The Office: Back room

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Hello, I know it's been some time since I posted the first part of this story, 'the office' but finally here is the second part...

If you recall, my name is Nicholas Price, I own a small printing firm in the south west of England. There is one young man in my employ, Darren, a pale, skinny young lad, twenty two years of age, who has been working late and using the office as a place to offer his bare bottom to horny men. I have been leaving a hidden camera running, and have been able over the last few months to capture him on film being used by five men. Goodness knows how many men have used his body but were out of my camera's line of sight.

I came home, bringing my camera with me, and when my wife had retired to bed, I connected the cam to the TV, locked my study door, and relaxed with a glass or port, and watched my secret footage.

For twenty minutes or so, nothing much happened. Darren appeared to be working at his desk. I began to grow bored of holding the fast forward button, and was about to turn off the television when Darren suddenly got up from his desk and walked out of view. I rewound the recording and turned up the volume, using my headphones of course. I heard a knock at the door. Three knocks. Then a pause. Then three more. Obviously a signal. Frustratingly, Darren and the mystery visitor did not appear again, they remained out of shot. I listened closely.

I could hear whispers, but not clearly enough to make much out. I think I heard 'punishment' and possibly 'spunk'. Then, volume at full, I could hear a whoosh and crack. Then again. Whoosh, crack. A belting perhaps? Hopefully. It went on for some time, then more muttering, and then finally I could hear a man's voice. 'Oohhh fuck yes! Take it boy! Take your punishment!"

The next thing I saw was Darren return to his desk, sitting carefully! Then continuing his work. I decided I would install more cameras, so I could catch him at it, wherever in the office he carried out his slutty habits. Thinking the show was over, I reached for the off button..

But suddenly Darren was taken by surprise, as two men rushed in and grabbed him roughly. One slapped his face as the other started fumbling with Darrens' zip. he struggled but they were two strong men, , they held his arms easily, as they ripped off his pants, leaving his tiny willy dangling bare as the first man grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs apart to look at him.

'Look at the little boy's little willy, that's fucking pathetic boy, I'll show you what a real man's fucking cock should look like, a 's big fat cock.' He shoved his pants down and his long thick penis dropped out, ten inches long and thick and veiny. The other man held Darren's wrists in one huge hand, and covered his mouth with the other, as his friend began pushing his bare black cock into Darrens' white bottom. Darrens' eyes widened as it went into him. Three inches, six inches, nine inches, ten, then those black hips started grinding, driving that massive tool deeep in Darren's bum.

"Ohhh yeah boy, take that black cock deeeep in your pussy."
The black man gave him a good few long deep thrusts, then speeded up, pushing deeper.
"You want that ? Bitch? You want my spunk up in you?' they released his mouth and Darren gasped, 'Yes sir, just, please, do it, your massive cock's too big for my bare white bottom sir.'
'Shut up bitch. you want my cum you gotta beg for it.'
"Yes sir, please please I beg you, I beg you to cum in me, please sir!'
"Beg bitch!"
"Please my black master, please please please please pump your massive bare black man's nob in my white bottom until you cum, I beg you to spurt it all deeep in me, please master, please!"

The man liked that, he pulled that long thick veiny dong almost all the way out, then slammed it right in and came, a huge explosion of cum deeeeep inside Darren's bottom. He pulled out, his slithery cock drooping fast, still pouring sperm, and yanked Darren's head down, bending him over to suck it. He did, taking that black cock deep in his mouth and sucking the spunk as the black man pumped his bare hips, pleasure still pulsing through his balls and cock. The second man took his pants off. He was shorter and stockier, chubby even, in a shiny black tracksuit and blingy chains. As he bent over to take the pants off, I saw his balls. They were like a pair of big heavy drooping black tits.

The biggest balls i've ever seen. Then he turned round and his huge cock came into view. It was three inches longer than his mates', and much much thicker. He pushed it against Darren's hole, driving him deeper onto his mate's spunky cock, so it went right down his throat, still oozing thick spunk. The other one tried to get inside Darren, grabbing his bare hips and yanking him back, his bell end stretching Darren's hole. The other guy helped, taking a good hold of Darren and physically pushing hard against him, forcing him onto that huge shaft. Darren gasped in pain as the cock began working it's way inside him. My own nob was hard as I watched closely, loving it, as Darren struggled and whimpered and two black men ravaged his bared bottom. That massive bare black cock slowly disappeared inside him, stretching his bum wider and wider, tunnelling deeeper inside him, and finally, it was in. All the way, buried right to the hilt.

They bent Darren over the desk for it, and then the fucking began. I got a perfect view, and it was an amazing sight to see that gigantic black nob pull out of Darren's bare bum, then ram back inside, slamming his nude hips against the desk. They held him down and he was fucked deep and hard with that massive black dong, that huge thick thick cock. Darren whimpered and moaned in pain as he was buggered and I loved it, i was wanking off hard as that black stud pounded his nob in that naked bottom, bent over my desk. The buggering got harder and faster. I have never ever seen a bottom banged so hard by such a big cock. The man was panting in pleasure, he wiped his brow and continued thrusting, in and out, in and out, pumping his massively big black cock.

