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Posted by ajt (email: a)
Posted by amit das (email: amit)
i want to male rape stories and boys rape in ragaing
Posted by jacque3000 (email: Emai)
when I was in the army in the pacific, One warm n ight I and other me were standing watching a movie.Ilreaned back with my hands and arms back ofmeSoon i felt a soldier brush against my hands,Siin i felt a hard cock pressing into me, then he lowered his head and wwhispered in my ear,,,follow me... followed him intothe noncons room for the staff sargent. He locked the door and he fucked me for the first time, but not the last/
Posted by jacque3000 (email: Emai)
That was hot. I aalmost came. tnx for a good story.
Posted by Frank (email: lion)
Outstanding story, I too served in the Navy, from 74 to 2000. I had to hide my being gave so I know how u feel..now that the repeal of don't ask is a reality, let the gay's serve their country proudly. In my 26 year I had some pretty awesome relationships. Thanks for sharing ur story shipmate.
Posted by FreyaSmith (email: Frey)
details are ok. sometimes people get them really wrong Now I will go here and try to repeat the above bit. ly/agaysex
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