The benefit of the gift : Part 1

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Being a workaholic with no social life. I had a tendency to suppress my sex life as well. Sometimes going for months at a time without having intercourse. Fantasies and would become a regular means of release.

Enough said...on one particular night after work I said enough is enough! I posted an ad on a popular personals site. "Giving NSA discreet head in car or outdoors, can't host" I wrote. I live in a fairly large city with a lot of horny guys out there. It wasn't long before I got a response. He asked where I wanted to meet. The corner of Virginia and Goddard I replied. I was so excited about meeting him. I threw on my leggings and cowboy boots along with a half T-shirt and out the door I went. He stated in the message that he was very close and would be there soon.

I rushed to the corner fearing I would miss him. I sent a message to him telling him I was there and giving him a brief description of what I was wearing. He messaged me back with a description of the car he was driving. A few long moments passed and finally the car pulled up. It had tinted windows and I couldn't really see the driver. Filled with anticipation I approached the vehicle.

The window rolled down and a very tall, very handsome and very beckoned for me to get in. I opened the door and climbed in. We drove off. Now getting very anxious because I had never been with a before. The curiosity was uncontrollable. We made a couple turns and drove a few blocks. He asked where we could go. Seeing as we were in a fairly large but quiet neighborhood, I suggested that he park on the side of the street amongst the other cars. I pointed out a spot directly underneath the street lamp and he pulled over and parked shutting the car off.

My new friend eased his seat back and made himself comfortable. I gazed down at his groin licking my lips in anticipation. He slid his shorts down to his ankles exposing his very long, rock hard penis. My jaw dropped at the sight of it. Nine and a half inches Of fully erect black . Without hesitation, grasping it firmly in my hand I leaned over Pressing my lips to the head.

Beginning with a little kiss followed by several more. I started to gently stroke his shaft as I worked my moist lips around his head, licking and sucking I closed my eyes and savored the taste. Slowly bobbing up and down taking a little bit more each time. He moaned and sighed as I diligently worked him over with my mouth. I licked and sucked faster and harder so into performing my task at hand that I lost all sense of time or place. What seemed like a few minutes had really been over forty. I continued enjoying my fleshy treat, up and down,up and down. He asked me if I liked it. I paused just long enough to tell him "I it so much that I want every inch of it!"

My new lover agreed to help make my wish come true by removing my hand from around his shaft. He scolded me saying "no hands!" I folded my arms behind my back and took him deeper into my mouth gagging as his head hit the back of my throat.I came up for a quick breath and went right back down on it forcing myself to take more each time. my eyes watered, tears streaming down my face.

Still determined I went down again and right as I began to gag I swallowed really hard. He pushed my head down with both hands and thrust his hips upwards with great force and his penis slid right into my throat. My lips pressed against his mound with my nose in his balls. He held my head firm and fucked my throat for several seconds. It felt so good that I came in my panties without ever touching myself.

"Oh , your making me cum" he growled. He pulled back just enough so that just his head was in my mouth and I coaxed his warm sticky man juice out. I t was at that moment I realized he had his finger in my tight little butt. I swallowed his gift and smiled saying "Thanks I needed that!" He said if I wanted more he could bring some friends over. That would be awesome, I replied. We exchanged numbers and he gave me a long kiss good night...chow baby!

To be continued...

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