The School Jock Lavell : Part 5

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Sometimes I wonder if such a thing as karma exists. And if so how bad does it have to be for the bad shit to come back on you. If it is real then karma is a son of a bitch! The baddest I've done all week is talk to my mom in a little disrespectful tone but for me to slip up and embarrass myself in front of the biggest finest sexiest straightest and call him sexy was unbearable.

Now I have to figure my way out of it, or lie like hell. "Wait what did you just say Gregory?" "Nothing except that your a dumb dude." "No I'm pretty sure you threw sexy in there, what the fuck are you some kind of fag?" "No dude I didn't say that and even if I did it must have slipped out by accident cause I was thinking of ugh--" "THINKING OF WHAT GREGORY?!"
Oh shit I gotta think of something to say before I get pounded here! "CAUSE I WAS THINKING OF SOME HOT PORN I SAW LAST NIGHT WHILE TELLING YOUR DUMB ASS OFF!" Man that was a lame excuse but I just hope he bought it.
He looks at me again with that look that says I'm trying to figure you out or something, like he reading my mind again, its so intense looking into his moon lite eyes that I had to look away. "Wow so you watch fag porn is that it?" "WHAT NO I don't watch it and I don't like it, just drop the shit and leave me alone, I don't see why I'm your main target.

You hate me for no fucking reason and it ticks me off, well fuck it after today Ill have my mom switch me outta this shithole of a school that way we don't have to see each other ever again." His entire expression changes by what I just said. And just as he was about to open his mouth Mr. Wedlowe walks back into the room.
"I hope that wasnt your voices I was hearing as I was walking back down the hall Mr.Dale and Mr. Southern." "No sir quite as a whistle here." "Al right well detention is just about over so your free to go, see you both tomorrow." Instead of me being the first one out Lavell grabs his things and shoots for the door this time. Heck its about time he gets it.

Finally I csn head home on the bus in peace. A few minutes later I get outside and the next thing I know he pulls up front like a mad man.
"Get in." THE NERVE OF THIS ! After all he's done here he is asking... no DEMANDING that I get in the car with him. He must have lost his rabbit ass mind. "No Lavell Im tired of you and your jokes and this school and the other jocks so just--" "I SAID GET THE FUCK IN THE CAR GREGORY I WONT ASK A SECOND TIME!" He had so much anger in his voice and I wasn't able to move at first but I thought it might be to get in before he runs me down with his car. "Fine."

About five minutes later were headed towards my house and I thought he was gonna let me go home in one piece. That is until we passed it. He took me out to the forest park. It was a nice park that everyone came to alot to do activities of all kinds. But it was one of those days where it seemed like it would rain so there wasnt anyone there. He parked in the lot and waited forever to say something. "Look, Gregory just hear me out and Ill let you go ok?" "alright." To be honest I didnt want to sit there and hear him talk shit about me but if I wanted to go home in one piece I thought it best to keep my mouth shut.

"Im sorry I spilled the food in your lap ok! And I taunting you and talking about you and throwing the football at your fucking head! The toilet thing wasnt me at all the guys wanted to do it and I didnt but they would have told me I was being a pussy or some shit if I didnt! And I been trying to tell you for the longest that I was sorry but every time you kept cutting me off or not try to hear a damn word I said! I know I can be a selfish prick sometimes but you never gave me a chance either, everyone knows how you feel about us jocks. That we only care about pussy and shit when that isnt even true.

We all got problems and faults but if you would give someone a fucking chance instead of sneak dissing behind our back then we wouldn't be here right now." WOAH PAUSE! IS THE ALL TIME MVP JOCK APOLOGIZING TO ME, I mean yea he isn't really good at it. I didn't think it was possible to be an ass and apologize at the same time but he makes it work. But wow I should be recording this.

"Gregory, I'm not saying to forgive me all at once but I am saying to try and understand where I'm coming from and give us a chance to at least be friends." AND HE WANTS TO BE MY FRIEND! OMG HES SO FUCKING ADORABLE RIGHT NOW I JUST WANNA-- WAIT! WHAT AM I DOING! WHY AM I LEANING! OMG BODY NO RESIST! RESIST! NO DONT DO IT! And just like that I planted a kiss right on the muscle tight jock. He pushed me back. "Umm what?!"
"IM SORRY I GOTTA GO BYE!" I dash out the car and start running like hell home. It was faint but I thought I heard him calling my name. It didn't matter cause either way I wasn't going back to get my ass kicked. It was a good thing the park was close to my place cause I ran like lightning and was in my room painting as hard as possible.

Dreading school the next day. As I slid down the back of my door I couldn't help but be a little happy that I got to plant a kiss on Lavell! Something I bet no other guy has ever done.

--The next day--

We were in math when I was telling Spud what happened. "YOU DID WHAT!" She was so shocked she got the entire class attention. "Shhh damn girl you want everyone to know!" "SORRY SORRY but what possessed you to do that!"
"I dont know one minute he was apologizing for all the crap he done to me and the next I was smacking lips with the guy, and now I'm dead!" "Greg you should know better, I thought I taught you better!"

