The Only Two Anthro in the World

(Part 1 from 2. Fiction.)

It had been three years since the world first found out about Red and Max, and it's been a wild ride ever since. After all, they are the world's only 'furries', the only anthropomorphic life forms to have even been known to exist. Max the fox, with his sleek fur of orange and white and paws, and Red, the wolf, with his strikingly well defined body covered in silver and brown fur.

Neither of the boys could remember what happened beyond three years ago, suffering from some kind of amnesia, and they know of no family or origin of their birth. Red was in the United States and Max in Europe, both 'awakening' on the same day. When the world found out of their existence, it was huge news. Humanoid animal hybrids were real!

Max walks across the room, passing by Red who is sitting on the couch in his boxers, looking up some latest news on the pair, who have since become stars, celebrities, singers, you name it, and all the fame thanks to them being the only furries in the world.

There had been artwork, fiction, of furries for dozens of years, before these boys were known, so you can imagine what the Furry fandom thought when they were discovered. Wow... And also imagine how easy it is to find work and fame. Don't need special effects when you have a walking talking anthrop for real in your movie!

Max heads to the bathroom, takes a shower, and throws on a pair of boxers. The two are in California, shooting together in the same film, which sometimes happens. And this is one of the off days where they can relax. They were even given a rental of their own private house not far from the set. Lucky them!

Max is pacing around the living room, his large bushy orange and white tail swaying back and forth.
"Haha, hey Max . . . there's a few more I found by the way."
"Oh geez, what is with people?"

By 'a few more' and the inflection in Red's voice, he knew what he had found. More erotic fan fiction involving Red and Max. There was plenty of it produced in the last three years. Did you think these two could avoid Rule 34, especially BEING a fox and a wolf? Laughable odds.

Despite all of the artwork and raunchy stories about them, however, Sam and Red rarely discussed sex, and had definitely never come close to making it a far.
They had admitted that each had taken advantage of some female fans, human ladies, but had not gone into the details.
Max coughs, usually nervous about this topic but curious. "Aheh, what have we got this time?"
Red is always more forward. "Kinda a boring hot tub scene . . . human penises in this one, ahaha, and then the other is some kinky bondage. We have canine dicks in this."

Max laughs, and can't help the thought that pops into his head. They have never asked each other what the other actually has for a penis. Why would they, it's a weird question to ask a friend for sure.
Max looks over at Red who is leaning forward, concentrating on the laptop on the glass doffed table in front of the couch. He takes note of the way Red's abs twist, and the sleek curve on his torso as he is bent to reach the keys and type. He really does have a nice body, no wonder there is just so much fan work of these two, and it seems its more sex than innocent works of art. Max himself is also a finely toned, trim, and appealing physic. They have to keep in shape, being movie stars after all.

But Max had sensed something different about Red recently. He caught him looking at him when he thought he was being subtle, and would bring up the sexy fan art more frequently. Was it just his imagination?

"haha," laughs Red, his wolf muzzle pulling back in a smile. "All these different versions."
"Of stories?" Max asks.
"Haha, no, of our penises. Only we know what the real deal is. Well, about our own that is. You haven't told me anything about yours."

Max was standing looking out the window at the neighborhood, and he fell a strange warmth float up through his body and across his neck, a flush of emotion he can't rightly recognize at hearing the words Red spoke. He couldn't believe it, he was just thinking about this, and now Red boldly asked that question. No wait, he didn't really ask, he just stated that they hadn't discussed it.

Why did Max suddenly feel disappointed when he realized Red didn't actually ask him? He expected to feel relieved.
"Oh, um, yeah. haha. Guess they'll never know."
"Unless the ladies we've been with tell them, haha."
"Oh shoot," Max said, "you're right, we are lucky so far, but maybe they have told and nobody believes them. We're kinda famous after all."
"Oh yeah true."