"Mm, ohh ohh yeah, take my big cock bitch, deeeep in your belly. Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fucking your white boy, fucking you good. Ohh you feel that don't you? right up in you. Gonna cum up inside you. I am gonna spunk in you. Mmm, oghhh, ohh god here it cums, gonna cum. Ohhhhhhhgonna cum. gonna cum gonna cum gonna cum....Unnnnnnnnnng!"

The man spunked up in Darren's bare bottom, deeeep inside him, giant cock spurting like a garden hose on full blast, the first pint in one thick jet, then a teacup of cum, then another, pumping away, a desert spoon of sperm, and another, then a mugfull, and another, and after that spurt after spurt that any man would be proud of as a first spurt!
He pumped it all up Darren's bum, every last thick dribble, then pulled out of him. He lay there, used and exhausted as the two black men dressed, congratulating each other on a good fuck, then they left. I watched cum pouring down Darren's legs as he pulled on his underpants, then his trousers, and knelt to clean up the spunk on the carpet.
I watched the whole tape again, I was sure the whole scene had been arranged, it was just a forced sex fantasy, but it was horny and I decided right there and then as I spunked up on the floor, I was going to fuck that little slut.

To do it, I pretended to leave work as usual, but then, parked round the corner, I used my laptop to connect to gay , and started chatting to Darren. I said my name was Roger and that I lived nearby, and Darren said we could have fone sex if I wanted it. 'I'd rather have the real thing' I typed, 'or are you just a prick tease?'
'No sir,' he typed back, 'but I can't accommodate, I am married you see, a secret bumboy.'
'Ohhhhh, I can't accom either. Goodbye then" I put.

He replied instantly, 'Well, I promised I wouldn't do this again, as it's getting risky, my boss might find out, but if you want to, you can come to where I work, shove your cock in me and cum in me then leave.'
'Sounds perfect, where you work?'
'May I see a pic, please sir? I am scared someone I know will turn up one night!' Darren typed.
'Not got any pics. Good luck. Bye.'
'Ohhh sir, please, just describe yourself.'
'My name's roger, 35, dark hair, slight tummy, big penis, horny as hell, wanna turn up and bum you and go. That's all I'm saying. You either want cock or not.'
'Okay, you know CyberCopyzone? Printers near the ring road?'
'Ohh god, you're not a customer are you?'
'No, don't worry I just drove past once and remembered it.'

'Okay, in there. Come and knock three times, pause, then knock three times again, i'll let you in, you decide where you want me to bend over for it. Usually guys say the office, but it's up to you.'
'So how many guys fucked you in there?'
'I have been bummed by twelve men at work sir.'
'Well it's gonna be 13 tonight boy. But I want to just walk in and enter you, without you seeing my face.'
'ohhhh, I like the idea, but what if we know each other sir?'
"Well, that's a risk you'll have to take boy if you want some slime pumping into your bumhole.'
'Yes sir.'

'I will knock as you suggested, then hide. You will unlock the door, and go and take off all your clothes, I want you totally naked, not even a watch, and I want you to lie on your back on your bosses desk with your legs wide open and your eyes shut. I will come in, lock the door, then come and get on top of you, and I will fuck you on your back like a bitch.'
'Yes sir.' Darren replied.
I parked the car, waited a few minutes, then went to the door and knocked. One two three times, pause, then three more, and then I hid. Soon, from round the corner, I heard the key unlock the door. I glanced around, some people on the street, a car going by. But no-one nearby. I went in, and locked the door behind me. I knew my camera would be busily filming the whole thing as I went to the office, finding the lights off as ever.

Darren lay there nude on his back, tiny little white willy bare, skinny legs apart for me to get onto him and fuck him. I took off my pants and undies. I stood between his thighs and rubbed my cock on his hole. He gasped, keeping his eyes obediently closed, blushing and nervous. I looked at my slut, poised ready to claim him as my sex slave. I pushed my hard cock inside his bare bottom hard and he gasped out loud.

Mmmm it felt good inside him. I was going to enjoy fucking the little slut over and over again. I got up on top of him, pinning him down, Darren naked underneath me, by nob buried in his little bottom, and I started fucking him on my desk, my sweaty balls slapping and slightly sticking to him as I thrust into him. I whispered, "When I cum, I might let you open your eyes and see me.'
"uh uh uh, yes sir. thankyou sir!"
"Yes master, sorry master OH! Ohh uh uh ahh ahhh.'

I drove my long thick nob into him hard, really fucking his arse deep, and he bit his lower lip to stop himself crying out in pain as I gave him such a good brutal bumming. God it felt better than I'd hoped!
'You expecting anyone else to come round and bang you tonight boy?'
'uh uh uh yes sir. Got four men coming tonight.'
'UH UH UH you slut, how would you feel if your boss caught you doing this on his desk?'
'Very very embarressed master'
'Right, I'm going to cum in you. get ready to open your eyes.'
'yes master'
"Uh uh uh uh uh ahh ahh, i'm cummin! Open your eyes bitch."

