The Realtor and me

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

A couple of years ago I decided to put my house on the market and began looking for a good realtor. A friend of mine recommended a buddy of his who had been in the business for some ten years and had a very good track record of selling houses for over the asking price, so I called the up and arranged to have him stop by my house one evening. His name was Tom. He came by right at the time he said he would and we talked a bit then I showed him around the house and he recommended some things I should do before he listed the house- rearranging furniture a bit and getting rid of some of the clutter- little things to make the house more sellable. He even said he would come over the following Saturday and help me if I wanted him to and I readily agreed.

So, Tom came over the following Saturday and we got to work. We took a couple truck loads of stuff I had accumulated over the years and brought it all to Goodwill then spent the rest of the day cleaning the house from top to bottom, as he had already arranged for someone to come and look at the house the next day. After hours of long, hard work both of us were dead tired. I asked Tom if he wanted to stay for dinner- I told him I'd order a pizza and pick up some beer then we could take a dip in my hot tub if he wanted. He was cool with that, so I hopped in my car and went to pick up the pizza and beer and told him just to make himself comfortable until I got back.

We talked over dinner- just small talk. I asked him if was married and had any kids as I spotted a wedding band on his finger. He said he was- his wife was a Flight Attendant for one of the major airlines and was working a European run for the weekend. He said he had a son in college. I thought he was around my age- 35 - but he was 54 years old. We polished off the better part of a case of beer before I asked him if he wanted to hit the hot tub- he gladly accepted the offer and asked me if I had a spare bathing suit he could use. I just smiled and said "No suits allowed in my hot tub- don't worry the neighbors can't see." He laughed and I asked him if he wanted to smoke a joint with me in the tub. He smiled and said he hadn't smoked pot since his college days and wouldn't mind taking a hit or two.

The hot tub was right off my bedroom- we headed down the hall into my room. I told him I'd grab a couple towels from the laundry and would be right in and that he could just leave his clothes on the bed. I ran down to the basement and grabbed the towels and by the time I got up to my room, Tom had pulled off his shirt and was sitting on the end of my bed taking off his shoes. He had an amazingly well-sculpted chest- six pack abs and just the right amount of salt and pepper hair. I quickly disrobed then sat next to him on the bed and rolled a joint while he finished undressing. I had to laugh- he stripped down to his underwear (standard issue Y-fronts- then wrapped his towel around himself, pulling off his underwear under the towel. I wasn't so shy- I had stripped totally down to nothing, not caring a bit. I finished rolling the joint and we headed out to the tub- he was just as shy climbing into the tub, turning away from me so I only got a view of his bare - a very firm one at that. I did catch a glimpse of a very low-hanging set of balls as he climbed into the tub, though.

I lit up the joint and passed it to him- he took a nice, long toke and held it in for a while. I told him he better take it easy if he hadn't smoked in a while. Weed was quite a bit stronger than it was in his college days. As we finished off the joint he asked me if I had a girlfriend. I told him not at the moment- that I had recently divorced and that was why I was selling the house. His next question really surprised me... "So not married, no girlfriend, huh? You ever fool around?" I smiled... "On my wife when we were married? No- she's the one that fooled around and I caught her." He laughed. "No, I mean now. Do you fool around now?"

I smiled and answered, "Not really- haven't found the right woman I guess.' He looked at me and paused for a second before replying. "How about with other guys? You ever fool around with other guys?" I laughed. "God! Not since college when me and my roommate got a little one night!" Suddenly I felt his hand on my knee. "You interested in fooling around with me?" he stated quietly.

"Whoa!" I replied, "I didn't mean to give you any mixed signals or anything by asking you to take a hot tub with me! I mean, thank you, I guess, but I'm not really into guys or anything." Tom turned red as a beet and answered, "I'm sorry- I misunderstood. I mean - when you pulled off your clothes so quick and just sat there naked in front of me then smiled at me as I was getting undressed I just assumed that maybe you were, you know, bi or something."

I smiled and replied, "That's okay- no need to apologize. I take it you're bisexual?" Tom looked down and grinned. "Actually- I'm Gay. My marriage is one of convenience- my family is very religious and, well, you know how that is. My wife understands 100%. She does her thing, I do mine."

