Training in the hot sun

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I was a russian soilder always thinking about my wife but I could never see her we ened up leaving each other because she couldnt stand me away for so long so I never had time to get another relationship stated. I would sit in my buncker next to my closes friend kozlov he was musculer and filled with muscles I would always think of him as a man who would rather work out than a girl. when I left he left so he said we could have a house together to be like roomates so it was cool with him I went back to dating but it seemed everything changed so I stayed at home off to porn when he walked in seeing me jerk off I could tell on his face that he liked it but its been awhile since I had some so I still kept rubbing then he grabed his through his pants I was already horny from the porn but I didnt know what was happing until we where rubbing each others cocks.

I sucked his cock being the time I turn this way I kept doing throating his cock his cock was thick and tall I kept gagging I didnt care had his cock all wet and he enjoyed it then there was a knock at the door it was his friends from germany coming to visit he todly forgot and he didnt care he open the door with his cock hanging out telling him does he need somthing and his friend peeked in and saw me with my cock out looking at him they whispered and he came in dont know what they said but the his friend came in with his cock out rubbing it looking at me I was suprised they wanted to fuck me I want to fuck kozlov but they grabbed me and kozlov went inside me I grunted a little his friend enjoyed it looking as kozlov fucked me with deep throast and his friend took my cock and deep thorated it he was fingering his ass so I knew it would be man on man on man so I liked it but I dint know about my ass fucking we fucked harder knowing he knew he wanted my ass for a long time I was humping his friend as I humped his cock would go deeper in me his friend was cumming all over the coach we didnt care as the tv is blasting with this girl grunting as the man cums inside her I grunted and grunted as or dog tags move across our chest we cum inside each other after we fucked for 2 in a half hours we laughed a little but his friend wanted to fuck me next so we fucked as he fucked me hard.

I rubbed my cock I screamed as he did it harder I tryed to let him know my ass was hurting from him fucking me but he didnt care I tryed to push him off but kozlov held me down I was being fucked and I couldnt stop this one and we jumped into the shower and kozlov jerked off as his german friend fucked the insides of me cum was every where in the house I still can see how they fucked the insides of me over and over again leaving me in bed knocked out im not sure if they fucked me twice after I was sleep but all I know is that I woke up as they where humping in there sleep still with kozlov cock in his friends ass and his friends cock in mine I cant forget that day thats the day I wasnt a virgin.

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