The School Jock Lavell : Part 2

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was late in the afternoon around 4pm and I was stuck in detention with Mr. Wedlowe the vice principal and the asshole but amazingly gorgeous jock Lavell Southern. The classroom window shades were down and the lights were so bright I felt like I was melting! Mr. Wedlowe was at the desk after explaining the usual rules for detention, no talking no, eating, no drinking and most importantly no annoying noises.

I knew this hour would be a drag but I had to get through it unless I wanted him to call my mother. "Boys I'm going to deliver some papers to the principal, I shouldn't be gone long, the rules still apply in my absence." Oh great just what I need to be left alone with this . After Mr.Wedlowe leaves it didnt take 5 minutes before he started talking. " I cant believe I'm stuck in here for a week with you and that doofus of a teacher..... So what you dont got nothing to say."

"No I dont have anything to say to you Lavell can we just get through this hour without you being an ." Truthfully I wanted to tell him off but not in the way he would have liked. I wanted to tell him how sexy he was, how everytime I saw him my heart skipped a beat, and if he would let me I would make him the happiest guy in the world, but I couldnt. And i couldnt look him face to face without passing out in my seat fainting like a little schoolgirl. In that moment I thought to myself, Im so pathetic for liking a sraight popular jock. Who by the way has one of the hottest girls in school on his shoulder. And probably his . " Alright Gregory well if you--" "stop that." "what?" " I said stop that I dont like anyone calling me by my full name".

I loved it when he called me by my full name. Everyone just calls me Greg but he said it with such a tone and way it made me want to hear it more, but I didnt want him to know that. "Ill call you whatever the hell I want shitface!" Just then he got up and came over and stood in front of my desk. I had to remember to look away quick cause I was staring at the amazing bulge in his pants. "Whats your problem Gregory?" "whats MY PROBLEM, your the problem, always mocking me, making fun of me and doing all this other crap. its tiring and old. Plus you do stuff like throw footballs at my head and think its alright, last year I thought you were different when I first got to this school. I thought you werent going to turn out like the rest of the jocks in this school but you did." I couldnt believe I said all that to a man that I was in love with.

He stared at me for a moment like he was reading my mind or something, it scared me a little. As though he was trying to figure me out. "hmph". WAIT WAIT WAIT AFTER I JUST SAID ALL OF THAT HE ENDS IT WITH HMPH SERIOUSLY! Just as I was ready to go off on him again he goes back to his seat and Mr. Wedlowe walks back into the classroom. "Alright detention is over I will see you here same time tomorrow, good day Mr. Dale, Mr.Southern." I scurry to grab my things and leave and as I'm headed to the bus stop I see Lavell in his new car speeding pass me, and giving me an awkward look as if to say we'll talk again but maybe I was just thinking to much.

I get to the house and like always my mother is working late. (ring-ring) "hello?" " what you doing fooly". "hey spud just got in from detention". "BISH WHAAAAAAAT!" "oh yea I forgot to tell you I got detention with that asshole of a jock Lavell". "You mean the asshole you loooooooove". "THAT ERA IS OVER AND DONE WITH SPUD". "Sure it is lol just like Im not done drooling over Mikey D". Mikey D was another jock, not only that but Lavell's friend and go to guy for when there on the field. Everyone called them the troublesome twins cause when they get on the field with a back to back plan it hasnt failed once.

Mikey D has some bodily features close to Lavell's except his hair kinda hangs over his forhead a bit and its a dark brown color. He has these emerald eyes and is known for his notorious parties that everyone in the school always goes to, even spud. She tries dragging me along but I have yet to set in a jocks home and Im not going to start now, not even for her. Spud has this hopeful dream where Im with Lavell and shes with Mikey D and we have back to back double dates and vacations together and stuff. I try to tell her over and over again that its never gonna happen but she refuses to listen. "Spud you can hold on to that dream of me and Lavell becoming a thing but I'm not, its time for me to let it go its been over a year now and he couldnt be any worser to me". (I was wrong) "Look hun all you gotta do is flirt with him a bit and eventually as time progresses he will come around". "haha yea sure well I'm hungry and tired Ill see you tomorrow at school that is unless you come to my place eating everything in site again". "I again am offended you would dare say such things". "haha bye love u". "love you to Greg see ya tomorrow".

