Tony – The person who changed my life: Part 13

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

'By the look on your faces you have had a good time,' Chris said as we settled in the taxi.

'You were quite right when you said it was wall to wall sex in there,' Tony said. 'I've spent the last four hours either on my back or on my knees and at no time did I not have a in my mouth or in my arse or both.'

'That's right,' I joined in. 'I lost count of how many times I was fucked.'

'So are you looking forward to getting some rest now?' Chris asked.

'No, we reckoned that if you wanted an extra special tip then it would round off the night just right,' I said.

'What would an extra special tip include,' Chris asked.

'Come back to bed with us now and find out,' Tony said.

'Ok, I know I shouldn't but I reckon you've talked me into it.'

We arrived at the flat and Chris locked up the taxi and followed us inside. It was true that we were both knackered but that did not stop us stripping each other off as soon as we got through the front door. Tony led Chris into the bedroom and the three of us got on the bed and positioned ourselves so that we could suck each other. I had only come once in the evening and Tony not at all but the thing with both of us was that we had taken so much cock we both felt our arseholes were missing something and wanted to be fucked some more. Coming up for air after a few minutes. I said.

'I really want you to fuck me Chris.'

'I want to fuck both of you,' he said in return.

'Would you like us to fuck you at the same time,' Tony asked.

'If you take turns doing that then we will forget the taxi fares for tonight,' he answered.

'You're on,' I said and positioned myself so that I was lying on my side in front of Chris.

Tony in the meantime had moved behind him and had picked up a of KY. I didn't need lubrication as Chris found out when he pushed his cock against my ring and it started to slide in. Once he was embedded in me he stopped and waited for Tony to grease his hole and for him to push his tool in him. A minute later we were ready and Tony started fucking Chris which gave him room to fuck me. It was a slow leisurely fuck which was just what I needed.

After a while Chris suggested that we change positions and I stuffed his arse while he screwed Tony. We continued at the same slow pace and enjoyed caressing each other as we fucked. The next time we changed over I lay on my back and Chris lifted my legs and filled my hole while I could see Tony behind him ramming his cock in his arse. We changed over once more and then Chris said he could hold himself back no longer and shot his load inside Tony.

Tony rolled Chris on his back and got into a 69 with him so that he could clean the jism off his cock. In the meantime, I started to lick the cum out of his arse. Chris was sucking hard on Tony and soon he had come in his mouth. We all had a taste of cum. I still had not come however and while Tony kissed me and shared the jism he had licked up, Chris went to work on my cock. I took no time to come and the three of us kissed and shared my cum until it was no more than a gob of spit.

We didn't say anything after that for some time but lay on the bed getting some strength back.

'You lads are something else,' Chris said finally. 'I'm not sure I want to go back to work after such a good session.'

'Well you are welcome to stay the night,' I said.

'Thanks but I must finish my shift,' he said. 'Let's have some coffee first and you can tell me about what you got up to at the sauna.'

Neither Tony nor I bothered to get dressed and while Chris had a coffee we each had a glass of milk.

'We went exploring first of all,' Tony said. 'But when I saw the bed I decided to join in. As soon as I got on the bed I felt hands all over me poking me and feeling my dick and tits. I just lay there and let it happen. After a while someone got my legs in the air and exposed my arsehole which was immediately stuffed. I was on my back and, as I lay back to enjoy the penetration, a cock was pushed in my mouth. That began a succession of fucking and sucking until Andy saw me and gave my hole some much needed relief.'

'While Tony was getting his pleasure on the orgy bed I was in the dark room and being spit-roasted. As one finished another took over. I was full of cum and that was when I went to the spa bath where I met someone who invited me to join him in a cabin. He wanted me to fuck him and that was the only time I came, All the rest of the time I was at the receiving end. Later I went to see if Tony was still having an orgy which he was. We both went to the spa bath, after I had cleaned up his arse, and had a good soak by which time I was keen for some more fun.

I went exploring a bit more and found the punishment room. A bloke there strapped me down to a bench and started to slap my arse with a leather strap. It hurt at first and I didn't like it but he continued to spank me and I got to like it so much I was really aroused. The bloke said that he had only used light punishment on me. My arse was hot and ready to be fucked so when he had finished, he screwed me really hard while I was still strapped to the bench which was what I wanted. After that I was so turned on I wanted more cock and went to the orgy room and got on the bed and got the same treatment as Tony. I didn't have my arse rimmed afterwards though which was a shame.'

'I went to the dark room as well and loved being groped and then bent over and fucked,' Tony continued his description of events. 'There was no shortage of cock and I was mostly spit-roasted in there as well. I did explore a bit more and found what looked like closets but were actually glory hole booths. I was getting so much cock everywhere else I didn't bother seeing what was coming through the holes in the wall.'

