Tony The person who changed my life: Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had not noticed the pub before although I had passed the entrance on many occasions. All that could be seen from the roadway was the pub sign over a doorway. We entered into a corridor that led away from the road that then opened out into a kind of foyer. This led to the toilets in one direction and in the other there was a door and, although it was closed, the noise coming from the other side of it was very loud.

'This must be the way in,' Tony said and he waited for me to lead the way inside. I opened the door and the first impression I got was of a mass of guys talking and laughing and, in some cases, snogging while music was blaring away. The place was packed but it had a friendly atmosphere.

'This must be the right place,' I thought. I looked at Tony and saw he had a smile on his face.

I asked him what he was smiling at and he said he had never been in the company of so many horny men who were only after one thing. We struggled to get to the bar and then had to wait our turn to get served. Either side of me I could see guys of all ages and nearly all of them were really good-looking and they all seemed, if they were not already in somebody's arms, to be eyeing each other up, including us. I got the drinks at last and we made our way from the bar to somewhere we could stand and observe without being constantly bumped into.

'This is a fabulous place,' Tony said. 'If I'm ever desperate for a bloke I'm sure I should be able to find one here. This beats cottaging any day.'

I was looking around at the who was there and saw that there were plenty of couples who were fondling and kissing each other. It was good to see such displays of open affection Then there were others who were on their own presumably hoping to meet up with someone.

'Do you see anyone you fancy,' Tony asked me.

I wasn't sure if he was serious but answered, 'There's lots of good-looking guys here I would fancy if I wasn't with you.'

'Same here,' he said.

We wandered round the bar and found that we could look down on the floor below where there was a disco which was where the music was coming from. A few chaps were dancing on the small dance area. We had finished our drinks and Tony went to the bar for a refill. I stayed leaning against a rail that overlooked the dance floor below. While waiting for Tony to come back a chap sidled up to me and asked me if I fancied having a dance. He was about my age and not bad looking. I smiled and told him I was waiting for my friend to come back. I nearly said but that was not a word I was used to using.

'Ok, perhaps another time,' the chap said. 'I've not seen you here before have I?'

'No this is the first time I've been here,' I said. I did not add that it was the first time in a gay pub.

'Do you live locally?' he asked.

'It's just a bus ride away,' I told him. 'Do you come here often?'

He laughed and said that he usually only comes when he is back at his flat shagging some .

'But it seems that guy isn't going to be you tonight,' he said and he leaned forward and planted a kiss lightly on my cheek and walked away.

Just then Tony came back with the drinks.

'You didn't waste any time when I was gone,' he said laughing.

'He was trying to me up,' I protested.

'If you had been on your own would you have gone with him?' Tony asked.

'Knowing now what I like, yea, I may well have done,' I replied.

'I was chatted up too at the bar,' said Tony. 'I think we can say that we fit into this sort of place quite well.'

In the time that it took to finish our drinks we had a number of guys stop by for a chat. Mostly they were just trying to be friendly but some I suspected had aspirations about shagging with one or both of us.

We were on the point of going when I saw on display a newspaper called Gay News. I picked up a couple of copies and handed one to Tony.

'This may make interesting reading,' I said.

Going outside again after the noisy bar was such a contrast. It had seemed for the couple of hours or so we had been in there that we had inhabited another world. Now we were back in the land of the straights and all the restrictions that seemed to be imposed on two guys who simply fancied each other. We found the bus stop and got back to the flat about twenty minutes later.

'Seeing all those horny guys in the pub has made me really desperate for some ,' Tony said as we got through the front door.

'In that case, I'm going to fuck you so hard it'll drive out any of those thoughts you have of other men,' I said and started to take his clothes off as we headed to the bedroom.

I hadn't got a plan of what I was about to do and so we started in the usual way with mutual sucking and then . I loved licking his arse and, having got him on all fours, pushed my tongue deep into him. He squirmed with delight as I pulled his arse cheeks apart. I got him really wet and started to finger fuck him. In no time I had three fingers going well into his hole. I then put two fingers from each hand in either side of his hole and began to pull the hole apart as if they were acting like a speculum.

He could feel the extra stretching it was producing and it was giving him that extra pleasure-pain sensation that makes sex so enjoyable. As his hole was now very much open I put my tongue in even further than I had reached before. He was loving it and was crying out for more stretching of his hole and deeper penetration with my tongue. The former I could manage but I had delved my tongue in him as far as I was able.

I stopped what I was doing and allowed my mouth, which was aching from the exertion of sticking my tongue out so long, to have a rest.

'I think you're ready for fucking,' I told him and I took my fingers out of his arsehole and moved up closer behind him so that my cock was resting where my tongue had been earlier. I pushed and started to go inside him without using any vaseline. He had become looser because of recent fucking but my fingers had also stretched him and I didn't have any difficulty in penetrating him all the way. He didn't make any sound of protest as I steadily pushed myself inside him. In fact he was encouraging me.

