The Topless Club

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I smiled at Barbara, who had barely thawed even after a nice steak and lobster dinner and three glasses of wine at her favorite seafood restaurant, Red Lobster. Apparently she was going to remain pissed about the whole lying/topless club situation.

I was swearing under my breath when a red light forced me to stop right beneath the garish lights of Ecstasy’s Gentlemen’s Club. The flashing neon sign declared ‘Live Girls’ with blinking arrows pointing down at the gleaming pink outline of a naked woman.

“Have you been in there?” Barbara demanded in a voice that told me the ice had been thawed, and quickly, by another molten blast of rage.

“Yes!” I snapped. “Not recently, though.”

“Not recently. As in not in the past two weeks since you were busted, you mean?”

“Oh come on.” I yelled. “I didn’t tell you because I knew you’d react just like this. Going to topless clubs with the guys is no fucking deal. It’s what guys do, okay? I’m not fucking them, I’m just looking. Just like you enjoy looking at the men on that stupid show you can’t miss every Thursday night.”

“The guys on that show don’t climb out of the television and wave their dicks in my face for a couple of dollar bills,” she shouted.

I glared but said nothing, because frankly, she had a point there.

“Can we fucking drop this? I already told you I won’t go any more. I didn’t ask you out tonight just so we could rehash this goddamn argument.”

“I’m just trying to understand,” she said in a tone she probably thought sounded ‘reasonable.’ But all it did was succeeded in pissing me off even more.

“You’re trying to understand?” I repeated in a deceptively soft tone but more in the form of a question.

“Yes,” she said adamantly.

I turned right and pulled quickly into the parking lot beneath the multicolored signs advertising beer.

“Fine,” I said as I pulled into an empty slot, “Then come on inside and maybe you can understand better.”

Her mouth dropped open in shock. ”Are you crazy? I can’t go in there.”

“Of course you can. I’ve seen women in strip clubs plenty of times.” Well, not plenty of times, but on more than one occasion. And most of them weren’t even lesbians.

“James, this is stupid. Let’s just go home.”

“No, Barbara. You said you wanted to understand, so come inside and put your money where your mouth is.”

I grinned evilly, knowing she could never resist a challenge.

With a curse, she flung the car door open so hard I thought it would tear the hinges off. “Fine, damn you. Let’s go see what’s so goddamn exciting that you’re willing to lie to me for it.”

I scowled and plucked the keys from the ignition as she slammed the door hard enough to rock the car on its springs.

I felt a twinge of guilt about lying to her about going to play poker at Ben’s whenever the guys felt like going ‘stripathoning’ as they called it. For all of Barbara’s kinky hijinks in the bedroom, she was pretty conservative, which meant that porn magazines and strippers were taboo… verboten...forbidden.

I locked the car doors and joined her at the club entrance. I could tell that Barbara was already regretting her angry impulse so I gave her a challenging stare that set her jaw once more.

I laughed and paid the cover to the burly six five covering the door. George had played a season of pro-ball with the Jets before he blew out his knee.

A typical Friday night, the place was pretty busy. I spotted a couple of guys getting up to leave so I maneuvered Barbara over to the table they were vacating. A table right next to the main stage. I couldn’t see very well in the dark, but I knew Barbara’s cheeks were bright red.

A dancer dressed in nothing more than a red T-back (G-string) was gyrated against a pole right over Barbara’s head.

Barbara looked everywhere but at the girl.

She had long dark hair and a nice smile. Keeping her eyes on Barbara, she slid down the pole a few inches and made a motion toward one nipple with her tongue,

I smiled at the dancer, when she said, “Hi honey,” and she wasn’t talking to me. Barbara stammered a greeting and the dancer continued, “You tired of the man meat and looking for something a bit softer?”

“No,” Barbara said adamantly.

The dancer laughed, “Well, I’m Rockett. If you change your mind, sweetie gimme a shout. You’re awfully .”

Barbara looked at me in horror and her lips moved as she mouthed, Rockett? I shrugged. Yeah, so some of their names were pretty cliché. Rockett was hot, though. And hitting on my girlfriend Barbara. That was new.

Rockett danced over Barbara for a while and I noticed Barbara wasn’t nearly as mortified as she’d been earlier.

