The School Jock Lavell : Part 6

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I have to back track a bit, if your just now entering my life you have some catching up to do. You should go read the other stories but to make it short and simple I fell in with this who became an then became nice then i kissed him then I think he turned into an ass again but then HE KISSED ME and its hectic really, I don't know what's going on but I am shitting bricks right now. And the worse part is after he kissed me he left! Without a word. I mean yea sure I did it to him first but I left cause he always talking about how he hates fags and stuff, then goes and kisses me like who does that sort of mind games shit. Ugh I gotta call Spud.


"What up hoe?" "Lavell came over we talked argued he kissed me then he ran out and left!" "WAIT WHAT THE FUCK?!" "I know that what I said!"

"Oh my Gosh this is so freaking great I knew he was into you!" "Spud you didn't know that for sure, and plus I don't even think he into me I think he might be confused. Cause he ran out with no hesitation in is soaked sexy button up--" "GETTING OFF TRACK HERE GREG!"

"Oh yea sorry sorry, well anyway he made everything confusing by just dropping by today and I don't know what I'm going to do or how Im going to face him tomorrow." "Ugh the both of you are confusing, you been playing this lust looking game for the longest and I for one am tired of it. You work this out in detention tomorrow Greg before it gets more out of hand!"

"Your right Ill put everything on the table tomorrow." "Loves ya Greg bye." "Bye" Besides the fact that I'm going to ignore every word Spud just told me I think the thing to do is to move out of the state, or maybe even the planet. I wonder if they made the moon livable yet cause if so I-- *tap tap* What the hell was OH MY FUCK!!! I almost had a heart attack.

I go to the window to let the scary in my room. "Hey Gregory." "Um hey Lavell, what are you doing here. Better yet on my roof outside my window." "Look I couldn't wait all day in school to talk to you cause it was to much, I was tossing and turning in my sleep trying to figure out a way to talk to you and explain what happened earlier today but I couldn't find the right words." "Um its ok Lavell I get it, you made a mistake we all--" "NO GREGORY STOP! I didn't make a mistake, and neither did you. God I cant believe I'm bout to say this. I fucking like you ok! I have for a while now, when I first saw you I didn't but after that day in the lunchroom I couldn't take my eyes off you anytime we were around each other.

All the dumbest pranks I pulled was partly cause I liked you and also cause the guys made me go along with it, and I know it was wrong. I just didn't know how to tell you and I didn't want to take a chance and then you run off and tell people. Then when I drove you to the park to apologize you kissed me, and I was so shocked and over joked I froze up and couldn't find the words, it didn't even matter though cause your scary ass took off running like I was the plague or some shit. Lets stop pretending and if you don't like me I get it. I just wanted to explain everything so you could stop fucking worrying and I could get this heavy guilt off my chest. See you later." *sniff sniff*

"Gregory are you crying--" I lunged at Lavell and we fell onto the bed. I started kissing him passionately thinking I had control over the situation. But I forgot he was a jock so he easily turned me over and got on top of me. He started grinding into me like earlier and I could feel the snake in his pants wanting freedom from its chambers. He was everything I dreamed of and more. He kissed me with so much passion and then turned it into aggression. He kept switching back and forth and both times it kept turning me on. "WAIT WAIT!" "What wrong Gregory?" He was stroking my cheek as I layed under him staring into his bright shiny adorable eyes.

"Lavell I want to do this believe me I do. But its all moving so fast and not only that I'm not the one night stand type of guy, I didn't even know you were gay until a few hours ago. And I feel the way you do about everything but we still have a lot to talk about and my mom is in the next room and its all so sudden--" "Hey hey hey, we don't have to do anything you don't want us to ok? Its like I told you I came over here to clear things up not to jump into your pants. And if I remember correctly you threw me to the bed and got on top of me." "haha, yes, that true my bad."

" Its all good. But your right we have a lot to talk about, we can talk tomorrow. Ill see you later Gregory." "OK." Lavell gave me a passionate kiss, climbed out the window and drove off. Once again I was left standing there surprised. But at least I had most of my questions answered. Wow I'm so happy I can jump for joy! Lavell Southern just made out with me! I don't know what to do with myself! I don't know if the best thing to do is to call Spud right now she would be way to loud and over excited, just like how I am right now! YES! THE ALL TIME POPULAR SUPERSTAR FOOTBALL PLAYER Jo--. Oh I forgot I told myself that I would never be friends or date a jock. Damn it. I mean I can forget what I said but I would feel like I'm betraying myself... AWWW SCREW IT ITS LAVELL!!!

