The Slave Diaries: Becoming a Slave

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Hi my name is George I am 22 years old and I'm just your average sort of , I'm 5 ft 10 some muscles and a slightly hairy body. I currently live in England and share a house with another guy called John. He's quite a good looking fellow hard core six pack, plenty of muscle, pretty hairy body and is about 6ft tall I was also lead to believe he was straight. He was always bringing home girls. We never used to really talk we just lived together and on the odd occasion we might talk or whatever. This all changed one day...

On a hot summers day we were both home both walking around just in our boxers he asked me if I wanted a beer I said yes. We sat on the couch together drinking our ice cold beers from the fridge. We kept on drinking that day I must of been completely hammered and had no idea what was going on. John was blabbing on about something he did the other day I didn't really take any interest I was too busy staring at that body of his. There was even a little bit of sweat coming out which was a horny site to see, my was probably getting hard at this point and I think he noticed.

I stopped him mid sentence and said: 'Your real hot I your body it's majestic.' I leant over to him and wrapped myself around him. He pushed me off and said: 'Oh I know you do, but this body ain't cheap you know, people have to work for this I'm not just gonna let you touch me like that! Bitch!' He threw me onto the floor and said: 'I am your master and you are my slave take of your boxers immediately and crawl over to the corner of the room and wait for me there and do not stand up!' I did exactly as he said whilst he went to his bedroom.

A few minutes later he came back out wearing a full leather suite like the masters do. He also carried in his hand a collar and lead and in the other a whip. He put the collar around my neck and attached the lead. He whipped me once and said: 'You do as I say when I say or otherwise you'll be whipped harder than usual.' I nodded my head in show of understanding. He whipped me again and started to pull on the lead I followed like an obedient dog. He took me into his bedroom where it looked like I had just walked into a dungeon of sex. He pulled me up and tied me up, first my arms where tied to a bar then my legs were spread out with a metal pole and attached to that.

He then said: 'Time for some fun I think slave, this will be good fun and you are just an object you don't matter I am your master I am the only thing that matters. Understood?' 'Yes Sir' I said. He put down his whip lit a few candles, started recording on his camera and then picked up another whip but this one had what looked like a brush head. He whacked me with these and made me count each one. 'One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.' He then went and got some more rope he came back with some and walked over to me grabbed my balls and my dick real tight and wound the rope up in the gap he had just made and when he let go eh didn't move the pain was almost unbearable. He then attached the rope to the ring in the ceiling forcing me to thrust forward slightly.

Next up he fetched a butt plug which without any warning he shoved right up my but also in his hand was a gag which he also placed on my mouth. I must of now looked like a real object. A gag in my mouth, a butt plug in my ass and the arms and legs attached to bars. Moments later he walked over with the candles and picked a few up and placed then next to me except one which he kept hold of in his hands. He then said: 'Right now it's time for the next phase.' He tipped the candle and the wax poured onto me first of all he covered my nipples with the wax and then my chest and stomach. I went to make a sound but instead all I could do was moan because of the gag. After this John said: 'You have now been trained lets see how you prove in bed.' He untied my removed the butt plug and the gag and moved me over to his king sized bed. Where he spread my arms and legs apart yet again this time tying both my wrists and ankles to each corner of the bed.

Once I was secure he climbed onto the bed and towered right over me he looked massive even though he was on his knees. He removed his pouch from his leather trousers. To reveal his flaccid dick. He moved closer to me and I lifted my head up and he said: 'Suck on it just like a lollipop when you were a kid.' I started to suck and he moved his dick further in, I kept on sucking and sucking and my head started moving back and forth on the shaft I was sucking for a good ten minutes at least and then my saliva started to pour out of my mouth and at this point John got hold of my head and thrusted his dick in and out. He made me throat quite a few times and I was chocking on his six inches worth of pure pleasure. I kept on sucking I thought it would never end but it did. John removed his dick from my mouth and ripped off his leather jacket exposing his sweaty hairy muscular body. He stood there like a god.

Quickly he unties me and moves me so my legs are up in the air with the knee bent straight and then tied in that position and my arms let lose. He then sticks on a condom and lube and plays around with my ass. A few moments later he shoves in his dick and says: 'Here is the final part of today's session.' And he begins to fuck me at first not too intense but as soon as he can fill my hole is ready he's like an animal he went wild fucking me so hard I thought my ass might cum let alone my own dick. He kept on pumping like a machine in out, in out, in out with us both constantly moaning: 'argh, umm, oh fuck yeah, ohhhhhhhhhh yes harder harder.'

We were close to the point of coming I asked: 'Oh master please may I cum?' 'No not until your master has cummed into you.' He was getting close now I could tell he untied me and told me to get ready to get on my knees and let cum pour into my mouth. So as soon as he took out his dick I did and sure enough did master cum. 'Oh slave I'm gonna cum so much more than ever before.' And just as he finished his sentence cum came shooting out like an exploding firework I managed to get it all in my mouth and swallow it all. Master said: 'You did good now you may cum.' So I did the cum went everywhere all over my body and master told me to follow him to the shower to get cleaned up where we washed each other and kissed each other.

After the shower we lead on his bed naked together and he said: 'I have a surprise for you boy!' He got up off the bed and went into his wardrobe after a few minutes he told me to close my eyes and sit absolutely still. After a few minutes and a lot of fiddling around with my dick he told me to open my eyes. And I looked down to my dick to see a cage had been installed on my dick. He said that he had hidden the key somewhere where I would never be able to find it. 'Your all mine now slave and if you want that dick back you'll have to work for it and be my slave.

Your room will be changed into your prison, your bed shall go and in place will be a cage, all of your clothes will be kept safely locked away and you shall only wear what I tell you and when. As you know I have guests round sometimes girls and soon mostly guys you shall keep them entertained any way they wish. You will obey all rules at all times, you will be fed when I say, you will shower me daily. All of your body hair will be removed and I will shave you tomorrow. Finally you will do anything else I say and no one can override these rules. I am a god not a master when you are concerned. Now go to your room and strip your bed, I will be with you in a moment.'

A little while later he came into my room to find a stripped bed, he tied me to that bed and closed the curtains, threw a blanket over me and kissed me on the lips so I kissed him back. He whacked me on the ass and said: 'Did I tell you to do that boy?' 'No sir.' I said in response. 'In the future you shall only do what I say daddy is always right. Yes I like that you are my boy and I am your daddy. Now I will kiss you goodnight and I want you to suck my dick just once in return boy.' 'Yes daddy' I said in shame. I did as he said he kissed me night and I sucked his dick just once. 'Night boy' 'Night daddy' we said in exchange to each other.

And that's how I became a slave.

Next story: The Slave Diaries: The guests. Other stories planned: The Slave Diaries: Holiday and First Time For Everything.

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