"Wow really, this coming from the girl who told me countless times to go after him and that he was my destiny?" "I didn't think you'd actually do it, plus I never told you to kiss him." "Oh well thanks for clearing that up! ugh spud what am I gonna do I have to face him in detention."

"Easy, call your mom tell her your not feeling well and she gets you outta here no questions asked." "My mom going for something like that really, no way!" "I know all you need is some vomit." " I don't like where this is going".

An hour later and Spud has this thing that looks like she made in a cauldron. But really it was a bunch of mixed up smashed food from lunch. "Here is your vomit, use it wisely." "Haha ok obi one-- umm whatever."
"Call me later and tell me how it goes boo." So I pour the filth into my mouth and head to the principals office and on my way I happen to bump into vice principal Wedlowe and he wasn't to happy to have fake vomit all over him.
He called my mother who came picked me up and took me home. "Is everything al right hun did you eat something you weren't suppose to?" "I don't know maybe, I should feel better later but you can head back to work I know how busy you are." "Al right but if you need anything you have my pager and cell and fax and work number and second number and emergency contacts so you just remember that."

"Ok mom I'll be fine I just need some rest." "Ok baby see you tonight." After my mom leaves I took a victory lap around the house for not having to confront Lavell today. I was about to pick up the phone to call Spud and tell her the great news when she called me instead. "HEY SPUD I FUCKING YOU IT WORKED!" "That's great but you should know Lavell heard what happened with you and he left school, I saw him headed towards your way!"

"WHAT AFTER ALL THAT WORK AND I STILL HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS!" "haha just kidding!" "i hate you so much right now." "hahaha to be honest I haven't seen him all day." "well it doesn't matter long as I don't have to see him I'm al right." "I gotta get back to class boo talk to you later."

"Alright, bye." I couldn't be more happier, of course I have to figure out what to do tomorrow but I have the rest of the day to think about it. *knock knock* "coming!" I head to the door thinking its the mail or something and to my heart wrenching surprise its Lavell.

I couldn't breath and in that moment I was sure to get a punch to the face. "So you gonna invite me in or do I have to stand in the doorway like an idiot." He threw me a half smile and it reassured me enough to let him in.

It was the longest silence ever and we were both twiddling with our thumbs. I couldn't it any more so I started. "Hey umm.. do you want a drink or something?"
"UH yea yea sure waters fine!" I went into the kitchen to get some water but I couldn't help but wonder what he was here for. It couldn't be to beat me down cause he would have started already. So what is it?
"Here you go fresh tap water haha?" Wow fresh tap water can I be any lamer. "Ok Gregory about the, um you know what happened in my car yesterday--" "yea I know it was a stupid mistake my mind was in another place and I reacted without thinking it will never happen again, there." " umm ok I was gonna say--"

"That I was being a weird queer or something yea I know Lavell I'm sorry dude it wont happen any more." "SHEESH GREGORY CAN YOU JUST UP FOR A SECOND!" "What the fuck you getting mad for I'm apologizing!" "No your being an ass you wont let me get a fucking word in damn it!"

"I was just trying to make this easy for you, Im admitting my mistake and your lashing out now for no reason!" "YOU KNOW WHAT MAYBE IT WAS A MISTAKE COMING OVER HERE!" " YEA MAYBE IT WAS BYE!" "BYE!!!" My door slammed and it echoed throughout the house. I was leaning on the door almost about to start crying cause I fucked up what could have been the start of a friendship, that is if I was ever consider having a jock as a friend. I started to pick myself up, I heard the sound of thunder booming outside and the drizzle of rain start to fall. *knock knock* I opened the door and standing there with moon lite eyes and a soaked shirt hugging tightly to his chest was Lavell.

"What are you!" Before I could finish my sentence the bastard leans in and kisses me! Like what the fuck is this gorgeous, sexy, manly muscle man doing. Oh my Goodness wait I'm making out with Lavell!!! In the rain where almost anyone can see us. He pushes me inside and closes the door and we fall on the couch. He's started sliding his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocate by wrestling his tongue with mine.

Things were getting hot and my head was swirling and I felt as though I was gonna pass out. So far I thought I was having the best wet dream of my life but I knew this was REALLY HAPPENING when I felt something poking my leg. I had to push him off and catch my breath. *huff huff huff* We were trying to catch up with our thoughts as we both stared at each other. The next thing I knew he bolts out into the rain, starts up his car and takes off. Leaving me there with a million unanswered questions and thoughts.

(AUTHORS NOTE) Hi everyone who reading I hope you like it so far, if you do tell me if not then still tell me. I don't mind constructive criticism and if you think I should add something that would make the story better let me know.

I accidently posted Part 4 twice so they both the same it was my mistake. Also I thank the site for posting my stories and I hope everyone is enjoying. Part 6 should be coming soon :)

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