The School Jock Lavell : Part 8

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was nearing the end of the day and we had just finished our last class. I was sitting at my desk dreading having to run around the school with you know who, and it wasn’t even because I was mad at him anymore. It was because I was upset at how confusing he’s made things for me. I can’t begin to explain how of a headache I have just from trying to figure him out.

Not only that but this mysterious new guy shows up to school, looks like one of those guys you see in a biker club or something. He sure does have the face and attitude for it. God why didn’t I have to get so lost thinking about Lavell. I could be headed home by now sitting in my draws watching tv but no here I am – “GREG!!!” “huh???” “dude you seriously gotta stop getting so distracted thinking about him. Your gonna wind up getting hit by a car or something. Ok ok but you didn’t have to go screaming into my ears. It was my only way of waking you up, your welcome by the way. Yea yea well I have to head to run laps I'll call you later. Ok, don’t get side tracked, haha, get it? Cause your gonna go run laps.

Again Spud your not that funny. “ I head outside behind the school where Coach Rogers and Lavell were waiting for me, but not only that something else I completely forgotten about. Lavell’s girlfriend Cassie Summers. WTF is she doing here. Not that it bothers me or anything cause I'm totally over him but it does bring up questions, like if me and him were still having a thing going on if she was still involved with him. Or did he ever break it off to begin with or was he gonna play the both of us. I gotta calm down I'm doing that thing again where I over think something.

I walk up and Cassie begins talking. “Finally the little one is here, hurry up and start running so me and my La la can go back to my place.” WTF wow so he didn’t break it off with her!! To make it worse she has horrible names for him, what the hell is a lala bear. I turned to look at Lavell face and it wasn’t sad or mad or happy or anything, it was just a blank stare. He shifted his eyes when he noticed I was looking at him though so I guess that’s a good thing. He doesn’t want to talk to me and I don’t want to talk to him. Even though it pains me to not only know that hes still with the uptight princess of the school but I never had one night with him.

Unless you count in my dreams, I've never actually felt his lips on my chest running down my naval. Never got to feel his throbbing growing inside me as I moan in ecstasy. Never got to wake up next to him the next morning and have morning sex and lay there all day laughing and talking about what we wanted to do in life. All that out the door cause he only wanted some damn fun. Screw it I don’t need him or any other big headed jock. “ ALRIGHT YOU TWO LISTEN UP!!! I hate to have to do this to my star player but rules are rules Lavell and Im a man of my word. It’s a half hour around the entire school for the both of you, as to how fast or slow you go is entirely up to you.

Long as your stays glued to the side of the school perimeter at all times its good.” “Ugh excuse me coach rogers but my bear has been working hard all day with all these classes and studying up on these game play things for you, he shouldn’t have to run around just cause that other messy got distracted in the—“WHISTLE BLOWS” Cassie stands there in shock with a wide open mouth holding her ears as coach blows the whistle right in front of her face.

“Look here Summers it doesn’t matter to me how he stopped or if something was keeping him there point is he stopped and rules are rules, now if you want u can run laps with your bear that way you can still spend time with him but for the next half hour he’s mine.” Cassie pouts and storms over to the bleachers and pulls out her phone while waiting for Lavell to finish running. By this point me and Lavell have already started going around the school, soon as were out of earshot he begins talking. It was like detention all over again. “ So Gregory what happened at the pool earlier?” I didn’t say anything hoping he would get the point but we both know how stubborn he can be.

“Gregory, hey Gregory, GREGORY IM RUNNING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU” “GEEZ WTF DO YOU WANT” “Im just trying to ask you a simple ass question what the hell is up with you. Nothing I just like running quietly alone sometimes, and why the fuck is Cassie here? Cause were going to her place after we run today. She is my gf.” I stopped in my tracks, hearing him actually say those words kind of tore me up inside a bit but I couldn’t let him see that. I was looking down but could look up a bit and see he was waiting from a response from me. I held my head up with a blank expression and continued to run as though it didn’t phase me.” Gregory you good? Yea Im good, everything’s fine, by the way why did you show up in gym class today anyway. You’re an entire grade level ahead of us. Well Coach Rogers asked me to come show the lower class some tips and stuff in swimming so I said yea. Oh ok, cool…” I started running a little faster ahead to get away from him and the conversation and he sped up along with me.

“So is that it? What do you mean Lavell? I mean is that all you wanted to know, you don’t have any other questions or want to talk about anything else? I told you I like running quietly so yea that’s pretty much all there is to it, I didn’t really have anything to say to begin with you started talking remember.” He looked at me with a face that showed he was shocked and maybe even a little bit hurt by the way I was treating him. All I wanted to do was grab a hold of him and apologize and stay there forever in his arms but again I had to do my to be strong, the sooner he understood that I wasn’t someone you can fuck around with like a used rag doll the better.

