The Run: Part 4

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

John stood in his kitchen nervously. It was the end of long frantic week at work and John was ready to wind down. Normally, he would just have a few drinks and watch TV or listen to music while waiting to see if Leo might come over. Leo was a young good looking in with a great body who usually went out drinking. Most weekends there would be a text from John or from Leo that lead to some great sex. But, earlier that week he had gotten some disappointing news that fueled the need for a new connection.

It was a Monday night and John lay in bed naked, tired, and a little sore but satisfied. He and Leo had been meeting up every once in a while for several months now and John felt a comfortable familiarity with Leo even though they both knew that it was only sexual. It was this knowledge that finally made John comfortable enough to give in to the curiosity he felt toward his younger sex partner.

John lay on his stomach in his bed, careful of his movements. There was a healthy amount of semen on his lower back and he didn’t want to get any on his sheets and have to change them. He looked over at Leo walking out of the bathroom wearing nothing but ankle socks and a smile. His long, thick, and now flaccid dick hanging between his legs. John looked at the wicked scorpion tattoo on Leo’s right upper arm. The color was a very dark blue, almost black in order to show up on Leo’s dark brown skin.

“Hey, I was wondering,” John started, “Does that tattoo mean anything or do you just like the design?” he asked.
“Oh, this?” Leo replied. “It’s just my sign. I’m a Scorpio.”
“Well that explains a lot.” John said, still feeling the sting of their passionate encounter. “Man, you really know how to fuck.”

Leo laughed. “Thanks I get that a lot.” He said with exaggerated shrug to let John know that he was kidding.
“I bet you do.” John decided to venture a bit further. “So….how do you normally meet guys?” he asked.

“In front of liquor stores.” Leo said without missing a beat. He was referring to the night that they met. “But really it usually takes a while. You know there’s the whole eye contact thing then one of us will strike some type of conversation. Maybe someone at the gym. Maybe someone from work or a friend of a friend when we go out drinking. What about you?”

“Me?” John thought about it. “Well I was married to a woman from the time I was twenty-two until we got divorced a little over a year ago. So it was usually fairly infrequent. Still is actually. Except for you that is.”
“Really? I’m finding that hard to believe. I mean, you seduced me pretty easily.” Leo said, facetiously.
“Seduced you?” John thought about it. Although it wasn’t entirely accurate he actually liked the idea that he had seduced hot young guy. “Well, I guess I did.” He said with a little laugh.
“It actually doesn’t happen often for me either. Not like this anyway. Too bad I’m leaving soon. Be nice to meet another guy like you at my next base.”

This caught John slightly off guard. “Leaving soon?” he asked.
“Yea,” Leo replied. “I just got orders to go overseas.” He explained.
“Anywhere dangerous?”
“Not really. I’m going to Turkey.”

“I guess that’s not too bad.” John said, his disappointment growing. He had known that Leo was in the but hadn’t ever thought about him possibly leaving. He admitted to himself that he didn’t really know Leo well enough to miss him terribly but he would definitely miss the sex. Not just the act itself but the how easy it all was. Usually they could just send a text, meet up, have their fun, and then part ways amicably. He didn’t have to worry about anyone’s wife finding out or one of them getting emotional. On top of that there was another positive.

John never regretted having sex with Leo. He was able to let loose and let Leo have his way with him and not feel ashamed. Leo was a nice guy who was great in bed and never made John feel degraded like Pat had.
“So when do you leave?” John asked Leo as he pulled on a pair of black boxer briefs that had been discarded on the floor.
“About 3 months.”
“Well,” John said getting out of bed and walking confidently up to Leo to grab his crotch. “I guess I better get as much of this as I can before you leave.”


Now standing in his kitchen John felt a jittery nervousness. He checked his phone and again read the latest text message. He again confirmed that he had a visitor on the way. After several minutes there was a ring at the door.
“Hey,” John said opening the door to his large, burly guest. “Come in.”

He wore a loose t-shirt with the word “tapout” spread across the chess, flimsy blue basketball shorts that came down to the knee, and flip-flops. Dylan was his name. He looked to be in his early forties. John had had a short conversation with him at the gym earlier that week and had given him his number. He walked through the front door and followed John into the kitchen.

“Nice place,” was all he said in his low gravelly voice.
“Thanks,” John said. “Do you want a beer on something else to drink?” John had already made himself a strong drink to calm his nerves. It was starting to work, he stopped wondering if this was a mistake and decided to go with the flow.
“What’s your usual drink of choice?” John asked.
“Whatever’s around” Dylan said.
“Jack and Coke okay?”

“Yeah that’s fine.” Dylan replied looking around. John decided to make it strong. He was smart enough to know that Dylan’s tough guy act was hiding some nervousness. Since their first encounter where John had contemplated sucking his dick in a gym shower they hadn’t talked about sex or much of anything. John was sure that Dylan was interested in him sexually and that something sexual was going to happen tonight but he wanted to talk first. For some reason that made it hotter to him. After adding ice, liquor, and cola to a glass John handed it over to Dylan who immediately took a sip.

