The Thong Fetish

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

To start off my story I will tell you that I have a huge thong ! A man in a thong =a man I'm Gunna suck off. Now that you know that my story begins. I started off the day heading over to the ups store to pick up my most recent orders. 15 brand new pairs of mens thongs. 5 see throught, 5 pink g strings and 5 jock straps. I immediatly put on the pink g string in my car. Then drove to a local gay bondage store where I purcashed some materials, spending over 4000 dollars of new equipment!! :) I went home and set up all my new equipment. I invited my gay friend over where we drank awhile in our thongs in my backyard before our sexual foreplay.

He sucked my for awhile while I gave him a HJ. I busted all over his thong and it seeped down his butt and his ball sack. I was angry he got me to cum so fast so I grabbed him by the back of his thong wedgieing him unti I took him over my leg and tied him up with over 30 thongs. My pink thong had cum all over it so I went to change into a cock ring Toy that vibrated in my butt too. I began him but he grew angry and untanggled himself. He being much bigger and stronger than me took me and tied me up on my new bondage purcashe. I was hanging with my in the air and my mouth held open by another toy.

He set up a videotape while I was held against my will on my own toy! He recorded and started to fuck me in the face. His cock being over 8" long was rammed down my throat. He cummed all over my face and left me to hang for another hour deciding to take photos of me helpless. He changed me into many different thongs which made me cum all over. He covered my face in thongs untill I couldn't see and rammed his dildo into my mouth. He then fucked me in the ass until I literally passed out. Woke up tied to the bed with cum in my butt and mouth. He immediatly when he saw my eyes open shoved a dildo in my butt and fucked my face..

My dick was in pain and my ass hole in love... I finally convincing him this was illeagal got out of the shackels and rammed my dick so hard down his ass it broke the thong strap. I again tied him up, this time with rope for his pain in his ass hole hurt him so much I shoved my ballsack down into his mouth teabagging him until I remebered my severe spanking I hard received. I laid him over a chair and went to get more thongs for my fetish enjoyment. He was gone when I got back. I searched all over the house until I was ambusshed outside. 5 Of my friends, friends all male began off all over my penis and face.

I was abused to the point that I had no more cum in me and dry orgassemed until finally the men left me tied up in my house covered in cum to the point that it was almost gross. I struggled to get the key which they made me get up in my ass. Very uncomfortable! And unlocked myself. That day was the most embarrasing day of my life as now men repeatadly give me thong wedgies and other humiliating things like cum in my thong cabnit and hang thongs with pictures of me helplessly hanging in my own house and covered on cum all over my house. However humiliating, the pleasure was literally the thing EVER!!!!

Also since my fetish is out, whenever guys are at my house, it's a thong fest! In my jaccuzi, thongs, in my bedroom, thongs, and at the kitchen table, thongs. Still in pain a month later, haven't cummed a month and my ass bruised from spankings. I spend most of my day on the computer reading other stories like mine. Thank you for listening and hoped you got off to this story.

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