The Pool

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Never been a fan of swimming, or water. I guess that's why I was sitting in a chair while everyone else was swimming in the indoor pool. Shirt was still off, though, and swimming trunks were on. But I wasn't in the water. Plenty of other people were. The pool was enough to hold at least 50 people, and no kids were allowed, so you didn't have to worry about any piss being in it. A hot tub was at one end, water spilling over the edge, mixing with the cooler water. Huge windows behind me gave a view to the hotel garden, and the outdoor pool. It was closed though. No one would dare go swimming outside in the middle of winter.

While everyone else talked to each other and swam, I sat and read a book. But sometimes I would pretend to be reading my book, and look at guys as they swam or walked by. They were all pretty hot, but none as hot as one leaning back in a chair across the pool. He too was reading a book, some sort of gay, erotic fiction. 'At least I have a chance.', I thought to myself. He had the book in front of his crotch, probably hiding a boner. Just the thought of that made me hard. His looks were a contributing factor as well. He had no tan lines, even though he wore a speedo. His body was , but still very toned and muscular. I could tell that his skin was smooth, but he has hair in all the right places. A perfect amount on his legs, and a thin happy trail that led up from the waist of his speedo, where it dispersed before disappearing under the tight spandex. He had the face I've ever seen. Some stubble, thin, but somehow full lips, a perfectly straight nose, and big, bright blue eyes. Like really light blue. Also, thick, dark brown hair that looked messy but in all the right places.

After a while, people started to clear out of the pool, until it was just me and this . I couldn't help but look up every once in a while. He didn't look at me until the fourth or fifth time that I looked at him. When I did meet his eyes, he was biting his lip, and nodded his head backwards, signaling for me to come over. I looked behind me first to make sure he was signaling me. When I saw that he was talking to me, I got up with my book and slid my feet across the tile floor, trying not to slip on the puddles. When I made it to the refuge of the chair next to him, he extended his hand and said, "Hi, I'm James."

"Spencer.", I replied, while shaking his hand. It was soft and smooth, but very masculine as well.
"You probably weren't reading the same type of book that I am, but I just wanted to tell you that I find you very attractive.", he said confidently. I connected his analogy about the erotic gay book he was reading, to him being gay and thinking that I wasn't.
"Well I'm flattered, and I'm obviously not reading gay erotica," I said, while he blushed, "But I have read multiple types of books like that before and I actually quite enjoy them." He smiled when he realized that I was gay too. "I find you attractive too." I broke the silence.

Then I noticed some fuzz in his hair, and I reached out my hand to pluck it out. He didn't even move or flinch. When I lowered my hand, I raised it back up and took his book away from his grip. I could see the outline of his hard through the spandex. I swung around and got down on my knees so I was kneeling before his open legs. He put his hands behind his head and leaned it back.

I couldn't get his speedo off with my hands, so I bit the edge and ripped it open with my teeth. James laughed. His slowly raised up. It was about six or seven inches, and curved up and to the left. The spandex was easier to peel off, and after it was out of the way, I slowly licked his cock from the base up to the head. The head was big and thick, just like the rest of his shaft. I could see that veins wrapped around it, and I felt them in my mouth too. It was warm, and felt comfortable rubbing against my tongue. Almost involuntarily, my tongue flicked around his thick, warm, smooth cock. Up and down I went, comforted by the sound of his heavy breathing and moaning. I could feel him tense up. He was about to cum, so I stopped. Him climaxing too soon would spoil the fun.

I stood up and pulled him up with me. He stepped out of his torn speedo. Then he crouched down and put his fingertips at my ankles. Slowly, he started to stand up, lightly dragging his fingers up with him. I couldn't help shuddering when it tickled. When his head got to the top of my bathing suit, he waited for his hands to catch up. First they went up the pant legs, grazing my thighs. They griped my for a second, then came back out and continued to my waist. I thought he was going to suck me off, but he dragged his tongue from the waist of my trunks, into my belly button, up the middle of my abs, to my collar bone, over my Adam's apple, under my jaw, over my chin, and into my mouth after circling around my lips. Our tongues wrestled together.

Then without warning, he picked me up from underneath my ass, and walked us forward into the pool. I grabbed onto him as tight as I could, and locked my lips to him. We made no effort to rise to the surface, just let our bodies intertwine and hold onto each other for dear life and never let go. Just the way I wanted it to be. But eventually we needed air, and we kicked up from the floor to the surface, and into the air again, our bodies still glued together. He picked up my legs and wrapped them around him. Then he moved his hands back to my ass, and danced his fingers around my hole, sometimes slipping one in for a split second. He began to walk us over to the shallow area, and kissed my neck. A more correct term would be, sucked. I knew I was going to have a hickey, as I gasped for air, still out of breath. His fingers wrapped around my ass tighter, as I dry humped his abs, sending splashes of water up.

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