I ordered a couple of drinks and gave Barbara a dollar bill to tip the dancer. When she stuck the bill in Rockett’s T-back, Rockett took her hand and stopped her. She put the bill in Barbara’s mouth and then lightly touched her lips when she took it with her mouth. When Barbara sat back down, her face was still flushed but not necessarily from embarrassment.

Rockett was a very popular dancer so it was about fifteen minutes before Barbara got another chance. This time her face was a glow with excitement. When Barbara moved up to tipped Rockett she already had the bill in her mouth.

Instead of taking it with a kiss like last time, Rockett turned Barbara backwards and bent her backwards over the edge of the stage. Leaning caused Barbara to raise a leg and unknown to her expose her panties to the whole room. Barbara would have been mortified if she’d realized.

With a foot on either side of her head so Barbara had a perfect view up at her pussy, Rockett squatted down and plucked the bill out of Barbara’s mouth with her clinched butt cheeks.

The crowd loved it and the tips rolled in.

When Lucky relieved her on stage and Rockett walked past our table on the way to the dressing room, Rockett leaned close to whisper in my ear. I nodded.

“Come on,” I said grabbing Barbara’s hand. The music was loud, and strobe lights were giving me a slight headache. I can only take strobes and blaring music in moderation.

I led Barbara to the back of the room to the VIP room, glad to be away from the blaring music. We could still hear it, but it was no longer painfully loud.

“What are we doing?” Barbara asked as we sat down on the sofa in the tiny, dimly lit room.

She sipped her drink and nearly choked on it when Rockett sauntered in.

“I bought you a lap dance,” I said as I took her glass and grinned.

Rockett stood before us and because she had to be covered walking through the table area, stripped naked and slowly crawled up Barbara, who was leaning back on the sofa. She draped herself over Barbara, swaying her bare breasts over my girlfriend’s and then brushing her nipples across Barbara’s face.

When she looked at me in alarm I said, “Damn, that’s hot, Barbara. Did you ever think about doing a girl?”

“No!” she squeaked, but she licked her lips.

Then Rockett leaned forward until they were nearly kissing. So close Barbara instinctively pursed her lips in anticipation of a kiss.

Both girls were dark haired and brown eyed. But that’s where the similarity ended. Barbara was a cherubic five foot four and Rockett was a svelte five foot eight with long slim dancer’s legs.

“You two are hot,” Rockett purred. “Have you guys ever had a threesome?” she asked.

I was suddenly rock hard at the idea.

Barbara stammered and looked me as her hands cupped Rockett’s breasts. “Do you want to?” she asked timidly.

I shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me. She seems more interested in you than me, so it’s your call.”

“I’d love to suck and kiss every inch of your naked body,” Rockett said in a throaty whisper, close to my girlfriend’s ear. Barbara made a delightful squeaking sound and I knew she was a goner.

“When do you get off work?” I asked.

“About thirty minutes,” Rockett said. “I’m on the early shift today,” then she went back to whispering in Barbara’s ear. Whatever she said made Barbara moan lightly and her cheeks color. I thought I might have to make a quick trip to the bathroom to jerk off. I’d been to topless clubs dozens of times but I never been so turned on before.

Rockett finished the private dance but not before slipping her hands inside Barbara’s top and kneaded her firm breasts. By the time she pulled her hands out I could see Barbara’s nipples poking through the sheer fabric of her blouse.

We were all hungry so we agreed to meet for a burger at a nearby Denny’s when Rockett got off work.

I thought Barbara might freak out once we got back in the car, but she was quiet. We drove in silence to the Denny’s, I pulled into an empty space and we went inside.

“Are we really going to do this?” Barbara asked.

“Not if you don’t want to,” I said casually.

“I think I want to,” Barbara admitted.

I grinned and said, “Good, because I can’t wait to watch.”

“Really? You don’t want to fuck her?” A bit of the old jealousy surfaced, there.

“No, I’d rather fuck you but the idea of her getting you hot and bothered is driving me crazy.”

Barbara buried her face in her hands, but when Rockett showed up dressed in a surprisingly conservative outfit of jeans and t-shirt. Barbara made no protest. Rockett told us her real name was Linda. She explained that she’d only been stripping for a couple of months since losing her job as an accountant at a well-known Fortune 500 company.

