Trailer Trash, Tommy : Part 03 : The Truck Stop

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

One day my brother Tommy had taken me to his job location at the World Parcel Service and set me up in the menís room to let me suck thru a Glory Hole. It was my first time to suck off anonymous cocks and I loved it. .

I had sucked a few cocks before and was now enjoying sucking Tommyís cock and a few of his buddies from at work. Now Tommy wanted to take me to the local Truck Stop and trade me off to a few chosen hot trucker friends and other men.

When I turned 18 I moved in with my brother. Prior to this my stepfather had been fucking and forced me to suck his cock. Now my brother, Tommy is using me and fucking my . I let my older brother use me sexually and share me with a few other men because I love sex and I love my older brother. I enjoy having sex with him and look forward to taking his 11 inch dick each night. Iím not sure if Iím ready to take on several truckers, even though I enjoy getting fucked up the ass.

I had been to the truck stop with Tommy several times and had secretly admired some of the hot, masculine straight truckers that used the service there, and often fanaticized about being used by some of them.

Since I had started living with my brother, I had experienced sexual things I had only dreamed about. When he set me up at the Glory Hole at the warehouse, I sucked off 25 succulent cocks in one session. By the end of that session my lips were swollen and my belly was full of hot . I thought it was superb. I like being submissive and used by men and now Tommy often called me his cock sucking, cum dump, pussy .

Tommy had repaired his old Ford Pickup so we hopped in and headed for my first session at the truck stop. He told me he was in good with the owner and manager of the truck stop so there would be no problem as long as we didnít cause any trouble nor had any complaints with any of their customers. Part of the deal was to satisfy them when they wanted sex with me too.

We were given a plastic key card so we could use the truckerís lounge, the bunk area, locker rooms and the shower area.

When we entered the truckerís lounge there were 4 guys setting around watching TV and 2 playing cards at a table. Tommy seemed to know one of the men and immediately started talking with him. He introduced me as his kid brother and said we were just looking around for some action.

The truckers name was Jake. He was an average clean cut married man about 45 with a good build and showed a nice bulge in his kaki work pants. Jake and my brother started chatting in a low voice but when Jake took a quick look at me, I knew right away that I was the subject of their conversation.

Tommy came over to me and said I was to go to the menís room and to one of the booths where there was a glory hole and wait for Jake to come in. I was to give Jake a blow job so he could try out my action and spread the word to the other men. I saw Jake hand Tommy some money and nodded for me to go to the head.

I sensed how a whore must feel when her pimp was selling their services. It didnít bother me because I learned to enjoy giving a man a blow job, besides Jake was a hot looking dude and I looked forward to sucking his cock and swallowing his load.

I settled myself in the truckerís bathroom in one of the booths that had a glory hole. Soon Jake came into the booth, stood next to the glory hole and unzipped his pants and pulled out a semi-hard dick about 8 inches long. He was semi-cut and when he got hard the foreskin eased back over a big tulip shaped head. He had a beautiful and perfect shaped dick. I got down on my knees next to the hole while he placed the head of his cock to the hole, waiting for me to put it to my lips.

His piss slot had starting leaking clear pre-cum juices. I pulled his dick and balls thru the hole and licked the sweet juice from his dick and ran my tongue around the big cockhead to savor his manhood. He took a deep breath and in a soft voice said.

ďTake your time, buddy. I havenít had any head action for a long time and I might cum right away. Make it last. Your warm mouth feels real good, real good!Ē

I heard another driver come into the head, but Jake just held onto the top of the partition and relaxed while I serviced him. The booth partitions were low to the floor and you couldnít see under the doors unless you got right down on the floor. The GH was worn and had been used many times before. Most of the drivers must have known about it and had been serviced here before.

I serviced Jakeís big prick in my mouth and ran my tongue around it several times savoring his manly flavor. He was close to coming several time but I just kept my mouth over his cock head until he cooled down, then I would start sucking all over again.

After about the 5th time he was about to cum, I took his cock as far down my throat as I could, and let him pump his big load into my welcome mouth. He shot several big loads and shook the booth wall so hard that I thought he might break it down. He moaned and gasped over and over again until I drained his beautiful manhood.

