grind.

Breathy Ben said “You want me to fuck you Tyler? Is that what you want?” I turned my head the I could to make eye contact with him, the whites of my eyes were a bit red from the pain and the tears. I manage a mumbled “god yes” which he didn’t understand shaking my head furiously. He tossed my head back down forcing it deep into the cushions and began dry humping my ass. I felt his huge 8 inches slide pass my waiting hole. He kept his hand pressed hard on my back, but my feet wiggled in ecstasy.

Ben turned me over once more. He found see that I was once again rock hard. He bent my legs up bringing my knees up to my head. Ben once again started exploring my hole with his fingers. Working his index finger in and out of my warm glory hole I couldn’t stop moaning. By the time he had two or three of his fingers in me my balls would recede inside of me and my cock was jumping up against my abdomen every time he brought his fingers out.

He could tell I was too aroused and he wasn’t finished yet. So when I shut my eyes in pleasure again he reached down with his free hand and once again picked up the rubber sandal. Before I could manage a reaction he was pattering on my balls this time. I covered my face with my hands. Screaming and coughing up spit threw my bandana. I couldn’t breathe hard enough or fast enough to catch my breath. In midst of the pain I had managed to get Ben off of me. He was holding his face. I guess I had kicked him once somewhere.

As he crawled his body on top of mine I saw that I had kicked him in the mouth. He smiled at me showing his already swollen lip and bleeding gums. I had a look of intense fear in my face. He took the bandana out of my mouth sliding it onto my neck and started to deep kiss me again. His blood mixed with my blood from when I had bit my tongue earlier.

When he stopped this he gagged me once again and turned me so that my shoulder neck and head rested low on the back of the couch cushions and my legs and ass were falling off of it. He got down on one knee, pressing my thighs against his sweating chest and abs and my feet dangling over his shoulders, his cock once again rock hard after that kick it had really energized him up again. He let a wad of spit drip down onto his waiting member and licked his fingers then placed them on his cock swirled it around the tip then the shaft. Then licking his fingers again made sure my ass hole was wet. Which he didn’t need to do because it was soaked from the sweat of the night.

He inched his cock closer to me till it was touching my hole. Then Ben grapped a hold of my hips, making sure I wasn’t going anywhere and began his decent into my hot hole. I moaned with ever centimeter he progressed. My eyes clinched tight as I tried to relax my hole. When I felt his head pop all the way through I opened my eyes again breathing deeply tyring to steady myself. Ben was focused completely on his cock and my ass hole. He readjusted his hands on my hips, let a gob of spit and blood land on his shaft which he pushed up to my lubricate my hole and went back to work.

Inch by inch I was taking all of Ben inside of me in a mixture of pain and joy I was finally getting to pleasure my best friend the way few had gotten to so far in his life. He smacked my ass when he was all the way in. And I opened my eyes again turning my attention to him. That was just the beginning he slowly pulled out then shoved himself back into me as fast as he could. My thighs and ass smacked against his chest, abs, hips and thighs. Fuck I rolled my eyes in pleasure. He started in on a nice rhythm and didn’t feel like more that ten minutes in before I felt my ass pucker my cock tighten and began to cum. My giz exploded all over my chest, abs and pubs, mixing with the sweat already there. I tried to reach down and jerk myself off, but Ben stopped grabbing my arms holding them above my head still he said “mmm… fuck… stay tight stay tight.” I realized he was talking about my ass hole which had tensed up when I came. I squeezed my ass together and shortly after Ben pulled himself out of me holding his swollen red cock tight in his hand at the base. He rushed up to me on the couch kneeling over me his cock staring me dead in the eyes I could see the veins curl up his cock. “Blow” he moaned out.

I took in a deep breath and he immediately released his grip and started hard. I blew softly right onto the eye of his until it unleashed load after gewy load on my face hair and couch. His hips thrusted and jerk and he let out a moan with each powerful spray. I couldn’t see but I could feel Ben’s legs trembling with the force of his cum on both side of me. Ben made the entire couch shake. He had drowned me with his man juice and I could tell he was admiring his work from above me. Ben slid his cock across my cum soaked face and with his fingers wiped the cum from my eye. Then he slapped me across the face with his hand one last time and started to untie my wrist.

I couldn’t believe what had just happened to us. I looked for something to wipe my face with and I noticed that my arms had slices and cuts around my wrist from where I had struggled with the belt. I looked up at Ben who was toweling himself out. I knew that this was a night we would never forget, but I wondered if it would ever happen again.

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