The School of Sex

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

My name is Tyler Johnson, and my parents really did send me to a sex school.

I was in eighth grade, and my girlfriend and I were in my bed fucking, and my parents caught us. They immediately sent me to this school on the opposite side of the country, and left me there.

We pulled up to a decent size boarding school, and my parents quickly unloaded my suitcase and told me good bye. The drove away and then a man came out and helped me with my suitcase. He led me into the building and into the main office.

I got my school ID, locker number, schedule, and all the other first day things. As I walked to the door, the secretary stopped me. “Tyler, do you know what this school is?” She asked. I looked at her and said “Yea, it's a school for the kids that their parents don't want to have to deal with.” The secretary giggled and shook her head. “No honey, this is a school for kids who are addicted to sex.” She told me. I just stared at her. WHAT?! I thought to myself. Did my parents send me to a school because I like sex? The secretary then said “So, I need you to take of all your clothes and put them in this box. You will never wear clothes again while you are here.” I looked at her and asked “Really? So everybody just walks around naked all the time?” She laughed and replied: “Yes honey, even the teachers. The only reason the people up here don't is because if a family were to come in here with a little one.” I couldn't believe it. I looked at the security cameras and saw naked people walking the halls.

I looked at her and thought “What the hell” and stripped naked. My was already hard, and I was embarrassed. The secretary giggled and said “Don't worry honey, boners are expected.” With that she led me down the hallway to my room. I walked into my room to three girls having lesbian sex. “This is going to be fun” I thought to myself.

The secretary said “Girls, I’d like you to meet Tyler, he's new. They all came up to me and shook my cock “Nice to meet you” they all said. I was amazed. “Anna here is your roommate, and these are just her friends.” The secretary said. “Well I supposed you three will get Tyler settled.” She added. The slapped my and walked out, shutting the door.

“So Tyler, how did you get here?” Anna asked. I looked at her and said “My mom caught me having sex and sent me here.” They giggled. “Sorry, we just having new kids.” Anna replied. She dropped to her knees and said “Hey girls, let's get Tyler settled in right.” She added. The other two dropped to their knees and sucked my cock. We went on to have the craziest foursome ever.

I woke up in my bed with Anna cuddled up against me. My cock was rock hard and Anna had dried cum all over her face. I got an idea. I got up without waking Anna and pushed my cock into her pussy. It's wasn't tight at all. I started fucking her, and eventually she woke up before I came inside her. “Cum inside my slutty pussy baby, I'm on the pill.” She said. So I fucked her until I squirted my load into her hungry pussy. She had squirted h just wanna get a quick blowjob and leave.” I kissed her and laid her down on her back. I started at her ears, and licked and kissed my way down her perfect body to her toes. I love feet, so I worshipped her beautiful feet for a while. Anna was rubbing her pussy like crazy, and she squirted three times.

“We better get to class, we don't want to be late.” She whispered in my ear. So I went to clean up and she stopped me. “We only clean up before bed here, we like seeing other people here.” She told me. I smiled and slapped her ass, and said “Sounds good baby girl.”

So we left our room and started walking to class. On the way, we saw at least ten couples having sex. My cock was hard again.

We walked into first hour, which was math. I sat down next to Anna and the class started. The teacher was naked to! Midway through the class, Anna laid her feet on my lap and gave me a job. I came all over her beautiful feet. I lifted them to my mouth and licked them clean. In the back left corner of the room, two guys were having .

The bell rang and we went to second hour (you and your roommate have every class together). During second hour and throughout the next five hours, Anna made me cum two more times. I was fucked by the yoga teacher with a strap on. I also had gay sex with the principal when he called me down to “welcome” me to his school.

Anna and I went back to our room and did our homework together for the next two hours, which were designated for homework only, no sex.

After our homework was done, we went into another room and joined in on a huge . This one girl was being used by everybody and anybody. By the time it was over, she was passed out. Anna and I went back to our room and went to bed.

I woke up to the feeling of Anna's soft lips around my cock. I pushed her off me and onto the ground. I stood up and said “On your knees slut.” Anna quickly got onto her knees and started sucking me cock. I pulled her head all the way down onto my cock. He head of my cock was pressing against her throat. She was gagging and crying. I held her there. I pulled her nose so that she couldn't breathe.

I let go of her head and nose, letting her catch her breath. “Did you like the slut?” I asked as I slapped her face. “Yes daddy I did.” She replied. I continued this unit I was ready to cum. I pulled out of her mouth and started stroking my cock until I came all over her face.

She stood up and said “Now it's your turn bitch. Lay down on your back.” I did as she said and laid down on my back. She stood over my head and lowered her body down until she was sitting on my face. She smacked my balls and said “Worship my pussy slave.” I stuck out my tongue and went to town on her soaking wet pussy. I made her cum twice.

She got up and my face was covered with her juices. I loved it. I got up and we made out. It was the weekend, so we could do whatever we wanted. We walked to the cafeteria together and ate breakfast. We met up with some friends and went outside and played a game of football. When we were done, we all had an orgy together. Everybody was covered with cum and pee.

We are lunch and then I went to “talk” to the yoga teacher. I knocked on her door and then opened it. She was laying on her bed watching tv.

“Hello Tyler, did you enjoy yesterday's class?” She asked as she turned off the tv. I walked over to her and replied “Yes, madam, I did, so much that I had to come back for more.” We smiled at each other and then made out like crazy. She put on her biggest strap on and told me to lay down on my back. I laid down on her bed and she lifted my ass in the air just a little bit, and pushed her cock into me dry. It hurt like hell, but then I felt so good.

She fucked my asshole for about 20 minutes. She had made me cum all over myself. She pulled out and crawled to my face. She grabbed me and pushed her huge cock into my mouth. It was as as possible, and I was gagging. I cleaned her cock like a good slut and then she rewarded me with a foot job.

I walked back to my room covered in my own cum and her juices.i opened the door to find Anna in the middle of a huge orgy. I jumped right in and fucked her until I came inside her.

After everyone had left, Anna and I cuddled together on the ground. I told her about my encounter with the yoga teacher. Then I licked and sucked all of the cum out of her used pussy. We both were done for be day, so we just stayed in our room and watched tv.

The next Monday, there was a school-wide assembly. Anna told me about it on the walk to the gym. “Every month, the administrators pick one student to be the center of a school wide orgy. Every student and staff member cum in or on this student at least once. It is so much fun. I was the winner two time ago. I passed out at the end, and squirted way to many times. I couldn't have sex for three day, but it was worth it.” She said. “Wow, I hope they pick me!” I said. I slapped her ass and we walked into the gym and found seats.

The principal came on over the microphone and welcomed everybody and went over the weekly schedule. “Now, for the part everyone has been waiting for, the orgy! This week’s lucky student is…Tyler Johnson!” I jumped up and ran down to center court. I shook hands with the principal and he said “Let the orgy begin!”

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