The New Neighbor Spencer

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Senior year of high school had just started and several new families had moved in over the summer. The week of school came and went and I started talking to a new who had moved in during the summer right next to my house. His name was Spencer. He had steely blue eyes, was 6 feet tall and had a rocking hot body. I'm 5'8, green eyes and have a swimmer body since I am on the swim team for my local health club. One day we were talking on the bus and he said he needed help in AP chemistry.

Since I had an A in the class I offered to help him and told him to come over right after school. When we got off the bus he told me that he needed to stop at his house to grab a few things for our study session. I was watching t.v when he finally got to my house fifteen minutes later. He let himself in and I didnt notice him until he was in my living room. I started to get up but he rushed over to me and shoved my back onto the couch. He then started to make out with me. I was at first taken aback since I had never suspected that he was gay and then proceeded to make-out with him as well.

"I've been thinking about you ever since I saw you that day on the bus" he said with a surprising tone.
"I never suspected that you were gay. I always had fantasies about this though" I said.

We then proceeded to make-out for what seemed like an hour, our bodies and tongues interlocked like a double helix.
"I can feel your boner under your jeans" he said as he started vigorously taking my shirt off. Then he shoved his hands into my pants and started groping my 6 inch, rock hard . Then I started to undress him starting with his pants and then moving on to his shirt and finally his underwear.

"Do you want me to blow you?" I said and taking no time for a response shoved his rock hard 7 and a half inch into my mouth. He moaned in pleasure and I could taste the succulent pre-cum in my mouth. As I was sliding up and down his shaft licking his dick he started to wildly moan and at this time I knew that he was going to cum at any minute. I started blowing him faster thrusting his dick as far as it could go down my throat and felt the incredibly tasting cum burst from his hard dick into my mouth.

"That was a nice ass blow-job" he said with a smirk grin on his face. "Now its time for me to do something for you" and with that he threw me onto the couch, took off my pants and started shoving his tongue up my ass. He was licking my ass all the while I was moaning and groaning with pleasure. I had never had my ass rimmed and I was loving every second of it.

"You want me to fuck you?" he said. Then he thrust his beautiful cock up my ass as far as he could. I moaned so loud that it echoed throughout my house.
"Fuck me harder." I said as he penetrated my ass with he long, rock hard, beautiful cock. Then he started me off and I moaned even louder.
"I'm going to cum up your ass." He screamed with pleasure as I felt his hot cum shoot up my ass.
"I am going to cum so fucking hard" I said.

"No wait I wanna feel your cum on my face" Spencer said. With that he laid down on the couch with his mouth open as I jacked off and shot my huge load all over his face, most of it shooting into his mouth. He swallowed my delicious cum and said "That was the sex that I have ever had."

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