We continued to run until the half hour was up. The entire time was nearly unbearable, we could sense the tension between us but it wasn’t really anger it was feelings of being hurt in some way and also lust. Wanting to take each other to bed right then and there. When we finished Lavell ran over to Cassie and gave her a long ass kiss, right in front of me. Peeking out the corner of his eye to see my reaction. I think in that moment my heart sank into my stomach cause I wanted to throw up. While trying my best to hold back my tears I asked the coach if I was able to head home.

He gave me a nod and I took off running. I didn’t even go to my usual bus stop I ran 3 bus stops down cause I didn’t want to see Lavell and Cassie riding past on the way to fucksville. I eventually threw up when I got to the bus stop but luckily there was a bush I was able to go behind. When I sat down at the bus stop I saw the creepy car again. I couldn’t believe it, after all the shit I’m going through this stalker is following me again. Not just that but he waited until after I was done running around the school to watch me. I didn’t care in that moment who it was or if I was gonna get taken or whatever but I was so pissed with everything that was going on. I started to walk up to the car screaming at whoever it is to get out the car and face me and they sped off like they did earlier. God that shit is annoying as hell.

--------an hour later---------

I finally get home and lock all my doors, front and back. I walk upstairs with the entire day running through my mind as I flop down on my bed and hear a loud yelp!! I jump up and find no other than Spud in my bed eating leftover pizza. “Spud did you break in my house? Its not breaking in if I know where the spare key is now is it? Whatever…” I flop down on the bed as Spud sits in my desk chair and asks me what's up and how it went running with Lavell. “ It started out somewhat ok and got worse, not only did he treat me as if what happened in the gym never happened but he also showed up with Cassie… WTF?! Yea that’s what I said! Wait I thought he broke up with her after he got with you.

That’s what I thought to but that’s not what happened, apparently they had still been together or whatever. And me and him never made anything official so its whatever I don’t care. Although it didn’t burn me up on the inside when he sat there and made out with the girl right in front of my face after it was over. OMG Greg that was so a tactic to throw u off, he’s obviously still into you and just wants to see if you still feel the same. MAKING OUT WITH THE HOE YOU WERE SUPPOSE TO DUMP ISN'T HELPING HIM OUT THEN SPUD! Alright alright calm down, its not the end of the world. Your strong you can get through this I know you can.

Thanks Spud, oh yea and that creepy car was out there today again like soon as I get to the bus stop he’s just sitting there waiting for me, I tired confronting him but he sped off right as I got to his car door. WTF ARE YOU INSANE! You never go up to the door of your potential kidnapper, it’s the first thing your parents teach you. Stranger danger remember?! Seriously Greg what's wrong with you? I know I know but I was so fired up and upset by everything that happened with Lavell and the kiss and all that I wasn’t thinking. I just wanted to confront whoever the hell it was and tell them to leave me alone. What am I gonna do with you, look no more running up to cars, no more thinking about he who shall not be named.

You said it yourself its best that you go back to focusing on your studies right? This thing is eating you up and with him still being with that plastic Barbie doll doesn’t make things better, if you two were still together who knows if he would have ended it with her or not so I need you to come back to earth and focus alright.

Yea I got you Spud, your right. Thanks I really needed that. That’s what I'm here for silly, remember it, and do you forget it! LOVE YA!” Spud was walking out the door with her mouth full of my leftover pizza. I stayed in my room for a bit thinking about what had happened just as I heard the door open and shut. I thought it had to be Spud again cause my mom doesn’t get home this early. “ Girl what you doing back did you forget—“ I was walking out my room talking when I saw it, someone was running out my house, I figured it had to be the creepy stalker. I ran outside to try and catch him and I saw him just as he was about to get in his car. It was the new guy at school.

Hotch or something like that. THE BLACK CAR WITH TINTED WINDOWS WAS HIS!!! WTF?! He saw me spot him and decided to get back out the car and I ran in the house and locked up all the doors and turned out all the lights! I couldn’t believe it, even before I saw him today this guy had been following me around like a hawk, and then to come to my house. He knocks on the door. “Hey can ya open up, I wanna talk to ya for a sec…” I didn’t reply I just sat on the stairs hoping he would leave as I held a flimsy butter knife in my hand. “Hey open up man I just wanna talk and explain why I was here man, no need to run off I'm not gonna do shit to you. MY DAD IS A COP SO YOU BETTER GO AWAY.”

“Geez man I just wanted to talk alright fuck it.” He gets in his car and speeds off. I took a long sigh of relief after my heart stopped pounding like crazy. I was to scared to sleep at home tonight so I left a note on the table letting my mom know I was going to Spuds and I scurried out the back door and bolted to her house with lightning speed. She’s never gonna believe this.

*** Authors notes: That’s right guys, I'm back, yea I know its been about 2 years if not longer, I got all your emails and questions and I really am sorry. I know I hate it when an author goes dead on me but life got crazy and hectic for me so yea. But I'm gonna try my best to give you a new chapter every Friday or Saturday depending on what im doing cause those are my set off days. Remember you can always reach me at judaht1498 [at] gmail [dot]com. Thanks for reading and I hope your still a fan.

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