After getting off the line with spud I head to the kitchen to see what she didnt eat while she was here. Its crazy but she has a nice thin body but she doesnt gain a pound yet can eat so much. Its amazing really. I find some leftover chicken from kfc throw it in the microwave and head upstairs. I ate like 4 pieces of it and dozed off watching wolf. That night I dreamt of Lavell kissing my neck from behind me and lathering me up with lotion, rubbing it all over my back. He removed all of my clothes piece by piece until I was left standing there with an 8inch erection.

I didnt know what to do so I just stood there and let him do whatever he pleased with me. He took me to the bed and started kissing my neck again caressing my thigh and moving his other hand all over me. He started moving down to my nipples and sucking on them, I was in bliss and wanted him to suck my cock before I blew one! he moved downward more and more until he was face to face with my dick. Just as he was about to take the plunge my alarm clock went off and my mother was once again screaming from downstairs for me to get up.

I got up from the bed with precum leaking from my shorts and a hard on that needed desperate attention. I gave it off in the shower and quickly got dressed and went down stairs to see another bowl of cereal. Ugh if I have one more I think Ill explode from all the milk. I gobbled it up quick and ran out the door for school.

---At school---

I was trying to keep myself awake in Mr. Coates class but history is so boring. It was difficult to have to keep my self up, what really woke me was Mr. Coates announcement. " Class we will be doing something a bit different this year at Beaker high. The 11th grade class will be coming in to work on a project that will be featured at the end of the school year. You will all pair up with someone from the upper grade level and work on a project that symbolizes our american heritage of history. The history teacher for the upper class Mrs. Stisil and I will personally pick who will be paired up with whom. Now this assignment is all year and will be 60% torwards your grade. Tomorrow you will know who you have been paired up with and will begin working on the assignment from there. Now back to Colombus when he--" I zoned out again after that.

Thank goodness I have spud otherwise I would be flunking this class. After history I went to math and was breezing through my work as usual in this class. After finishing my sheet I turned it in and asked to be excused to the bathroom. Mrs. Smith let me go and as I was walking I saw the jocks along with Lavell outside the bathroom up to no good I bet. As I was going in I noticed all of them whispering and snickering looking at me. Lavell looked as though he was trying to fake laugh but then again I wasnt so sure. I wondered what they were talking about me this time. I just finished using the urinal when the jocks burst in like mad men and one of them blocked the door.

I didnt know what was going on but I knew I wasnt going to like it. Then Chad one of the jocks started to speak. "So Mikey D have you ever done one of these before?" "Why no Chad I havent, but I heard its loads of fun, what about you Lavell?" Lavell looked uneasy and then it looked like he put on another act. "Nope but I am sure dying to try". I didn't know what was about to happen but I wasn't going to let them just do anything. "What's going on here guys what do you want!" (Chad)" Nothing man we just wanted to see if your head can fit in that little toilet". They all had these evil grins as my face turned pale.

Right then I knew it, they were trying to give me a swirly. "Look guys come on thats so old, surely you can think of something better than that, plus what will the principal say. Or worse my mother." Everyone seemed to think it over for a bit and Lavell was on the side looking like he didnt know what to do. Then Chad spoke up again. " Look here what's gonna happen me and my boys are gonna dunk your head in that toilet, after your not gonna tell anyone and if you do there will be hell to pay, understand?" I didnt say a word but I guess he took it as a yes. Mikey D came over ready to grab one arm and leg and was signaling for Lavell to come do the same, I couldn't believe he would risk doing this after already having detention.

I had to swallow my pride and beg him not to."LAVELL COME ON DONT DO THIS! WERE ALREADY IN DETENTION FOR A WEEK DUDE THIS ISNT COOL WE CAN GET IN MORE TROUBLE!" Lavell looked conflicted again and with a push in the wrong direction from another jock he headed my way, him and Mikey D both grabbed me turned me upside down and sunk my head into the toilet about 4 times over. After it was over they all ran off laughing and snickering. I had to go to the lost and found and grab a new shirt and get the smell off of me with soap from the bathroom, I made up my mind right there to forever hate jocks especially Lavell Southern!

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