The School Jock Lavell : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

" Is everything alright with you today Mr.Dale you seem a bit on edge". "Everything's alright Mr.Wedlowe I just had to change my shirt earlier, I accidentally spilled water on myself from lunch that's all." It was detention again and i came in a little earlier to get myself adjusted before the asshole from hell came into the room. I couldn't believe it, I was still in shock from what happened and even worse I don't think it phased him at all. The nerve of people these days, and on top of that I cant even tell my mother what happened without risking telling her that I was in detention. I had to suck it up and pull through. From here on out I am going to ignore the football assholes and everyone they may be associated with, especially he who shall not be named. Speaking of the devil he strolled in just as I was done with my thinking. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Southern, how was your day so far?" Lavell looked at me as though I told Mr.Wedlowe what went down, he had this expression I never seen before. It almost looked sincere but it quickly changed when he started talking. "It was cool, just want this hour to be over with." " the enthusiasm Mr. Southern, well you both know the rules." I started working on my homework and trying not to pay attention to Lavell no matter how and sext he may be. I didnt care to much to be honest.

--half an hour later--

Detention was almost over and it was hard for me to focus on my homework with Mr.Wedlowe snoring, for a vice principal he sure doesn't pay much attention in class. I could feel Lavell's eyes watching me but I ignored it. Then he started whispering to me. " *psst* hey Gregory." Again I was ignoring him but I didn't even have to know the long to know he was overly stubborn. "*psssssst* Hey Gregory don't you hear me talking to you?" Mr.Wedlowe started to stir in his sleep, I thought that i better say something to the idiot before he wakes him up and gets us in even more trouble. "Stop talking Lavell were gonna get in more trouble." " I just need to talk to you." "Why? there's nothing to talk about?" "yea there is Gregory look I--" Just then Mr.Wedlowe wakes up. " huh? what? oh um dentition is over go home". I get up grab my things and speed out like a bullet, I knew waiting for the bus would give Lavell a chance to talk to me or beat me up or something so I started speed walking home.

I knew he lived in the opposite direction of where I was headed but it didn't seem to stop him from following me like a creep. He pulls up on the side where I was walking and starts talking. "Gregory I just wanna talk can you get in the car man Ill take you home, it must be a long walk right?" Woah this just got to crazy, the who treated me like shit earlier is now offering to take me home. Wait he probably just wants to beat me up again or have his buddies come to my place and they rob my mom and me blind. "Sorry I don't get in cars with strangers, or with people who abuse me." "YOU KNOW WHAT FINE I TRIED APOLOGIZING BUT IF YOUR GONNA BE A SISSY ABOUT THE DAMN THING FORGET IT, SEE YOU IN DETENTION TOMORROW QUEER!" Just then he does a horrible U turn and speeds away. I wait at the next closest bus stop and headed home while lost in thought. He was really gonna apologize for what he did? Nah it had to be a trick, jocks never say sorry its like a code with them. Whatever he had planned I wasn't gonna fall for it no matter how hot sexy topless gorgeous he may be I had to be strong for myself, at least until detention was done then I was free of him. Just 5 days left...

--the next day--

I rolled out of bed uneasy about the day. I had to pair up with one of the asses from the upper class for history, then I had to sit through a boring lecture in the gym about sex ed, and finally I had detention with you know who. Today was not gonna be an easy day, I almost had the sense to ditch until I got the regular wake up scream from good ole mom. "IM HEADED OUT GET TO SCHOOL, I MAY STOP BY LATER TODAY!" Oh great, just what I need my mom stopping by, with her job I was actually surprised she hasnt came by the school sooner but I had bigger problems to worry about. I skipped the horrible cereal on the table and headed to school.

--At school--

"hey bish." " Oh hey spud." "ok gloomy guys, whats up?" " that was so funny I forgot to laugh." I love spud but she makes the worse jokes and cat phrases. "haha whatever tell me what's on your mind?" "Nothing why?" " Are you really gonna lie to me, the girl who has been your friend since preschool." Yea we had that relationship where we could read each other without even trying to figure it out. So I told her all about what was going on with Lavell and how my mom was coming and stuff. "Wow tough break, but dont let it steal your joy sweetie, you know I love you and Ill always be here for you ok." "thanks spud and yea i know." Spud can be goofy and childish and immature sometimes but she does have her moments.

The day started off as usually with the classes i love like math and science and then the classes I hate like art and history, then all the other classes I didn't care to even mention followed after. We got to history class and soon as we sat down Mr. Coates got started. "Alright class today we will be pairing up with Mrs. Stisil class and everyone will have a partner. Like i said yesterday this is 60% of your grade so work very hard at it and don't cut corners." Just as he stopped talking Mrs. Stisil came in with her class and my heart sank into the ground when I saw that half of the jocks along with Lavell was the ones we would be pairing up with. Mrs. Stisil introduced herself and explained how we would be her students next year and then everyone had to go around doing roll call to introduce themselves, it was only so Mr. Coates can write each name down on a strip of paper for some reason.

"Alright class now that we got that out the way we will choose partners at random, Mrs.Stisil class will be the ones pulling names out of this hat, whoever name they have is the one they will be paired up with." I was dreading being picked by Lavell or any of the jocks for that matter, I was praying to be picked by Krissy the smart geek of the 11th grade. She has straight A's and a GPA out of this world. I knew I wouldn't fail with her as my partner. Everyone in Mrs.Stisil class started lining up facing the hat Mr.Coates was holding to pick out their partners.

The girls went first and of course I didn't get Krissy but luck would have it Spud got her, although Im sure she was wishing for Mikey D. Just then Lavell was the first to start and all the girls were ready to jump out their seat hoping he would pick them. All the while I had my fingers crossed hoping it wouldn't be me. He steps up to Mr.Coates and the next thing you know he lifts his hands up and sneezes while knocking the hat out of Mr. Coates hand. "Im so sorry sir here let me help with that." Ok that was weird, first it didnt even sound like a real sneeze and second I could swear I saw him grinning as he did it.

After they put all the names back in the hat and Mr.Coates shook it up real good he told him to pick before he has another outburst. Lavell reaches in with his bald up fist and pulls out a name. Mr. Coates reads it off to the class like he did all the others. "Lavell Southern will be working with Gregory Dale." All the girls heads hung low while Spud gave me a thumbs up, the other jocks were laughing and Lavell was looking at me with the most blank expression. I was to shocked to say or do anything. The only thing going through my mind was how I was going to get through this year.

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