'Oh yes, fuck me,' he was saying. 'Go deeper, deeper all the way.'

When I was up to my balls inside him I began to fuck him for real and was ramming my cock home with as much force as I could muster.. He was making a lot of noise now but I didn't care if the neighbours heard him or not. I just wanted to know that what I was doing was giving him as much pleasure as possible.

I fucked him at a furious pace for about ten minutes by which time we both needed a rest. I stopped and rested lying on his back while he remained on all fours. We were both panting and needed to get our breath back. I ran my hands over his body feeling his strong chest and working my way down to his cock which was rock solid. I then ran my hands back up his body caressing his neck, and chin and letting my fingers go inside his mouth. They were still a bit wet from when they had been pulling his arsehole apart and he sucked on them.

When we had stopped panting I told him to get on his back. I pulled out of him and he rolled over. I pulled his legs over my shoulders and without any warning pushed my cock straight into him. I could see by his face that even though I had been penetrating him deeply before, this time I had gone even further and it had given him a sudden jolt inside. I started to fuck him again at a more leisurely pace this time. It was obvious by his expression that he was enjoying what I was doing even when occasionally my cock hit a place inside him that caused a sensation of mild pain.

I wanted to do something different and moved one of my hands down to his balls. I stroked them for a while. Then I licked my fingers and started to push one of them inside his hole so that it stretched his anus a little bit more while my cock continued to pound him. It meant that I couldn't get my cock as deep inside him but that was compensated for by my moving my finger about.

'Yea,' he said. 'Do that some more. It's fucking fantastic.'

Spurred on by this I managed to get a finger from each hand inside him as well as my cock. He was enjoying the additional invasion of his hole and my cock was getting more stimulation as well. Suddenly it all started to get too much and I climaxed sending a load of cum inside him. He told me not to stop and I continued fucking and fingering him. I could feel my spunk starting to coat my fingers and that enabled me to push them in even further. My cock was losing some of its hardness however and finally I had to pull it out. I took my fingers out also and Tony grabbed my hands so that he could lick the jism off them. When he had done that I moved his legs a bit higher so that I could lick my spunk out of his hole. I then kissed him and dropped the cum in his mouth.

'That was fucking fantastic,' he said. 'You're a terrific lover. What can I do to give you a treat?'

'I know you probably want to fuck me as well,' I said, 'but when you do, don't cum in my arse but in my mouth. I want to swallow all of that load that you've got stored in your balls.'

He started to get to work on me straightaway and concentrated on loosening up my arsehole. He was going to attempt penetrating me without any grease. I relaxed on my back and positioned my legs in the air as he proceeded to rim and then finger fuck me. He was just using one hand and managed to get four fingers a good way inside me. I was recovering fast from my orgasm and my cock had gone hard again.

'I reckon it won't be long before I can get my whole hand inside you,' he said.

I had vaguely heard of fisting but hadn't thought about trying it. After what Tony had just said though I thought that I wouldn't mind if he tried. At the moment however I was more than happy with what he was doing to me. I felt his strong hands on my legs holding them steady as he positioned his cock against my hole. He pushed quite hard and I felt a sudden pain that subsided immediately, but his cock went right inside me. Now he went to work again as he had done the last time and relentlessly pumped my arse. Every muscle in his arms and chest seemed to be rippling as he drove his cock in and out of me. Just seeing him like that was enough to make me feel totally in awe of him.

Rather than try to prolong his climax he worked steadily at fucking me until he knew that he was not far off coming.

'I'm nearly at the point of no return,' he said breathlessly pulling out his cock and letting my legs fall onto the bed. He moved up my body so that his knees were either side of my chest and his cock was inches form my face. I had got on my elbows and opened my mouth which now took over from what my arsehole had been doing. Tony was fucking my face and soon the first of several jets of cum landed inside my mouth and throat. I don't know how he managed to come so much but it was far more than a mouthful and I had to start swallowing it. I was conscious that some of it had escaped my mouth and was dribbling down my chin.

I kept Tony's cock in my mouth for a long while after he had finished coming ensuring that none of his cream went astray. As regards what was on my chin, when I had finished sucking him dry Tony pulled out and licked it up followed by kissing me and spitting the glob of spunk in my willing mouth.

I held him in my arms letting the vibes that emanated from his body enter mine also. I loved this guy so much. I had not wanted to admit this, not even to myself, but I just couldn't help myself. I wondered what he thought of me but didn't dare to speak of the subject as it might destroy the magic that seemed to exist between us.

'Do you want anything to eat or drink before we go to sleep?' I asked him.

'No,' he replied. 'You have given me all I want to eat and drink for tonight and I can still taste you and don't want the taste to go away.

My mouth still tasted of his cum and so I knew what he meant. I retrieved the duvet from where it had fallen and pulled it over us. Tony got behind me and nestled up close so that I could feel his cock rubbing against my arse. He had his arm resting over my body. We said no more but closed our eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

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