The Surprise Party

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

A couple years ago I was driving home from work and stopped at the liquor store to pick up a six pack. I got into the store and my friend Jim was there picking up a couple bottles. He walked over, said hello and told me he was going to a that night and his partner couldn't go because he wasn't feeling well and wondered if I wanted to go with him. He said it was in San Jose, about an hour away and that he would pick me up if I wanted to go with him. I said okay and he said it was BYOB, so pick up a bottle and he would come get me around six.

He arrived shortly before six and we made it to the party in a little under an hour. There were quite a few cars there already so we parked a ways down the street and got to the front door. There was a sign on the door that said "PRIVATE - INVITED GUESTS ONLY! PLEASE RING THE DOORBELL" Jim rang the bell and the door cracked open a bit and a stuck his head out the door and told us "Go through the garage door. There's bags in the garage to change- just come right in the door when you're ready."

I looked at Jim and said "What was that all about? Bags in the garage? Change?" Jim got this smirk on his face and said "You'll see- hope you don't mind!" So we open the garage door, and sure enough there are a bunch of paper grocery bags on the floor full of clothes, and a pile of empty ones. Jim grabbed a couple bags, handed me one and said "Get undressed" then proceeded to strip down. I looked at him and said "You're kidding, right?" He smiled and said "Nope!" then told me to get undressed. I stripped down, and we walked into the house.

There were lots of guys there, all butt-naked, walking around, drinks in hand. Old guys, young guys, middle-aged- all laughing and having a good time. We poured a couple stiff ones and joined the . After a bit, the host walked up to us and introduced himself to me and gave Jim a hug, asking where his partner was. Jim told him, saying he hoped they didn't mind him bringing me instead. The host said "No problem! There's snacks on the table and the end bedroom has a massage table set up and the play room is in the basement!" Just then i looked over towards the basement stairs and here comes this , probably in his late sixties, coming up the stairs.

He had the biggest, lowest hanging set of balls I had ever seen in my life and an enormous seven inch uncut hard-on flapping in front of him as he walked. I recognized him from one of the bars I went to and went over to talk to him, and what is the thing he does? Pulls back his foreskin, gets right up in front of me, grabs my and slips his foreskin over my cock head and starts stroking our docked cocks and laughing! The host looks over and says "HEY! Play downstairs only!" then the guy backs off and says "Sorry! I couldn't resist" and walks away laughing.

A second later, a guy walks up to Jim and me holding a marker, says "What's your names?" then proceeds to take the marker and write our names on our chests. He says, "There! That makes it easier to remember everyone's name!" Jim looks at me and says, "I'm heading downstairs." I answered, "Your partner doesn't mind?" and he says "No, we're in an open relationship." Jim wandered off and I stayed upstairs, just pouring myself drinks, getting a good buzz going and talking to everyone.

In the next hour or so, more guys came through the door- including, much to my surprise, my VERY married-with-kids BOSS! I nearly shit myself when he came through the door. He saw me, got this shocked look on his face and walked over to me. I just stood there with my mouth hanging open as he approached, stark naked with a tiny, little one inch penis dangling between his legs drooped over massive set of balls. He walked up and I said "You've got to be kidding! What the hell are you doing here?" He said, "Don't you dare EVER say a word to anyone about this!" I just replied, "Don't worry I won't." Now what I always suspected was true- my boss had a little pin !

After a bit, when I had a good buzz going, I started to feel more comfortable being around so many people. I had never in my life imagined that I would end up at a party like this. Jim was still in the basement after about an hour, so I decided "what the hell" and went down to check out what was going on. The basement was huge- there were five couches and a mattress in the middle of the floor. On a table by the stairs there was a fish bowl full of condoms and lube with a bid sign over it, saying "NO BAREBACKING! RAW FUCKING WILL GET YOU KICKED OUT AND BANNED FROM ANY MORE PARTIES!" The lights were turned way down and there was loud disco music thumping away from a stereo in the corner. There were lots of guys down there- some on the couches, some just milling around, and a couple on the mattress. Cocks were being sucked and being jacked off, about three couples were slowly fucking and the rest of the guys were just walking around fondling their hard cocks and watching everything.

Then I got this nasty idea in my head- something I had always fantasized about. I quickly ran upstairs, found the guy with the marker writing everyone's names on their chests and said "Let me borrow that for a second." He handed me the marker, and I wrote "CUM DUMP" in letters across my chest right under my name and headed back downstairs. There were two guys fucking on the mattress in the middle of the room, but there was room on the mattress right next to them. I laid down on the mattress and just let it happen. Pretty soon a couple of guys walk up to me and start jacking off over me, shooting their loads all over my chest and face. More guys walked up and emptied their used condoms all over my face.

I just laid there for probably about an hour. Guys were walking up to me and jacking off all over me. My face, chest and throbbing cock were just dripping with thick loads of cum. Even Jim came over and dumped out a load all over my neck and chest. The entire time I did not touch my cock. I just laid there and let it happen. About ten minutes later I look over and here comes my boss walking over to me. He looked down at me and said "Looks like you're enjoying the party!" I just smiled. Then he really surprised me. He said "Get up a second." I stood up and he got on his knees in front of me and said "I always dreamed about doing this, seeing you in the office in your tight pants showing the outline of your cock" then he started to suck me off.

Man, could that guy suck cock! It was unbelievable and I was moaning and screaming at the top of lungs, shouting out "GOD THAT FEELS GOOD!" over and over again. After a few short minutes I couldn't take it any more and let out a couple loud grunts and filled my boss' mouth with my load of man juice. I just stood there as my boss got up, then spit my cum all over my face and chest. I was a MESS! Just coated with cum from head to toe, most of it on my face. Jim walked up to me and said "Shit, dude! You are having FUN! But we have to leave pretty soon..." I replied, "Dude, I have to clean up." Jim said follow me, and walked me over to a bathroom in the corner. There was a stack of clean towels sitting by this huge, tiled shower and a couple of guys were in the shower washing off.

After a few seconds, the guys in the shower got out. Jim and a couple of other guys were waiting behind me, and there was a line of guys waiting to use the toilet. Again, my nasty brain went to work. I got on my knees in the shower. Jim knew immediately what I was up to- he knew I was a piss . Jim says to the guys waiting for the toilet, "Hey, come in here!" and Jim grabs his cock and starts pissing all over my face. A second later, more guys crammed into the shower and started to piss all over me. I opened my mouth and and immediately they al aimed for it. About a couple minutes later, after swallowing a good amount of piss and getting the rest all over me, I stood up and showered off. Jim and I dried off, went back upstairs, said our good byes then went out into the garage and got dressed and drove home.

The following Monday at work, when my boss walked in he just looked at me and put a finger in front of his lips and muttered, "Remember, NOT A WORD!" I said not to worry and that was that.

I ended up going to probably 6 or 7 more of those parties, but none of them were as wild as that first one.

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