God ! This dude really enjoyed cumming. I kept licking and savoring his semi hard dick until it started to get hard again. I thought to myself ďthis trucker was in the mood to cum againĒ, so, being the cock hungry slut I am, I continued pleasuring his cock until he started to firm up again. I knew he could go longer this time so I took my time and sucked on him for another 10 minutes until I knew he was about ready to shoot me a second load. Then I went all the way down on him again and let him pump his 2nd load in me. He was almost as wild during his second orgasm, but not as noisy. He finally relaxed and let his cock soften in my mouth.

As I was enjoying his soft penis I felt some warm liquid seeping from his dick. It had a familiar taste and I realized he was pissing in my mouth. I had already grown accustomed to the taste, and being he was such a hot man, I drank down his warm piss without a second thought. This was the first time I had swallowed a manís piss, and it wasnít so bad.

When we had finished our sexual episode in the booth Jake left to wash up. I thought Iíd give him time to compose himself and leave but he seemed to linger. As I left my booth to wash he was still there.

ďHey youngen. That was the damn blow job Iíd ever had. You can tell your brother I like some more action later this evening. I have to get some rest so I can head out tomorrow. This time Iíd like some Ďface to faceí action instead of a wall between us. I understand youíre a Ďgood piece of assí as well as a great cocksucker. You think you can take my baby maker up you firm round ass later on? If so, Iím in room 12, down the hall. Got to go now, youngen. Save me some of that boy pussy, ya hear me? ď

Then out the menís room he went. I wasnít aware another driver was taking a piss at the urinal around the corner of the room while Jake had been talking to me.

ďDid I hear you give some good head? I couldnít help but hear your conversation and the hot action going on in that booth. Damn! He nearly tore down that wall. Come over here, cocksucker. I nearly came just hearing you two talking. Give me a quickie before I go back to my truck. My cock is hard and ready to blow. I only have 10 bucks on me and itís all yours if youíll suck me off. Iím so hot itíll only take a few minutes. Come on cocksucker. Please?Ē

Speaking to me by the urinal was this hot looking cowboy type driver with his hard 8 inch prick in his hand. Now only was he hung, he was cute as a button. Couldnít have been no more than 5 9 inches tall but built like a brick outhouse, as they say. How could I resist. I would give this stud a freebie if he wanted.

He didnít have to plead with me one more time. He held his hand out and offered me the 10 dollars.

ďPlease baby, please? Iím so hot I could shoot on the floor, but would rather let you have my spunk. Itís all yours if you want it. I shoot a big load.Ē

I slowly wondered to where he stood and dropped to my knees. He gripped the back of my head and guided his hard prick to my lips. As I held onto his balls I slowly went all the way down on him.

ďOh baby! I think Iím in love.Ē He utter out and then he pushed me against the tile wall and began shoving his big prick into my mouth. I gagged and could hardly breathe, but managed to get control and started sucking and loving his cock and balls. He smelled so good.

ďOh cocksucker. This is just what I needed. Damn, youíre good. Oh yeah baby. Suck it like a new born calf. Sweet. Oh fuckin yeah. Iím going to dump my load, Take it. Take it now. Ohhh shitttt. Iím cumming. Damn that feels so fucking good. Un huh!Ē

He continued as he emptied his sweet juicy cowboy load. He shot so much cum out of his prick that it run down my chin and onto his balls and my hand. I quickly swallowed and licked the remaining cum from his balls and my hand. He trembled one more time before pulling away from my mouth.

ďDamn good, cock sucker. Sorry I have to rush but my other driver is waiting in the truck. Too bad we canít stick around. He wonít know what heís missed. Thanks man and hereís the 10 I promised you. Sorry it canít be more. Those damn cunt whores in the lot charge 50 or more for a blow job and itís not nearly as good a yours. See ya around?Ē

Then he buttoned up his tight jeans and headed out the door.

I hadnít been aware of the two other truckers standing at the urinals pissing while I was sucking off the cowboy. Both men had witnessed the whole thing and were jacking off. I was still on my knees by the wall, when one man pulled out some money and walked up to me with Ďhard oní in hand. ďWant it?Ē he asks and waited for me to nod and okay.

They were using me as a cum dump to empty their nuts. The first driver was about 35 and had an average cock and he smelled so good. Thereís something about sucking off a straight trucker than is so exciting.

I continued giving him a good blow job and just as he was cumming he pulled out of my mouth and shot most his cum on my face. I quickly put it back into my mouth to savor the remaining spunk.

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