“Man, this is strong.” He said.
“Well, I figured you’d like it that way.” John replied. “You seem like you can handle it.” John checked Dylan out again. He was hot in rough sort of way, and very tall.
“How tall are you?” John asked, making himself a second drink.

“Six-three” Dylan said, taking a swig of his drink. He was a well-muscled guy with a barrel chest. From what he had seen in the locker room at the gym there didn’t seem to be an ounce of fat on him.
“What are you? About five-nine?” Dylan asked.
“Five-ten, actually” John replied.
“Well maybe five-nine and a half.” John admitted. He felt was feeling a bit looser than he had while waiting for Dylan to arrive. Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the fact that they were in the very kitchen where he had “seduced” Leo. John asked him a few more questions buy only got short, terse answers. Though he was able to confirm that Dylan was forty years old.

After Dylan’s second drink John led him into the living room where they sat on the couch. John got him to open up by asking about his workout regimen. He wasn’t really all that interested but took it as an opportunity to compliment Dylan’s body.
“You have really nice pecs.” John said reaching over to pat Dylan’s chest and give it little squeeze.
“You could tell that through my shirt?” Dylan said.

John laughed a little. “Yeah, man. You’re pretty jacked. Plus I remember from the locker room….” John let his voice trail off. As it usually did, alcohol had emboldened John.
“You have really muscular thighs too.” He said and grasped Dylan’s right thigh with both hands. “Is this okay?” He asked.
“Yeah. I don’t mind.” Dylan replied. John wanted to give the impression of a examining a patient. Something cold, clinical, and nonsexual just in case Dylan had a bad reaction. But as John gave Dylan’s thigh a squeeze and moved upward he noticed the pattern of a hard cock through his shorts and pointing leftward toward Dylan’s stomach. He looked up at Dylan and finally let one of his hands slide up to his crotch, cupping his balls.
“Suck my dick.” Dylan commanded in his deep, gravelly voice.

“Ok.” John replied. He reached under the leg of Dylan’s shorts and pulled his dick down from underneath a pair of tight briefs, freeing it. He looked at the long pink shaft and the vein running down the center.
“You have a really nice dick.” John said before lowering his head and taking it into his mouth. Dylan was still fully clothed with just his dick jutting out from under his shorts and into John’s mouth as John started to kiss and suck it. Soon John got down on his knees between Dylan’s legs and pulled the flimsy blue shorts down over his legs and discarded them on the floor. He pulled Dylan’s grey briefs down to his thighs loving the way his hard curved dick popped up on to his abs. Again he filled his mouth. John grasped the cock with his hand took it in as far as he could, choking and gagging as Dylan’s manhood prodded the back of his throat.

“Come on, used your hands.” Dylan goaded. “And deep throat that dick.”
John paused. “Most guys don’t like it when I use my hands.” By most guys he meant Leo.
“Then you weren’t doing right.” Dylan replied. “Don’t worry I’ll train you.”

As John eagerly sucked Dylan’s cock Dylan instructed him in great detail exactly how he wanted it. Soon John’s and hand mouth were working in unison, sucking and stroking Dylan’s cock obediently.
“Fuck yeah, you know what you’re doing.” Dylan said. “Take it all the way down your throat.”

“I’ve never been able to deep throat.” John said taking a minute to catch his breath. At this point Dylan began to talk about deep throating cock in such explicit detail that John became sure that it was something he had done frequently and something that he enjoyed greatly. John decided not to remark on that in case it interfered with Dylan’s tough guy act. He attempted to take the full length of his manhood. At first try John slowly took Dylan’s slick cock far into his mouth until he felt the head at the back of his throat. He gagged and choked but kept on trying and eventually opened his throat to the throbbing dick.

As the full length of Dylan’s dick slid into John’s mouth and throat. Dylan pulled his t-shirt over his head. He was now fully naked and ready to use John’s body for whatever he wanted.

“Lick my balls.” He commanded. John kept a firm grip on Dylan’s cock as he worked his tongue down and under the large balls. Dylan spread his legs and lifted his hips to give John better access to his nuts and taint. “Keep going,” he said as John licked up and down his balls and taint still stroking his wet dick with his hand.

After having his fill of John’s oral pleasures Dylan lifted John’s head and kissed him passionately. Dylan’s tongue invaded John’s mouth. John wasn’t used to kissing and wasn’t quite sure if he liked it but still went along with it, eager for what would happen next.
Dylan finally pulled John’s shirt over his head then pulled his jeans down and off. Now they were both naked and rock hard.

“I wanna taste your asshole.” Dylan said. John got down on all fours on the floor and presented his to Dylan. Feeling rough hands on his cheeks he was filled with anticipation. Dylan spread John open and dove in. He didn’t so much lick John’s ass as much as he fucked him with his tongue. Dylan savored the taste of John’s tight, pink hole delivering pleasure that made John tremble. Dylan tongue fucked John for several minutes before slipping a finger inside of him further loosening him up. John was ready and expecting to be penetrated. When Dylan suddenly stopped he turned and looked back.