Red stared at him, meeting eyes. He had such a striking dark shade of amber, and Max's own were a dark shade of blue, that the ladies loved, of course. Red's wolf face regarded him a moment longer.
"So what kind of penis did you put in them, any way?"
Max literally let his jaw drop for a second, then caught it. He felt his pulse beating faster. What should he say?
"Oh," Red said, "Sorry, secrets I guess, I was just curious."

Max walked into the kitchen, pouring a glass of water, which threatened to slide from his furred paws. Made for humans to hold. He didn't know what to say but didn't want to make things awkward.
"There's not much fan art of us with humans, isn't that weird?" Max asked from the kitchen. "You'd think since they make the stuff, they'd want to fantasize about being with us, not us with each other haha."
"It's all fur on fur, sometimes even with some fictional furries thrown in for threesomes or foursomes." Red sighs. "Man, could you imagine if we had someone like us, though?"

"Oh umm, like a female anthro?"
"Sure. Or whatever. You know."
Max felt his heart skip a beat as he was drinking his water, even felt the flush of embarrassment seem like it was heating the liquid in the glass from his lips. Sure, or whatever? What ever else is there? This can't really be happening, what Max thinks is happening. Can it?

Max choose not to respond. Then he was hit with more, and it seemed like unless he found a way to derail this topic it would escalate.
"Do you want to know what the truth about mine is?"
"Um, what, Red?" He asked, glancing at the silvery brown wolf sitting on the couch in only his boxers. Always so casual around him, that part was nothing new. The next part was.
"About my penis, man." Red said, as if it were the most natural thing in the world. "Aren't you curious? It must be hard to picture me with those human women if you don't know what I'm packing, so to speak."

Max was stepping slowly into the room, his black feet bare on the carpet. "Oh, no that's no deal, I guess." Suddenly he realized he wasn't trying to derail the topic. He couldn't understand himself. Then he realized something else. He felt a cool wetness inside his boxers. A tiny bit of pre-ejaculate at his penis tip, even though he wasn't erect.

Oh dear, Max thought to himself, I'm actually becoming excited by Red's talk. His heart raced more, but he tried to hide it. He walked past Red to get to the other side of the couch. But Red stood up and moved as if to walk past him to the kitchen. Okay, that's good, it would have been awkward at the moment to sit down next to him considering...

Then Max felt pressure on the front of his boxer shorts. Something pressed against his scrotum and testicles. He looked down, and saw Red's paw there. He had groped him! And he wasn't letting go.
"Oh, sorry," Red said. Max didn't move or reply.

Red's paw explored higher, pressing the boxer fabric around the tubular shape that ran a few inches above Max's balls. Max inhaled, and felt warm blood begin to beg for entry into his loins. He didn't know what to do or think.
"So it IS a sheath, just like mine. We both have canine penises! I had to know!"

Red's hand continued to rub harder against the front of Max's boxers, his large wolf paw feeling up the two inches of sheath, and squeezing at the canine penis that lay hidden within it. If he had satisfied his curiosity, why was he still rubbing his friend's innocent fox crotch?

Red let go after a few more seconds, then walked to the kitchen. Max felt very awkward. How is he just pretending like this was natural? Had Red been thinking about this for so long and finally decided it was time to act?

Max sat on the couch and looked at the laptop, which was lit up with a very detailed and professional looking artwork of Max down on his knees, orally pleasuring Red. Oh my gosh, he thought. He left that open on the screen.

Red returned, and stop there by the couch, arching his back so his furry silver abs were prominently displayed. And he ran his paw around his waist band on his boxers, lowering it some and showing the attractive definition of his pelvis area.
Max looked from the corner of his eye.
"Oh man, sorry I left that up, I was just looking through what is going on out there, haha. Artists, right?"
"Yeah, haha, it was well done at least."

Red plopped down on the couch next to him quickly. Then he leaned over and reached across Max's lap to get at the keys, resting his elbow on his crotch. He felt the familiar tingle and warmth fighting to fill his fox hood at the close contact. Red closed the browser window.
"What are you doing, Red?"
"You've touched me down there twice now. It's not very subtle."

Red smiled. "Are you implying that I am doing it because I enjoy touching you?"
"Well, it's not very common for you to do this."

