The Lovely Samoans

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

It was a saturday night and Kevin was at his friend Tylers (a Samoan, but a friend since 4th grade) house. They were in the kitchen when Kevin noticed a container with no label so he asked him what it was.
"Protein powder, but I dont use it anymore" Tyler replied.
"why?" kevin responded
"it makes my balls shrink" replied Tyler.
He then used his hands to make a circle telling Kevin how they each were. Kevin was amazed by there size

*2 weeks later*
They were on the bus when sumone mention that the average penis size was 4-5 inches. then Tyler said "Really? I thought it was 6-7 inches" that makes me REALLY happy. That means Tyler has to be at least 7 inches. That's when Kevin knew, he needed to fuck Tyler.

*1 week later*
Tylers parents and Kevins parents both went out to eat on a Friday night and left Tyler and Kevin alone at Tylers house. They were watching a and Tyler had started to doze off. He decided to make his move and moved closer to him and was in a little under arms reach. He slowly slid his hand over to where Tyler's groan was and started rubbing it through his jeans. Tyler was startled and looked over and mover Kevin's hand.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!" Kevin asked.

"I want to suck on you Tyler." Kevin replied still calm.
I'm not gay said Tyler
"There's nothing gay about getting your cock sucked on, it just gay to suck a cock." replied Kevin.
"Well, when ou put it that way, I guess it would be fine." said Tyler getting excited.
He got up and pulled down his pants and was about to pull down his boxers and stopped.
"Wait" Kevin said fastly, "Take off your shirt and keep your boxers on."
So Tyler took off his shirt showing off his softball size biceps and pecs and six pack. This just got Tyler so horny and approached Tyler and said, "If you make out with me first I'll let you shove yo cock in my after i give you a blow job." offered Kevin.

"OK" replied Tyler. So they leaned in and their lips touched, wet, Kevin slid his tounge into Tylers mouth and Tyler followed. They both knew then that this wouldnt be the first time. They made ou for abou 5 minutes when Kevin pulled away and started kissing Tyler's neck and slowly moved down to his rock hard pecs and started licking and nibbling on his nipples when Tyler let out a moan. Kevin kept moving down and started tracing the indents of his 6-pack with his tounge when he ran into the elastic band of Tyler's boxers. Kevin looked up and Tlyer nodded.

Kevin grabbed his still soft penis through the thin cloth and rubbed it while it hardened a bit. Kevin slid it through the hole in the from and was in shock. It was a little over 6 inches soft and was very fuckable. He put it up to his lipsand kissed the head and went down to his balls and put them in his mouth and rolled his tounge arond on them and slowly licked the bottom of Tylers shaft to the tip and then took the whole thing in his mouth. He bobbed up and down on him and Tylers penis finally hardened and Kevin took it out of his mouth to examine its size. He couldnt imagine it. It was eleven inches long and gaped he took it right back in his mouth and started deepthroatig him and Tyler grabbed the back of Kevins head and started face-fucking him fast he yelled, "I'm about to cum!!" so Kevin pulled off and said its time.

He ran back to his coat and grabbed a bottle of lube and started rubbing it on Tylers hard cock and he started fingering him self. This was his first time and he was taking an eleven inch he needed to be ready. So Tyler laid down on the couch so Kevin could sit on him and ride him like a champion but first Kevin had different plans i store.

Lift up your legs said Kevin
"Why" replied Tyler.
"You'll see" retorted Kevin
He did and Kevin bent down and started eating out Tyler's butthole and rammed hsi tounge up and around his anus. This lasted about 3 minutes with Tyler moaning the entire time and he pulled back. Ok I'm ready said Kevin so he layed on his back and lifted his legs up as Tyler mounted him. Kevin quickly said before Tyler entered him, "Wait! when ou're entirely in me put my arma around your neck and hold me and we can fuck standing up.
"OK, that sounds GREAT!!" replied Tyler
so Tyler started entering him and Kevin winced in pain. It hurt like hell. Tyler was finally in him and lifted up started fucking him slowly but going faster with each stroke.
They fucked for 10 minuted and then Tyler screamed and shoot load after load of his warm cum inside Kevins ass and this time it was Kevin doing the moaning. They were laying in each others arms kissing when Tyler's walked in and said, "WHAT'S GOING ON!!"

Tyler stammered, "umm..DAD!"
It's ok he replied but U'll have to pay.

To be continued...

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