The Police

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

100% fiction!

so one normal day pushing bags at vancover with my brother that is 18 twink ,120 pounds 5,9feet, not gay. and im very gay not open about it skinny twink 100 pounds blonde hair blue eyes,alot smaller then my brother but im 19, we both new alot about the streets and new how to do it.It was jus a sunny day down on 5th and Main street,

selling bags to crack heads and then outta no where.

Whoooaappp whoooaapp !!! A cop car pulls right a head to us me and my brother with no thought jus start booking it down a back alley hopping fences,and then I remembered my brother nick had the stash, of a half ounce of crack cocaine and hes under age and our parents had no clue we did this . and then I looked down as I was running and I saw him chuck it behind a dumpster.The police car pulled in at the end of the alley. Fuck we both said and the same time.The cop got out and said boys you know whats going on right.We both looked at each other and said No.The the police officer hand cuffed us and said im arresting you for suspecious activity,and potentally trafficing, and we saw you shove the crack up your when you were running.I yelled at them, WTF are you talking about, you dident see me do that.We both got in the back of the cop car, and debaited whos going to take the blame immeditly i said, Me!and then my brother begsn to say well no it was mostly mmhh.....and the cop got into the car and then took off his glasses and said how are you,to both of us and i said bout 5,9ish.

My brother said bout 5,5 and then the cop said No !! How fuckin long are you .I immediatly Gulped, my saliva and looked at my brother we both stood in silence and the cop yelled even louder, ANSWER ME!!.

I answered 7 inches, my brother answer 9 inches, i looked at him and said wow really,with my jaw dropped and the cop said were goin on a drive.I was confused as fuck, i thought i was being busted adn then he started being sexual i dident no what to think but i had butterflys in my stomach meen while my brother jus looked scared out of his mind.We started driving out to the farm land area of North Vancouver.

We hit a stop the cop got out and came around to my side of the car and opened my door, and yelled, GET OUT.So I got out very nervously,and scared of whats going to happen next.Then the Cop Yelled, ON YOUR KNEES. i looked at him confused,and then he jus pushed me to the ground and hand cuffed my legs together,and locked the cuffs tight i could feel it rugging on my leg it hurt, then my brother got out slowly, and the cop grabbed him and through him out of the car,Owww!! my brother said as he hit the ground,the the cop grabbed his legs and cuffed them together.He told us too stand up,so we did, then he asked who has the crack in your ass,I laughed a little,and he said DO YOU THINK IM FUNNY !!, and i immedately answered no sir.

he grabbed my ass and then smacked it really hard it felt kinda good..hah. and then the cop said again if you arent going to tell me im strip searching you. None of us had any thing up our ass my brother through it but i wasent about to jus say that because he dident even have any evidence on us in the place,so we stood inh silence then the cop ran up behind both of us and whipped down our pants,Omg, I mumbled my brother was shocked he couldent even say anything he was blank faced,then the cop said,;MAKE UP WITH EACH OTHER, i said well whats that have to do.....and jus as i was going to finish what i was saying there was a gun to my head and then i jus grabbed my brother and started making out with his blank scared shitless face.HAhhahaha The Cop laughed, then he pushed his gun on my head to make me go lower near my brothers , and said suck it i know your Gay!!,i wanted to say no becuase it was my brother bgut theres a gun to my head no time to think.

So i grab my brothers cock about 6 inches not errected, and start teasing the head,and soaking it with spit,and then it really slowly, then i put my mouth right to his head, and started swirling my tongue, in circles around the head of his cock, and a little pre-cum,ooozzzeed out on to my lips then the cop said :Wow your acually pretty good at suckin cock give me a tr4y. and Grabs My head and says open wide still with his gun facing me. so I did and out of no where, his cock cums ramming into my throat, I choaked and screamed, and then he started abusively ramming his cock into my mouth in and out in and out deepthroating it everytime,then he put it in and pushed my head as hard as he could and yeld my head there he was shooting warm thick loads of cum I began to puke all over his cock,and he pulled out looked at me,and smacked me across the face with his pistol.My brother was watching the whole time and jus saw me puke on a police officers ,and get knocked out .

I woke up with my ass really hurting about 2 hours later and the cop ramming me in the ass ive never felt it before all i can say is it was a great experience to wake up to, and then i hear the cop say 9 inches omg and your so young, and My brother was fuckin the cop in the ass, we were havening a 3 way and i dident even no it. then i passed out again.

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