The joys of being young and curious

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

At the age of 18 I used to go downtown to where at night the tranny cross dressers would walk the block as hookers. I would watch them and pretty soon I was letting them suck my and fucking them in the shadows and alleyways. I also learned at this time about cruising. I usually wore cut off shorts and a tank top or t shirt.

I was sitting on a bench one night when an approached me and asked if I wanted to . I said sure and we went back to his room and had a couple of beers and he then asked if he could suck my cock. I said sure as he took his time sucking my young hard cock. I remember him turning around and laying me on the bed as he topped me with his cock in my face.

I still remember the taste of his cock and it getting harder in my mouth. I loved it as we sucked each other till we came. So I started going down town every night as it seemed that the town was full of looking for young cock. I never did it for money but more for the thrill of it . I developed a liking for older cock and cum.

A couple of years later I discovered a small gay bar. I would go in wearing my short cutoffs and sit in the corner next to the bathroom. The corner was dark and convenient . I would follow the older into the bath room and show them my cock and tease them then offer them to sit with me at the bar. I would then pull their cocks out and play with them until ripe then get on my knees and suck them off.

I miss those days as I am much older now and times haves changed. I even had part of some great sex after hours in the bar where my hole was reamed and then fucked on the pool table. I had a lover to who had a very small apartment set up just for sex. Either just he and I or I would bring others from the bar. As I said I so miss those days.

Now I have to find glory holes and suck strangers cock . but now and then get to make a night of it.I to suck cock . Young old shaved it does not matter. Just come in my mouth . But I do miss the cruising days of my youth.

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