That lead to a very long uncomfortable silence. Both of us sat there, glancing at each other and not saying a word. Then I got to thinking.... That night in college with my roommate. It wasn't all that bad. It was actually fun... He had asked if he could suck my and I initially told him no way, then he convinced me to let him by telling me just to shut my eyes and pretend he was my girlfriend. So, that's what I did at first then not much later I found myself with my head between his legs sucking his cock. That was my one and only "Gay" experience and my roommate and I never spoke of it again- I don't even think he remembered doing it he was so drunk!

I thought some more, then just muttered "What the hell" and reached over and placed my hand on Tom's leg. He smiled and I softly whispered "Why don't you slide a little closer?" Tom stood and walked across the tub sitting right next to me and placing his arm around my neck. When he stood I got the first glimpse of just what he was packing. Flaccid, his cock had to be 7" long and very thick. Tom leaned in close to me and whispered "You want to kiss?" I smiled and muttered "In for a dime, in for a dollar- what the hell. Sure." He softly kissed my neck, slowly working his way up to my mouth. When he reached my mouth I parted my lips and slipped my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for what seemed an eternity before he pulled away from me.

I looked at him and said "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but you are the kisser I have ever experienced!" Tom laughed softly and whispered "Why don't we move into your bedroom?" Without even answering I stood and got out of the tub. By now my cock was rock hard and sticking straight up its fill six inches. Tom hadn't even touched it yet- the entire time we were kissing he was rubbing my back and playing with my nipples. I, on the other hand, had immediately placed my hand right around his shaft and when he finally went hard, I figured it had to be 9" long and almost as thick as a longneck beer bottle.

When he stood and climbed out of the tub I could see I was wrong, He had to be all of 12" long. We quickly dried off and headed into my bedroom. As we were climbing into bed I said, "Excuse me for asking, but I'm relatively new to this- if you know what I mean. So what do we do next? With my college roommate it was all sort of wham-bam thank you ma'am and over in ten minutes." Tom laughed. "Well," he answered, "believe it or not I actually don't like sucking cock! I prefer getting . You ever done anal sex?"

I had to laugh. "My wife would have killed herself before she would have let me fuck her in the ass! And she never sucked cock either! But to tell you the truth, I wouldn't mind fucking you as long as you're clean. And I wouldn't mind sucking you off if you're game." Tom smiled. "Well- I take it you have a shower. Do you have a removable shower head? I can jump in and take the shower head off and give myself a quick enema just to be sure I'm clean. You can give me the enema if you want to- that really makes me hot." I couldn't help myself- I shouted "OOOOOOOOO!!!!! KINKY!" and Tom cracked up laughing. So into the shower we went. I removed the shower head, made sure the water was warm and flowing softly and gently inserted the shower hose into his tight ass. He immediately let out a loud moan and told me to hold it there until he said "When."

I swear he waited a minute before he said "when" then he jumped out of the bathtub, squatted over the toilet and I watched as he expelled what was easily two gallons of water out of his hole. He let out a loud sigh, smiled and said "There! Clean as a whistle!" Want to lube my ass up with your spit then fuck me hard and long?" I had a -seeded fantasy about licking out my wife's ass for ages, so without even thinking I just spun Tom around and dove my tongue deep inside his pucker. He immediately started to moan so loud I thought the walls were going to crack...

I must have tongued his ass for a good 20 minutes. I immediately tasted the tang of his butt funk when I inserted my tongue into his hole- it didn't bother me a bit. The entire time he just kept yelling FUCK ME over and over and I soon obliged. Oh. My. God. You want to talk amazing... fucking his ass was pure pleasure. He was SO FUCKING TIGHT! I swear I wasn't inside him more than a few minutes before I shot my load. The first time. I just kept going. I fucked and fucked and fucked like there was no tomorrow. I ended up blasting three loads of cum right up his ass and he screamed the entire time. He wasn't kidding when he said he liked to get fucked.

The last load I shot, I had to pull out. My cock was fucking shot. Limp and useless I had cum so much. My balls were so drained you couldn't even see them. And not a second after I pulled out, Tom looked at me and said, "Man I hope you are ready to take a load down your throat- because I am going to fucking bust a nut that you won't believe!" Down I went. It was all I could do just to get the head of that enormous cock into my mouth. I took it in and immediately started to gag- but I kept at it. After a couple minutes I tasted it. Creamy, salty heaven. He filled my mouth with so much cum it was running down my chin. I pulled away and swallowed every last bit of it. Tom didn't say a word- he just collapsed on his back and let out a sigh. A half hour later he was sound asleep next to me, with my hard cock embedded in his ass.

Best realtor I ever used. And ABUSED!

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