Darren opened his eyes and saw me on top of him. He gasped and blushed in shame.
"Ohhh my god.'
"You ready for my cum?"
"Yes sir, yes master. Pump it in me please."
"You'll be getting it every day from now on."
"Yes master. Anytime, anywhere you want to do it to me."
"Ohh i know. If i get horny at ten i'll buzz you and say 'how are you getting on with that job?' That's code for 'i want to bum you.'
"Yes sir, and what must i do?"
"Stop what you're doing and go into the alley behind the bins. Get on all fours with your pants round your ankles. I'll come and bugger you full of cum. Or I'll do you in my car in the car park.'
"Yes master."

"I'll fuck you after work each day as well."
"Yes master. I'll spread my legs for you anywhere you want it."
"Mmmmm, now then, ohhh yeah, i'm gonna cum, mmmmmmm gonna cum in you."
"Ohhh do it master, cum inside me. Spurt it in me please."
"Cummin, cummin Nnnnnnnnng! Nnnnnnnng! Ohhhhhhh yes, ohhhhhhhhhhh take it all. ooh ohhhh yes." I banged it all right up Darren's little nude bottom and loved it. So much better than fucking my wife's pussy.
"Right." I pulled out of him, my sperm flooding the desk.
"I'll watch you getting bummed by these four men, then I'll fuck you again."
"Yes sir." Darren blushed, covering his little willy in embarrassment.

"Bend over the desk. You call me Master when I am using you as my slut. Bend over for a beating."
"Yes sir, yes master, I am so so sorry master."

Naked, he bent over for punishment and I administered a very hard , twenty of the to that tight little bum, as he lay there wincing and whimpering. Then, i pulled my belt from my trousers, folded it in half, and told him to beg for a whipping.
"Master, please, please I beg you, I have been so naughty, I deserve to be soundly beaten, please administer a good hard.."
CRACK! I let him have the first stroke and he jerked and cried out on my desk.

I had to teach him that he must be obedient, and must worship me as his master, I had to make sure he would be submissive and reliable, considering some of the things I had planned for him!!
The beating was cut short, though, when there was a knock at the door, the secret knock. Darren explained. "I'm sorry Master, that must be the first guy, he's slightly early."
"And who is this first man?"
"Just a man who responded to a note I pinned on a tree in the woods master."
"What did the note say?"
"It said, 'secret lover wants random strangers to turn up, use me for sex, then leave. No limits. If I don't obey you, you can post sex tapes to my wife.'"

I nodded and let him get dressed.
"You'd better go and do your duty slut. I will watch from the other office." I went into the second office, in the dark, I knew I couldn't be seen. Darren let the man in, and brought him across. The guy was about seventy I guess. Bald. Flabby. Darren asked him what he wanted to do, and the man just told him to drop his pants and bend over for a bumming. Of course Darren obeyed and the man mounted him, , long old penis stabbing hard inside him. It didn't take long, maybe eight thrusts and the old guy gasped in pleasure and emptied his bollocks up that nice little hole.

The next guy was the same story, quick doggy style fuck and go. He was about fifty five, small little willy, but a hard fucker!
Man number three was young, teenager, face mostly hidden by a scarf and baseball cap, no doubt feeling guilty or ashamed of his urges, but horny as hell! He made Darren suck his long thick dick as he sat back in one of the office chairs, tracksuit bottoms round his ankles.

He grabbed Darren's hair and violently bounced his face on that thick hard cock.

"Get your pants off and ride my dick." The lad said, trying to make his voice sound deeper and more manly. Darren stripped from the waist down, and climbed on, lowering that bare bum onto the thick hard bare young penis. I watched it penetrate him, and slide inside. The lad's fingers dug into Darren's bare hips and started bouncing him up and down.

"Where do you want it?"
"In my bum." Darren gasped. "Please. Cum inside me."
"Want it up you?"
"Yes sir, please please please."
"Want all my babies in your little gay cunt."
"Uh uh uh ah ahh ohh ohh god do it to me, please sir!"
"Ufff!" The lad grunted, slamming his hips up against that lovely arse, and his big balls emptied their load so so deep in him.

The final knock at the door came as the lad was orgasming.
"Come to my house later, here's the address, come at midnight, dad'll be out. I'm going to fuck you regular."
"Never mind fucking 'well' bitch, i told you to come for a fucking, you got to do it or i send the vids to your wife."
"Yes sir. I'll be there for bumming."

"Good bitch. And be prepared for a long night, my mates are coming to gang bang you too. There'll be about thirty of us."
"Yes sir, I'll be there, but please please can i answer the door now?"

The lad left, and the final appointment came in. I could see straight away that Darren was deeply embarrassed. It had to be someone he knew. It was a guy, maybe a year or two younger than Darren, shorter. They chatted briefly, Darren's head bowed. Finally they came to the desk.
"So this is where you do all your 'entertaining' then is it? Was that young lad one of your homosexual 'chums'?"

Darren nodded, blushing.
"Did he cum?"
"In my bottom."
"You slut."

My dick was hard again, especially when I realised the guy was some kind of relation!..


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