Red pulled his arm back, the furry silver forearm dragging along Max's right thigh and crotch as it went.
"What do you think of it?" Red asked.
"Oh, I dunno. I uhh..."
"Wouldn't it be a dream come true for our fans if we really did something?"
"That would." Max had a lump in his throat. And he was starting to feel more precum crawling through his shaft. My god, he wanted this. Is it because Red is making it easy for him, and because he is such a handsome and sexy example of a male anthro? Even compared to all of the artworks that are out there.

"I know you're shy, Max, don't worry, you don't have to say yes with your voice, I'll know by how you react."

Red ran his paw along Max's knee, his silver fur against Max's orange thigh, white on the inside. Max allowed it, not wanting to stop or ruin this moment, finding out new feelings within him. Then Red slid his large wolf paw up to the lip of Max's boxers. Max felt himself leaning back some, his trim abdomen straightening out.

Then Red nuzzled the boxers away from his fur with his finger tips and slid his paw in. He felt the strong wolf's hand slide down and cup his white, furry fox scrotum, and apply gentle pressure. Blood rushed into his testicles as if unable to contain the very excitement Max felt now. This was really happening. Red was making physical contact with his male hood underneath his boxers.

Red reached down and rubbed a bit against the area beneath his testicles, which is always very clean and smooth. Max's breathing was heavy in his chest, and he let out a little moan.
"It feels very nice, Max. You're a handsome young fox."

Max felt blushed at such talk from Red, the kind he'd seen in the fan works. Sometimes sweet, sometimes very dirty. He didn't know what to expect from Red in reality.
"Higher," Max said, and couldn't believe it.

Red didn't seem phased, and rubbed him on the base of his sheath, teasing at the fox penis and baculum bone beneath. His paws had to loosen its grip little by little as blood filled the member and expanded within the sheath. Max rested his head on the couch back and moaned. He felt the slick wet tip of his penis emerge slightly from the furry sheath, and Red massaged through the sheath at the thickening shaft.
"You're so adorable, seeing you enjoying this." Red said, looking at Max with his head tilted back. Max opened his eyes, and Red leaned in slowly, then their lips met. Max didn't fight it. The pulse of his heart beat could be felt through the muzzle, and surely Red could feel it through Max's penis. Max could. Such a strong, excited pulse. They kissed for a moment as Red rubbed at the young fox some more.
This was heaven.

Red reached over and pulled Max's boxers down a bit over his curvy, sexy fox thighs. He rubbed some more, and inch after inch Max's sleek and nicely appealing red cock emerged from his sheath, shiny with more warm precum it was leaking. Max gasped in pleasure as the paw slip up past the sheath and stroked up and down the exposed penis. It felt good, too good. Already something else was coming out of the furry white casing, and beginning to engorge. His knot, at the base of his penis.

"I'm sorry, I have never been this turned on before, Red, I don't think I have long left. I dunno if you want to still me like this, know...happens."
Max was surprised when red leaned forward, and licked his cheek with his long wolf tongue. "You're right."

Then Red bent down, and Max could feel the wolf's breath against his member. Oh my god, he thought. Is he really going to do that? The idea always seemed so dirty, but now the thought of a muzzle wrapped around his red penis turned him on more than anything. He felt tingling beginning to climb from beneath his testicles. A building orgasm. My gosh, this is so hot, it's only been minutes and he was getting ready to cum!
"I want it, Max, don't be shy."

Max moaned. Then he felt warm lips slipping down over his penis. My god, the mouth was so warm, he didn't expect it to be so, absolutely lovely, warm. Red's paw rubbed at Max's testicles while he pulled the fox's dick further in, his muzzle bumping the large knot, that was hard and thickened, wanting to tie with something but having nothing to tie with.

The roof of Red's mouth felt good but the tongue was so twitchy and alive. And so many thoughts were going through his head. Had Red done this before? Well no, there's no other anthro's in the world. What did Red think of the taste of his precum, and feel and texture of his penis against his tongue. He hoped Red wasn't disappointed.

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