'Well you certainly seem to have got a lot from your visit,' Chris said laughing. 'I normally only get a couple of cocks when I go. I have tried the glory hole booths and have sucked off quite a few. It can also be quite good for fucking although it is always better if there is no wall in the way.'

'I'm sure we will want to go back again,' I said and I saw Tony nodding.

'It certainly is better than cottaging and safer too,' he added.

Chris had finished his coffee by this time and he got up to go.

'You can have tonight on me,' he said. 'I won't be able to let you off free everytime but you've had a good time and wanted to share it with me as well. That is payment enough.'

We both thanked him and promised to use him again but to pay in future. I looked at the clock when he had gone and saw it was gone three o'clock in the morning. Tony and I went to bed and apart from kissing each other we had no more contact until eleven in the morning.

Tony had made some coffee and brought it into the bedroom where I lay sleeping still. He leant over me and kissed me gently on the cheek until I woke up. I slowly opened my eyes and put my arms around him and kissed him on the lips.

'Hello gorgeous,' I said.

'Hi sexy,' he responded. 'After what you were telling Chris last night I think I should be your arse.'

'I wouldn't mind if you did,' I said. 'I can feel the stinging of that strap now and it feels good. Do you think I'm perverted?'

'I expect so,' Tony said laughing. 'Some psychologist will say it's a result of something that happened in your childhood. Did you used to get beaten at school.'

'I got into a couple of fights at school but they were nothing. The teachers used to hit us on the hand with a strap if we were particularly bad but it didn't happen to me very often.'

'You were never spanked on the arse?' Tony asked.

'There was one occasion where one of the Christian Brothers found some lewd drawings in my rough book. He summoned me to see him and after giving me verbal hell for drawing such filth, as he called it, he got me to take down my pants and he gave me six of the on my bare buttocks. I was twelve at the time and, apart from my then best friend, I never told anyone about it, especially my parents.

When I though back on it some time later I reckoned it was the Christian Brother who was bent as he didn't just get me to bend over and whack me but had me kneeling on two stools and bent right over so I was touching the floor and my bare arse was stuck in the air. I can remember that the leather strap he used hurt like hell and there were marks from it on my arse for days afterwards. However it was also something I was proud of as I had taken the punishment without uttering a complaint.'

''Perhaps now, if you're spanked, you are reliving the episode but this time on your terms so that the pain becomes pleasurable. Being strapped to a bench and helpless just makes it all the better.' Tony suggested. He sounded like a psychologist.

'Did you ever get beaten at school,' I asked him.

'When my Dad died and my school work started to suffer I did get the cane a few times. But it had no effect on me. I just used to shrug it off. It did raise my stature amongst the other schoolboys but even that meant nothing to me.'

'Did you get whacked on the hand or the arse?' I asked.

'It was on the hand at first then the headmaster caned my arse a couple of times. I suppose it hurt but now I think about it doesn't seem so bad.'

'The thing I liked about being spanked last night was how horny it made me. Then when I was fucked while my arse was still stinging it made me hornier still and that was when I went to get some more fucking on the orgy bed. It seems strange that the pain induced me to want to be fucked.'

'Well I'm going to get hold of a strap and beat you with it and then fuck you,' Tony said. 'If it makes you that horny I want to have a part of it.'

'Perhaps you could piss on me first an then beat me and then fuck me. That sounds like it would really turn me on.'

'It would turn me on too.'

Just talking and thinking about it had made us both aroused and we put down our empty coffee mugs and made a grab for each other. I wanted Tony to fuck me and I told him so. Without any preliminaries he had me on my back with my legs in the air and his cock buried in my hole.

'Treat me rough, fuck me hard and deep. Go fast. Imagine I'm some whore you have picked up. Show me no mercy.'

I said all these things hoping Tony would use my body as he had never done so before. Since he was so strong he had no problem in fucking me in a wild and frenzied manner; changing positions and using all his power to dominate me. He even slapped my buttocks as he pounded me. For about fifteen minutes he continued this assault and then he lunged deep into me with even greater force as he brought himself to a climax. Although I had not come I felt so good pinned down by his body which was trembling from the force of his orgasm and the sudden relaxation after all the exercise he had put himself through.

I you,' was all I could think of to say.

'I love you too' he said somewhat breathlessly. He then collapsed on me and his cock slowly slid out.

We kissed alternating between gentleness and hard passion.

'Let's suck each other,' I said after a while. 'I want to give that tool of yours some special attention for giving me so much pleasure.'

We got into a 69 position and I sucked on his cock which had grown a little soft but which soon came back to life. He deep throated me and I move my hips slightly so that I was fucking his face. He also had his hands on my arse cheeks and, unknown to him was massaging the places where I had been spanked the night before. The reminder of that and the rough fucking I had just had brought me to a climax quite quickly and Tony got a mouthful of spunk. He was not far behind though and I was soon rewarded with my share of cream.

Neither of us could think of a better breakfast after our first night together in our flat.

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