The Landscaper

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Kevin was just a few steps out of the bathroom, when he heard the voice from behind.

“Forgetting anything?”

Kevin stopped, recognizing the voice of his mom. He turned and tired to think through all the possibilities. He didn’t make much progress, early on a Saturday morning.

His mom sighed, “PLEASE remember to close the bathroom door,” she emphasized, “keep the dog out.”

“Right,” Kevin confirmed, “sorry.” His mom pulled the door shut and continued, “I’m going out for a few hours. Keep an eye on Ramon. If you need anything call.”

“Okay,” Kevin said, turning and heading back to his room, as he heard his mom head downstairs.

Kevin stretched his muscles as he stepped inside his room. His jock-ish features flexed as he processed his mom’s words. “Ramon,” he thought to himself, “the landscaper…or masonry? What do you call someone building a wall?”

The question faded from his mind unanswered. Then Kevin collapsed on his bed and drifted back off to sleep.


A few hours later Kevin rolled out of bed; this time feeling refreshed. He looked out his window towards the partially completed wall. Ramon wasn’t there. He quickly glanced at the clock and then back to the wall…11:30. “He should be working by now,” Kevin thought.

Disappointed, Kevin imagined Ramon by the retaining wall. About 6 feet tall, African-American, bulky chest, face. Kevin did feel weird about Ramon being . It was hard to admit, but he felt awkward around him. The truth was that he had really never talked to a black person before. His family was all white, his friends were all white, heck out of his school there must have been like five black kids – who all acted white.

He had talked to Ramon a few times, and he seemed nice enough.

Kevin stepped out of his room wearing gray sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He slowly walked down the hall and pushed open the bathroom door.

Kevin was stunned speechless, as Ramon stood in front of him. Dressed in a blue tank top, blue jeans, and work boots, Ramon was facing to the side.

Kevin’s couldn’t keep his eyes from shooting downward, even as he heard the sound of urine hitting water. Kevin’s eyes moved back up as Ramon turned his head towards him.

Kevin quickly pulled the door closed. He stood there in the hall for just a moment, before moving quickly back towards his room. “Shit,” was the first word that popped into Kevin’s mind, as he closed his bedroom door.


“Fuck,” Ramon mumbled, as he zipped up. “What do I do?”

Ramon stepped out of the bathroom and headed down the steps, but then stopped.

“The kid looked terrified. Maybe I should go and talk to him? Let him know I’m not upset and it’s no deal?” Ramon thought.

He quickly countered himself, “No, that’s stupid…he wasn’t terrified just embarrassed. I didn’t do anything wrong. She said I could use that bathroom. I should just go back to work.”

“What if he says something to his mom?” Ramon grimaced, “She already doesn’t like me. I need the money.”

Slowly, Ramon turned and headed back up the stairs. He had to play this off as something to be laughed about. Ramon walked to the end of the hall and pushed open the door to Kevin’s room.

As the door open, Kevin appeared sitting on his bed. He looked towards Ramon as a Playgirl magazine fell from his one hand and his other hand dropped from the crotch of his gray sweatpants.

Ramon was now the one stunned. He quickly weighed his options and decided to power through. “I…Sorry, I meant to knock. I just wanted to say don’t worry at all about the bathroom thing, accidents happen.” The words sounded strange now, given the circumstances.

Ramon turned; mad at himself, as Kevin spoke, “Wait!”

Ramon turned towards Kevin. Kevin quickly tossed the magazine in a nightstand drawer and looked back at Ramon. He spoke nervously, “Please don’t say anything about this to my mom…or anyone.”

“No problem,” Ramon quickly agreed, but curiosity started to grow in him.

“So right after you see me pissing,” Ramon questioned, “you decide to pound it?”

Kevin’s face turned red. “Kind of…I’ve never seen a black dick before.” Then, he quickly added, “in person, I mean.”

Ramon grinned, “And?”

“Well…” Kevin said, looking down at his bed, “it was really hot.”

Ramon looked over Kevin. His chiseled face was certainly cute. The stubble helped. He was clearly in good shape. Thinner than Ramon, but muscular.

Ramon walked over to the bed. “Lets see what you’re working with.”

Kevin blushed, “Uh, nah.”

“Come on,” Ramon coaxed, “you saw mine, it’s only fair.”

Kevin took a breath and pulled down his sweatpants and boxers a few inches, releasing his half-hard dick. Ramon looked over its seven inches and hearty thickness.

