The Office

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

I had had a raging hard on all morning long. I had tried jacking off, porn, everything but nothing was working. I got online and started searching. I was primarily only a top but today I knew that I needed more to get me off for good. I needed a hard up my tight hole.

I am a college student 6' with a slim build and a 7" dick and to fuck, especially rough; but sometimes I want a man to use me like his bitch. I sometimes want to be the one getting roughed up. To have a man all the way in me and moaning about how good I feel. So that was my mission for the day. To find that cock.

I searched all over online and finally found a I had chatted with before a few times. He was 22, 6'3 and had a really slim muscular body. He had always asked to fuck me but I had always been looking to top so I always said no. But today was his lucky day. I sent him a quick message, letting him know how horned up I was, how badly I wanted to get fucked. He eagerly replied back saying yes, please can I fuck you!

We began to set it up. I wanted it ASAP. I couldn't wait to feel that cock up inside me. Filling me up. But unfortunately he was at work for another hour. Silently cussing to myself, thinking that it was gonna be a no go, I prepared for the denial and to start my search anew. But then he had an idea. "Why don't you come over ten minutes before I close, I am the only one here, you can hang out and then I will lock up, take you in the back office and fuck you just like you want."

Immediately I felt my semi hard dick jump to fully hard. I had never been fucked in an office before! Then he sent another message, "Would you be willing to wear a jockstrap too?" It started sounding hotter and hotter and in my mind I could see myself being bent over a desk in my jockstrap and it was just too good to say no to. I told him yes and got the address and headed over.

I pulled up to the cell phone store and walked in, seeing him in his work behind the counter. I walked up to him and we made small talk. The store was empty and he told me it had been for the last couple hours. I could barely keep it together while I waited for the clock to slowly tick closer and closer to closing time. Finally he walked out from behind the counter and told me "Close enough, let me just get the doors. The office is right down this hall if you want to head back."

My dick was already hard in my pants and I could feel it pushing against my jock strap. I went into the office and say a couple plain metal desks up against the walls. I went up and sat against one, rubbing my already hard cock through my jeans. He walked in and smiled when he saw what I was doing.

"You really are horny aren't you"

"Yes, I am so fucking horny, I really, really want your cock right now."

Still smiling he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees with my face in his crotch. I could already see his cock getting hard in his pants and I immediately buried my face in his crotch. Nibbling at his cock through his pants. He unzipped and pulled down his pants and I started to lick and nibble his cock through his underwear, cupping and playing with his balls until I felt him get fully hard. Then I pulled down his underwear and his cock flew up towards my face. He was about 7" like myself and I grabbed his cock and guided it into my mouth. I heard him moan as I felt it fill up my mouth and press against my tongue and the back of my throat. It tasted so good. I began to go down on him. taking his hard cock all the way to the back of my throat. Feeling his balls press up against my chin. He was loving it and but his hands on the back of my head and started to fuck my face. I stayed there on my knees as he fucked my face, starting to moan even louder.

Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled me back up to my feet and bent me over one of the metal desks. He started to grab at my through my pants.

"You want my cock in your ass don't you. You want it all the way in, fucking you so ."

"Please, please fuck my tight ass."

I could feel precum dripping from my cock and he hadn't even touched me yet. I began to undo my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. He smacked my ass. Licked his fingers and began to play with my tight hole. It felt so amazing and I found myself starting to moan. Then I felt his hand on my back and he pushed my chest down onto the desk. I could feel his hard cock, still wet from my mouth, pressing against my hole. I wanted it in me so bad I could already feel it. Slowly he put more saliva on his dick and spit onto my hole, lubing it up. Then I felt him start to push into me. I gasped and my entire body went rigid. Like I said earlier, I am pretty much a top, be bottoming for someone happens maybe twice a year. His cock kept pushing deeper and deeper into me. My entire body was shivering in pleasure and pain. I felt my back pushing up against his hands that were holding me against the table. I pulled the front of my jock strap down and started off my hard cock. He saw me doing this and laughed.

"Yea you like this cock don't you. You like feeling it fill up your ass."

I couldn't even reply it felt so good. My entire body was pumped full of adrenaline. His cock was all the way in me and I just wanted more. He began to fuck me. Still holding me down on the desk. Slowly at first but then he started to go faster, and rougher. I was loving it. I was jacking off my cock and moaning so loudly they could probably hear me outside the store. He was moaning as well as he pumped his cock into my ass over and over again. Then I felt his hands grab my shoulders and he pulled my shoulders up towards him. He grabbed a handful of my hair and held my body up as he continued to pound my ass.

It felt so amazing I couldn't handle any more and knew that I was going to cum.

"I am about to blow. Shoot your load in my mouth. I want your hot load shooting down my throat."

He smiled and said sure and pulled his hard cock out of my ass. I got back down on my knees and began to suck away at him again. Faster and faster. I could feel his muscles around his cock and ass tensing as he was getting close. He moaned loudly, grabbed the back of my head and rammed his cock all the way in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel it pulsing as he shot load after load down my throat. I couldn't hold back any longer and my own cock started shoot hot cum up against my chest.

I continued to suck him until he had to pull away because it was getting too sensitive. I smiled up at him, grabbed some kleenex off the desk to clean myself off. He thanked me for the fuck and I thanked him for fucking me. We got dressed and he led me to the front door, talking about the different parts of what we had just done that were his favorite. I thanked him again at the door for the fun time and he invited me to come back again sometime to the office for some more fun. I definitely think I will be going back there again. I could always use a good fucking.

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