Unexpectedly Dylan sat back down on the couch. John turned around to see his large, naked body. His long pink dick shooting up into the air.

“Come sit on it.” Dylan said. John reached into the drawer next to the couch and pulled out a condom and a bottle of lube. He opened the condom with his teeth and then rolled it over Dylan’s cock. After lubing it and himself up he straddled Dylan. John got a firm grip and guided the tip into his hole as he slowly lowered himself. This was what he had been waiting for. Not worried at all about the initial pain John sat all the way down. He wasn’t usually much of a rider and really preferred to take it from behind. Just as he decided to give it a try Dylan sat straight up at the edge the couch.

“Wrap your legs around me.” Dylan said. He pulled John close and unexpectedly stood up, hoisting John’s entire body effortlessly. John’s eyes opened wide with shock and an intense sensation as gravity forced Dylan’s dick deeper into him.
“How are you so strong?” John said staring intensely into Dylan’s eyes.

“Where’s the bedroom? I’m gonna fuck you right, pretty .” Dylan said aggressively.
“It’s upstairs.” John said expecting to be put down.
“I like a challenge.” Dylan replied. Unbelievably he started to walk slowly toward the staircase carrying John with amazing ease. Bouncing slightly with each step John felt the hard dick bobbing inside of him. By the time they got his room he was filled with feeling of lust and admiration so strong he couldn’t think straight.

At John’s bed Dylan collapsed on top of him. No longer able to hold back, he fucked John missionary pumping his hips and grinding in and out of him. John spread his legs wide. Dylan was a , passionate man and John was ready to take whatever Dylan wanted to give. John grabbed Dylan’s ass cheeks roughly, feeling them move up and down.

“Fuck yeah. Grab my ass. Grab my Fucking ass!” Dylan growled. He lifted John’s legs up into air and drove his long dick deeper into John’s tight hole. Dylan pounded John’s ass hard while holding on to his ankles and even kissing his feet. John was in ecstasy grunting with every thrust, loving everything that his partner was doing his feet now over Dylan’s shoulders.

“AH…YEAH! YEAH. TAKE IT PRETTY BOY. FUCKING TAKE IT ALL.” Dylan was by far the most vocal partner John had ever had. He didn’t care about that. In fact, John didn’t care about anything. He didn’t care that he barely knew this man. All he cared about was his dick. Soon, much too soon for John, Dylan bore down on him. His hips began pulsating with an intensity that only meant thing. Dylan lowered John’s legs and began to kiss and fuck him mercilessly. Dylan grunted loudly and John could hear the loud slapping sound of Dylan’s hips slamming against his ass.

“AH. Fuck. FUCK!” Dylan screamed as he shuddered and pumped his heavy load into John. Dylan fell onto John gasping and shaking, still squirting remnants of his orgasm into the condom inside of John. John heard Dylan’s heavy breathing and moaning in his ear. He was still rock hard. Slowly Dylan pulled out of John. John jumped slightly as the tip of Dylan’s dick fell out of him.

“You’re incredible” Dylan said.
“So are you…..I’m still hard.” John replied.
“It’s ok. I’m gonna take care of you.” Dylan grabbed John’s cock and began to suck it aggressively. John’s dick was average in size and Dylan had no problem taking it all in. John’s eyes grew wide with surprise as Dylan expertly handled his cock. He looked down to see Dylan’s head bobbing and swerving vigorously. Dylan grunted loudly as he repeatedly, effortlessly slid the entire length of John’s dick in and out of his mouth.

Dylan was good. The John had ever had in fact. He reached down, stroked the back of Dylan’s head and watched as Dylan’s lips worked his slick, wet cock, noticing that Dylan did not make eye contact. Dylan reached up with one hand and began working John’s nipple. Soon he pulled up.

“Spread your legs.” Dylan said. As he again clamped down onto John’s cock Dylan slid a finger past John’s asshole and deep into him. John lost all control, moaning loudly as Dylan sucked and fingered him. The feeling of Dylan roughly pinching his nipple and sliding his digits in and out of his hole, all while still sucking his dick with amazing skill was too much for John.

“Yes. Fuck Yeah! I’m GONNA CUM! I’M GONNA CUM” John yelled losing, complete control of his body. His toes curled, his back lifted off the bed, and he finally ejaculated a massive amount of semen. Wave after wave left his cock. None which he saw because his new friend did not let up. John felt the tip of his dick at the back of Dylan’s throat as he coated his mouth with cum.

For the first time Dylan choked and gagged but he continued to work the full length of John’s cock, now with loud slurping sounds and he sucked up and swallowed every drop. As the last of John’s orgasm passed his body shook. And when Dylan kissed the tip of his dick he had one last involuntary spasm.

Dylan, finally showing some exhaustion from all of his efforts, collapsed on the bed beside John. They lay side by side, naked, and breathing heavily for what felt like forever. All of John’s apprehension about inviting the man he met at the gym to his house was gone. Also gone was the worry that he might have no one call when Leo left. This had been fairly easy. If, he thought, he just paid a bit more attention and was a little more ballsy he would have no problem meeting new lovers. Or even friends.

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