The School Jock Lavell

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was 8:00 in the morning and i really didn't want to roll out of bed. But i heard again tell me to get up. "GREG IF I HAVE TO COME UP THOSE STAIRS I AM GONNA BE PISSED! NOW GET THE HELL UP AND READY FOR THE FIRST DAY BACK". I turn over to face my closet and immediately start running images of my clothes through my head, but couldn't remember a single one that would at least help me get more noticed this year. "IM UP MOM I JUST HAVE TO FIND SOMETHING TO WEAR ILL BE RIGHT DOWN".

Hi my name is Gregory Dale and I'm a 16yr old Sophomore attending Beaker High. I'm about 5'10 or so and i have a really good looking body that's coming into its 6 pack. Not from sports or anything but I think its from my dad. Anyway I hop out of bed dreading the school year. I live in a 3 bedroom house with my mom. My older sister went away to college and my dad... well lets not get into that right now. Soon as you step into my room you first notice the dark shade of blue on the wall. Followed up posters of Taylor Lautner and Robert Patteson.

Twilight wasn't even a i was all jumpy about i just like how the guys are. Other than that I have a desk with a laptop in the corner of the room and my closet on the other side. Tv in the corner of the door and my bed right in the middle. Oh yea and Im gay but I cannot stress how deep in the closet I am. No one knows. Except my friend Spud. Her real name is Ellie but we all call her Spud because at 3 all she wanted to eat was potatoes lol. "BREAKFEAST IS ON THE TABLE COME EAT AND GET TO SCHOOL LOVE YOU". (door opens and shuts) I walk down stairs after scurrying through the closet and finding a polo shirt and some navy blue jeans before jumping in the shower.

I never saw it but Spud said the shirt brought out the color of my eyes, which are like a darkish green but it changes depending on the seasons. I also have short cut wavy hair. I walk into the kitchen and see the bowl of frosted flakes my mom left on the table. Shes always working as a single parent so we never have time to sit down to a normal meal. Our fridge and garbage is filled with takeout food. Sad right? I hope it changes some day but who knows. (ding dong) I know its Spud at the door she always has this presence around her when I just know its her. "Hey fool what you doing and what you got to eat".

"Do you only come to my house to eat my food Spud?" "I am insulted that you would think so less of me, I adore your friendship and um warmth and-- "yea yea save it for someone whose buying the crap your selling". We laugh about it and as always she goes rummaging through my fridge like a mad dog. "As much as i love for you to eat me out of house and home we have to get to school". "uuuugh whhhhhyyy, cant we just ditch Greg Im tired of Beaker". "Ditch on the first day of school? And have my mom kill me, ha yea right." "your right odds are she would find out, fine, lets go.

---half an hour later---

We get to the school and I immediately recognize everyone I don't want to see there. From the nerds all the way up to the Jocks. It seemed to me like me and spud were in our own . I mean sure there were other friends we both had but most of the time throughout freshman year it was just me and spud through thick and thin. I would copy off her in classes like history and art and she would copy off me in classes like math and science and stuff. The school is very and has 4 different levels. Each with a different grade year and all.

The only thing everyone in the school shared around the same time was either the lunchroom or the gym for speeches and stuff. The first floor was A level next was B then C then D. Going by lockers I was trying to find B8. Spud found a already and ditched me so I was all alone to find my classes and locker. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse- WHACK a ball comes flying into the back of my head. I didn't even have to turn around to see the ones that did it. The dumb jocks up to no good again. Always one grade ahead so they feel like they have the right to smack any one lower than them around.

I get up dust myself off and throw the ball in the other direction. They were pretty pissed off about it. Then my heart started pumping fast just like last year when I first saw him. Lavell Southern. AKA team captain, AKA star quarter back. I stared at him all throughout last year and immediately THOUGHT I fell in love with him. It all ended when him and his buddies dumped lunch into my lap at the end of the school year. Anyway he steps up to me and gets in my face, hes about 6'1 with jet blonde hair and a chiseled chin. eyes that sparkle as bright as the moon.

He doesn't even have to take off his shirt cause his massive 6 pack abs his practically clenched to his Jersey. His thighs are to die for and anyone a mile away can see his bulge in between his legs. I almost fainted from his scent when he stepped up to me but I had to keep my ground. I use to love this prick but now I hated him. "The fuck you do that for asshole? First you get your stupid head in the way of our ball then decide to throw it across the hall!" I stare at him for a bit trying to find the words to hurt him but I couldn't stop seeing images of being on top of him riding him all hours in the night.

"Get the hell outta my face Lavell, and go fetch your ball and keep your puppies behind you away from me." I thought I scored with that hit but it quickly changed when he picked me up and was ready to pound on me. Mr. Wedlowe the vice principal turned the corner just in time to stop the pounding. "Mr. Southern Mr. Dale both of you in my off immediately!!!"

--vice principals office--

"Great just fucking great! First day back and already in here, my moms gonna kill me!" " Your moms gonna kill you, please my dad is gonna flip when he finds out Im in here, thanks alot Gregory". Wait hold the phone! Lavell Southern knows my actual name! " Im not the one who threw the damn ball in the first place Lavell!" "Whatever just shut up here he comes."

"Dont tell me to shut up." Just as I finished my sentence Mr Wedlowe walked in. "I dont care about the details or how it got started or any lie you both may have to tell me. This meeting will end the same. With you both in detention for a week. Since this is the beginning of the school year Ive decided not to call your parents but if this happens again you can rest assure they will hear from me in a flash, head back to your classes, first day of detention starts after school today in room 119.

Oh and Mr.Dale you should count yourself grateful for your mother not finding out, considering her job position and all". My heart skipped a beat. Lavell and I both walked out of Mr. Wedlowe office he heading to his class and me heading to mine. Just before he was out of eyesight he yelled "FUCKING NERD". I wanted so badly to run down that hall and knock a tooth out right there and then but decided against it. I thought to myself then and there.

How am i going to survive a week of detention with the star jackass of the school?

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