Triumvirate - Part Two - Compare and Contrast

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Part Two -- Compare and Contrast 

The sun never shines in the depths of a castle. Davidius was awakened by the sound of keys unlocking his cell door. The thing he saw was the two female servants who had attended to him all night. He remembered during his heavy slumber their gentle hands massaging and caressing his skin. They had done everything the king had ordered them to do. Although his chest was tender when touched, the red marks had disappeared. His belly muscles were sore, but it was the good kind of pain he had felt before after doing crunches to strengthen them. He felt rejuvenated. Now the cell door opened and Davidius was presented with a lavish breakfast. It was his second meal since the ordeal of yesterday. 

As Davidius accepted his breakfast tray, he was elated to see that the server was his old friend Celeas. He looked at her with recognition, but said nothing. Celeas smiled and knelt with him on the floor. Davidius asked the other servants if he could speak with her while he ate and they agreed. He thanked them as they left and the door was locked. 

"Celeas, what are you doing here?" He looked at her with consternation, as he knew there was only one way for a woman to obtain work inside the castle. She had to offer herself to the king's guards and any who wanted to have her could do so, starting with the highest rank on down. A pretty woman like Celeas most likely would have had to service several men on her first night. "How could you do this to yourself?" 

"Listen Davidius, I had to do it for you and Glauken -- and the revolt. He is coming for you. I have sent word of a secret entrance to the castle which will lead them down a hallway to the dungeon itself." 

"So you know where he is?" 

"Yes. I spoke to him while you were being tortured. I remembered a special place the three of us used to go to when we were children." 

"The place I will never tell." 

She nodded in confirmation. "The only way I could get him the information he needed to find you was to become a servant here. So last night I did what I had to do. Most of the army is in the countryside looking for him, so once he gets here he should face little resistance." 

Davidius kissed her on the cheek. "You have sacrificed a great deal, little Celeas." 

"I got word to my mother and she is taking the message to him now. I don't know what the king has planned for you today, but you can remain strong knowing that Glauken will soon be here." 

"I think the king is fond of me. If not for him, I would be dead now. The torture I endured was even more than he could to watch." 

"I know you suffered. The other servants told me what they did to you. You must be strong. We will attack them from the inside out." 

Davidius finished his breakfast and Celeas summoned the guard to let her out of the cell. Before the door could be closed the king and two guards entered. 

"Stand up, my prisoner." 

Davidius rose to his feet and stood naked before the king. 

"Thank goodness you look like a human being again. That maniac Balstok nearly killed you. He never told me part of his process was to beat you so. I believed you would only be stretched." 

"Am I supposed to forgive you now?" 

"I expect you to show me some respect. I am your king whether you like it or not and I did save your life." 

"None of it would have happened if not for you." 

"No, Davidius, that's where you are wrong. It was a woman who put you here. Have you forgotton how you were betrayed? Had you shown a little more discipline you would never have been captured." 

"You're saying I should never trust anyone. Why should I trust you?" 

"I'm not asking you to. I want you to tell me where Glauken is so we can all three talk this out." 

"There's nothing to say. You have oppressed our people long enough and you will pay for it." 

"Then we must return to the dungeon. Guards, take him away." 

Four guards entered the cell, one of them carrying Davidius' crucifixion board from the previous day. He fought them with fists flying. He managed to throw one of them against the cell wall, but the two guards already there joined the fray, making it five against one. Soon Davidius was subdued and his arms stretched and clamped to the board. 

Two of them lifted the board and carried the man to the dungeon with his feet held behind him by two other guards. The trip was agonizing for Davidius. Gravity forced his back to arch once more as he was carried with his chest and belly facing the floor, his penis dangling below him. His racked body was jolted with each step as the guards descended the stairs to the dungeon. Once there they held the board while two guards secured it with chains hanging from the ceiling. Underneath, metal rings with chains attached to the floor were clamped on his ankles and the crucifixion board was then raised higher. Davidius was now vertically suspended six inches off the floor with his arms and legs spread far apart. His naked body formed an "X" shape. The king approached. "Oh, look, he got his feet . They must be washed." 

Servants performed the task the king had ordered and he was pleased with their work. "Now Davidius, you will find my methods are vastly different from those used on you yesterday. But by the time I am finished with you, you will tell me the whereabouts of your friend. You could tell me now, but I am rather looking forward to what I have planned for you." 

"You will soon be dead my friend." 

"Not by your hand. You are not in a position to make threats. Think back two nights ago. Do you remember what you were doing? You were sewing the seeds of your downfall." The king turned to one of his guards. "Fetch her!" 

Davidius soon saw a naked woman being carried down the stairs into the dungeon. It was Lyzelma -- the woman he had slept with; the woman he had trusted; the woman who had told the location of their camp. 

"Let me go, you bastards!" she screamed. Kicking and squirming herself free from the guards, she ran to the crucified man. She couldn't reach his face, so she started kissing his belly as she wrapped her arms around his torso. 

"Oh, Davidius please forgive me. They told me you would not be harmed. They gave me enough money so we could live free forever in the kingdom. None of this was supposed to happen. I did it for us." 

She continued kissing his torso as she pleaded. "They forced me to watch yesterday. I was bound and gagged in that cell right over there. I wanted to cry out to you. I wanted to help you through your suffering. Watching your torture was like torture for me, too." 

The king closely watched the spectacle, paying particular attention to Davidius' penis. He was hoping his prisoner still had feelings for her. He soon had the answer. 

"Get away from me, you cow!" Davidius swung his belly forward trying to cast Lyzelma aside. "You are just a silly woman. You'll believe anything. Did you really think you could trust a man who has forced us to toil like slaves all our lives? What did you think we were fighting for?" 

"Please, please my . You must believe me. I wanted us to be together forever. I was blind. You must forgive me Davidius." 

"Love? I never loved you. You were just my cum tank for a few days. As soon as your pussy started getting stretched, I would have dumped you." 

Lyzelma fell to the floor sobbing. The king was disappointed that Davidius had not been aroused, but was pleased by his attitude toward this woman. "Let's teach her a lesson for being so foolish. Take her to the cross." 

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