--The next day--


I woke up completely blocking out whatever it was my mom said, I had dreams all night of Lavell. I practically came in my sheets. And to wake up and know that this is all real gets me a happy and scared feeling in the pit of my stomach. I didn't know what to do first or wear or anything. After a cold shower I looked for something good to put on, something that hugged my chest like it did Lavell's and see if he would like it.

Wow its only been one night and Im already acting like were going on our 8th date or something. I ran downstairs after getting dressed and ate the cereal so fast and ran to the door that I almost knocked Spud over as I was leaving out. "Damn bitcg, the fuck got into you this morning!" "Oh sorry Spud I just really need to get to school!" "What why I thought you wasn't looking forward to going." "Look its a lot Ill tell you on the way!"

---At the school---

"So do you think you guys will adopt and your kid will have babies with me and Mikey D kid?" "Where the fuck did that come from Spud? Seriously lay off whatever it is your taking, we aren't even dating yet we still have a lot to talk about and you jumped all the way ahead to kids and stuff." "No time to think about the future like the present.

I was right about you two falling for each other and I'm right about this, you'll see." "haha wow ok well I gotta get to class fortune teller so Ill talk to you later."

"Your damn right you will, and tell me every juicy detail!" Haha God I love that girl, she has some major problems though. As usual I went through the normal routine of the day, going class by class acing math and science and stinking in the others, but I was so nervous and excited for history. I totally forgot that we had an assignment to do an all year project with a classmate from the grade ahead of us. And I got Lavell. It was to perfect to be true.

I stepped into Mr. Coates class with a grin and blush all over my face and Mr. Coates decided to make note of it. "Well Mr. Dale I know I'm your favorite teacher but that's as far as it goes hahahaha." Wait bitch, what did he just say to me?! I gotta zone him out and stay focused on Lavell, cause he may be here any minute.

"Alright class were going to head to the gym to start brainstorming ideas with Mrs. Stisil class for projects. I don't have to remind you how important this is so do your best and work AS A TEAM! You were given a partner for this assignment for a reason. Work together, work long, and work hard!" He looked to me when he said work hard which raises my suspicions even more but again I dismissed it out my head.

We headed to the gym and they already had stations set up for each to work in. Mr. Coates told us to go find out partner and start thinking of things to work on and he and Mrs. Stisil will come by to tell us weather it was acceptable or not. Everyone started finding their partners, even Spud but I was still looking for the hot player that was in my bedroom last night.

"He over there Gregory." "Oh thank you Mrs. Stisil" Im nervous about having her as my teacher next year. She has days where she nice and then days where shes just plain mean. I found Lavell set up on stage that will soon be used for the upcoming play. He was behind the curtain, almost well enough so no one would see him.

"Hey stranger." "Gregory hey." Lavell pulled me behind the curtain and starting kissing me with as much passion as last night. I immediately started getting a hard on and wanted to strip right there and then, that is until he stopped. "Damn I missed those lips so much." "you did." (I started to blush) "Haha well I chose this spot so we would be able to talk without anyone disturbing us."

"Great so um I think its great that were finally doing this Lavell, Ive wanted to for a while now and to find out that your gay too is the best thing to ever happen to me, And I gotta admit I been looking at you for the longest just like you have me, that bulge in your pants and your pecks gets me going every time." His expression changed after I said that. "Is everything ok?"

"Yea um, look I hope I didn't send the wrong signals but I think we should just have some fun with it you know." woah what the fuck just happened, did he say have some fun with it? "Wait I don't understand did I say some--" "Look Gregory your a good guy and all but lets not mess around ok. Lets just be cool about it and have some fun on the side whenever ok."

I don't know what the fuck just happened in less than 2 minutes but if this is some crazy ass dream I would love to wake up right now, we haven't even started anything but kissing and he talking about just having fun and stuff. "You know what Lavell your right, I gotta head to the bathroom don't know how long it'll take bye." I started running out the gym before anyone saw tears starting to fall. I don't know what happened and I hate myself for actually trying to start something with a jock. But I have to go to this school so no more running. I gotta face everything else head on.

*** Authors note: Hey all sorry if it was short this time I didn't have much time on my hands. But anyway I hoped you liked it and there is more to come. More surprises and twists. Right now Lavell has the wrong idea about what Gregory said but everything will be soon cleared up. Keep reading and enjoy!!!

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