The monster

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

There's this Mexican construction worker I bang sometimes. He has a pretty nice sized about 8 inches hard, he was also pretty thick and stocky and had a nice manly beard with very tan Mexican skin. Normally his is always the same size but this time was a different story.

Usually when I come we get right to business so as always I start making out with him a bit feeling his manly Mexican mustache. Then of course after that I get on my knees and unbutton his pants to pull out his cock and start sucking on it. As always I enjoyed every inch of it and loved feeling it get bigger and bigger in my mouth making his juicy foreskin disappear.

By then he was pretty hard. Yeah he also likes to have his nipples sucked so I had to service those too and as I was doing it we were grinding against each other which felt good to both our cocks. After sucking on his nipples a while I paused to ask if he liked it and he said "Si Quey".

So then I decided to go for more of his cock but then when I looked down I just see a brown monster... Seeing it I immediately started sucking on it some more with it being to to in my mouth, out of nowhere he flips me over and starts feasting on my . Once he had his fill of my hole he shoved his brown kraken in me and I could feel every inch of his manhood.

He didn't want to take it easy after he got it all the way in he just started ramming me with his meat. I could not help but moan as his cock was making my hole wider with every thrust. It felt so good inside me but my ass is so tight as he was fucking me some more he then makes the manliest Mexican roar and pulled out his brown monster followed by a waterfall of his load. did it feel warm as it flowed down my ballsack. Shortly after I came after that as always I departed.

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