Back at my apartment, I sat in my bedroom easy chair and watched while Linda undressed Barbara. Within seconds she was untying Barbara’s halter top, revealing the most perfect breasts with delectable nipples. Next Linda unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Standing there in her bra and matching lace panties, Barbara blushed crimson.

Smiling Linda reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. Pulling it off Barbara’s shoulders, Linda let it slide down her arms and drop to the floor.

"Now the panties,” whispered Linda as she hook her thumbs into the waistband of Barbara’s tiny panties. She slowly rolled them off Barbara’s hips and down her legs. As she stepped out of her panties, she straightened back up. Arms held at her side, Barbara faced Linda to get her reaction to her naked body.

Linda stared in awe at Barbara’s nakedness.

She kicked off her sandals and then Linda reached for the hem of her t-shirt and soon she was naked as well.

I watched with rapt interest as Linda pushed Barbara back on the bed.

And I continued to watch as Linda sank slowly to her hands and knees on the foot of the bed and started crawling towards Barbara’s wide spread legs.

Barbara's eyes were clamped shut and her fingers twisted in the sheets. Her breathing heavy and with anticipation.

I watched intently as Linda moved between her open thighs and started to gently stroke the hot flesh of my girl's legs.

Linda’s hands travelled the length of Barbara’s short, tapered limbs, down to her feet, massaging her toes softly and then slowly back up tracing gentle patterns with her fingernails. Further up and up her hands travelled until they were on the insides of Barbara’s alabaster thighs again only inches from her now visible pussy.

Barbara moaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” as she felt Linda’s fingers gently pry open her pink, wet lips and slowly rotate a digit over her engorged clit. Linda’s tongue glided over Barbara’s clit. My girlfriend writhed and gasped, eyes fixed on me the whole time.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. Barbara's clit wasn’t the only thing around here engorged. I realized that whilst I had been watching the show that was being put on, I had developed an erection that was straining painfully against my pants. I nearly cummed just from the sight of it.

I watched closely as Linda’s head started to sink lower and lower between Barbara’s open thighs.

Barbara howled "Ooooh yesss,” and I knew that Linda’s tongue had made contact.

"Oh...yes....lick me Linda...suck me baby!"

For a second, Linda raised her head and smacked her lips. The broad smile on her face told the whole story; she had obviously been waiting to do this since Barbara walked in the Ecstasy’s front door.

"Just lie back and enjoy, baby,” cooed Rockett.

And then her head was gone again; buried between my girl's thighs and loud slurping and sucking noises echoed around the bedroom.

Barbara, it seemed, was finding it tough to keep still. Her head rocked back and forth as she received the exquisite tongue bath that she had been promised. Her hips bounced, raising her butt up off the bed, almost presenting her pussy as a gift to her Linda.

I’d never really thought of Barbara as bisexual and a part of me wondered if this revelation would change anything between us. I didn't really know the answer to that. All I did know was that I would be more than happy for her to entertain me in this fashion as often as she wanted to.

"Oh God, Linda! I'm gonna....cum....Oh, God.....Yes...yes, yes...YESSSSSSSSSS!!!"

As her orgasm ripped through her body, Barbara’s hips jumped up and down like a kid on a trampoline. Linda had slipped her hands under her little butt to support her as her face was flooded with fluid, and, at the point that Barbara orgasmed I saw Linda slide a finger between her butt cheeks and up deep into her causing her to shake uncontrollably and release another jet of sex juice into Linda's mouth.

Leaving Barbara trembling, writhing and twitching on the bed, Linda raised her face up again. “Why don’t you come join us, handsome?” Linda said after Barbara cried out with her explosive orgasm.

I tore my clothes off in record time and joined them on the bed. I pressed my hard into Barbara’s hot and oh so wet pussy. Then gasped when I felt Linda’s face against my ass. She licked my balls, and then sucked on them gently while massaging my ass.

“Fuck, I’m not going to last,” I said.

Barbara laughed.

“Don’t worry, somehow I think we can get you hard again,” Rockett laughed.

I groaned and let go, cumming hard while Linda’s mouth sucking my balls from behind.

We were a collection of entwined arms and legs as we collapsed spent into each other’s arms.

Somehow, Barbara ended up with Linda’s pussy resting on her thigh as we were recouped our lost energy.

As she lay there watching the delicate lips of Linda’s pussy pulsing slightly with the rhythm of her breathing, Barbara couldn’t resist gently blowing in it. Linda giggled as Barbara’s warm breath made her quiver.

“I think Linda needs a proper thank you,” Barbara giggled.

I moved to the edge of the bed and watched while Barbara kissed her way up Linda’s thigh. Unable to resist she flicked out my tongue out and gently caressed Linda’s slit.

Moving up, she covered Linda with her body. Linda struggled for a second, but when Barbara started kissing and nibbling her neck, she calmed down. Barbara cupped her firm breasts and kneaded them gently, Linda’s suddenly hard nipples rubbed against her palms.

We kissed and I forced my tongue in Linda’s mouth.

Our kiss seemed to make Linda’s skin get hotter by the second as Barbara’s tongue caressed the puff pink lips of Linda’s pretty pink pussy. As Barbara separated the moist lips of Linda’s pussy the taste increased and so did Linda’s moans. Linda was so turned on, gasping and moaning uninhibitedly as she withered sensuously all over the bed. Talking explicitly, telling Barbara how great it was having her mouth on her pussy.

In the midst of it all, Barbara reached over and fondled my cock.

True to her word, it wasn’t long before I was rock hard and ready for Round Two.

Enthusiastically Barbara licked her throbbing clit until Linda was screaming in ecstasy. Linda bucked wildly while holding onto Barbara’s head in a fit of total sexual pleasure. Reclining back on the bed, Linda spread her legs as wide as she could in an attempt to give Barbara better access to her pussy. Backing off, she lovingly ran her tongue along Linda’s milky flesh, licking the crease where her legs connected to her torso.

She moved back softly kissing the moist flesh of Linda’s womanhood until she was panting and crying out in ecstasy. Then running her tongue up and down the length of her slit until Linda cummed with a loud scream.

Still aroused, Barbara moved over and wrapped her long fingers around my cock and started slowly stroking it. She stroked it a few times and then leaned over to guide it into her mouth. I watched as the purple-red head of my cock disappeared between her lips. Holding her head I slide my cock in and out of her mouth. Then I reached down and pinch one of Barbara’s nipple. As it hardened I increase my movements until my cock was going so far down her throat, my balls were banging against her chin and she was gagging,

We shifted positions a little and I lay on my back while Barbara got between my legs and attacked my cock with single-minded determination. She flicked her tongue around the head, I licking under the ridge of my bulbous cock head, and up onto the wet pee-hole.

Then Barbara slowly wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and slid down my length, filling her mouth once more with my velvety hardness.

Hungrily, Barbara started to bob her mouth up and down on my shaft, drawing me deeper and deeper into her mouth. Bouncing my hips, I started to thrust into her mouth. I was thrusting hard into her mouth, as she sucked intently.

I propped myself on the pillows, enjoying the sight of Linda behind Barbara, licking and eating her from behind. Her tongue was everywhere, visible now and again over the pale globes of Barbara’s ass.

Barbara cried out now and again, sending hot vibrations thrumming through my cock. Her groans were driving me wild. Suddenly, I stopped and tensed up, my cock swell and expand in her mouth, becoming even harder than I imagined possible. We cummed together, Barbara’s cry of bliss mingled with the cum pouring into her mouth. My first squirt of cum hit the back of her throat with such force that she almost choked. My cock seemed to contract and then swell again as I shot a second spray of cum into Barbara’s mouth. Thump-squirt-thump-squirt, I pumped stream after stream of cum into her.

Barbara had to keep swallowing in huge gulps to keep up with my warm cum. There was so much that some of it trickled over her lips. And when I pulled her up to give her a kiss, I grimaced at the salty-strange taste of my own cum. ejection.

When my orgasm subsided and when she could speak again, Barbara said, “Holy shit, we should keep Linda.”

I chuckled, “Still think topless clubs are evil?”

“I’ll get back to you on that,” she said, “After more research…much, much more research,”

Then she reached for Linda again.

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