“That’s a nice you got there,” Ramon recognized.

“Thanks,” Kevin said, “can I see yours hard?”

Ramon grinned, as he unzipped his jeans. His hand dipped in and quickly came back out with his soft black dick. “Sure you can see it hard, if you’re willing to work for it.”

Kevin sat up and inched closer to Ramon who was standing at the side of the bed. With his face just a few inches away, Kevin wrapped his hand around Ramon’s dick and started tugging at it.

Ramon definitely found the situation hot. As Kevin sat there, his gray sweatpants still pulled down just enough to give his hard-on freedom. Ramon could feel his dick hardening in Kevin’s hand.

As soon as Ramon’s dick began showing life, Kevin leaped towards it, sliding his lips over the head.

“Oh yeah,” Ramon approved, as he watched him gulp down his dick. Ramon knew his dick was about eight inches with a good thickness, yet Kevin seemed to have no problem downing most of it.

Actually, he seemed to be loving it. Kevin sent his mouth sprinting up and down Ramon’s cock, slightly gagging as he picked up speed.

“Shit,” Ramon said, surprised by his hunger.

Kevin didn’t let up. He continued sucking, slurping, and gulping, until Ramon felt the intensity building.

“Relax,” Ramon instructed, pushing Kevin off of his dick.

Kevin sat back, breathing hard, “It tastes so good.”

Ramon smiled, as he knelt down. He bent over Kevin’s legs and pushed his lips down his rock hard cock.

“Ohh Fuck,” Kevin moaned, tilting his head back. Ramon pumped his mouth up and down Kevin’s shaft, “Yeah, yeah, yeah…”

A minute or so later, Ramon heard Kevin’s breathing become more rapid, and his legs started to twitch. Then he heard the warning, “I’m going to cum!”

Unfortunately for Ramon, the warm cum started spraying as Kevin spoke the word “going.”

Ramon shot his head back, but not before the first shot ran down his throat and the second shot hit his face. Kevin quickly grabbed his cock and finished his nut.

“Nice warning,” Ramon said, somewhat pissed, as he stood up.

Kevin tired to think of something to say, he was focused on Ramon’s face. He found the image of his white semen running down Ramon’s black face incredibly hot.

“What did you expect?”

“You to last more than two minutes.”

Kevin blushed. “You’re really hot…let me suck you off.”

“No thanks,” Ramon returned, “I’m going to take a shower.”


Ramon washed his face and let the warm water run over him. He felt better already. So good, he didn’t even hear the bathroom door open.

Ramon jumped slightly, as the shower curtain flew open.

Kevin was standing there, completely nude.

“Hey,” Kevin said.


“I want to fuck,” Kevin said bluntly.

“Listen,” Ramon began, but was cut-off.

“You have too,” Kevin explained, “It’s not like I can just buy a dildo.”

Ramon was about to respond, when Kevin turned to the side and propped one leg up on the side of the tub.

“I need it,” he commented, as he easily slid a finger up his .

“Okay,” Ramon folded, “but don’t expect me to go easy on you.”

Kevin smiled and jumped into the shower, pulling the curtain closed behind him.

“Here?” Ramon questioned, “maybe we should go for a less slick surface…”

Ramon’s argument lost its steam as Kevin was already on his knees throating Ramon’s snake. “Fuck,” Ramon moaned as Kevin choked his way down to his pubes.

“Bend over,” Ramon ordered, pushing Kevin off of him.

Kevin stood up and braced his arms against the wall opposite of the shower head. He could feel the fat head of Ramon’s black cock push in between his hairy cheeks and against his pink anus.

“OHHHH,” Kevin yelled, as Ramon shoved his cock in. Slowly, Ramon worked all eight inches of himself back and forth inside Kevin. He started to pick up speed as Kevin’s moans turned pleasurable.

“Yeah, yeah,” Kevin moaned, “Oh fuck yes.”

Kevin’s cheek pressed against the tile wall, as Ramon pounded his ass. “Yeah, yeah…feels so good.”

Ramon grabbed Kevin’s pecks and pulled him up to a standing position, as he took a step forward.

“Oh,” Kevin uttered, as he felt Ramon’s cock slid in further.

Ramon kept Kevin pulled close to him as he fucked him.

In the midst of their passion, there was a knock on the bathroom door. Ramon and Kevin froze in place.

The door opened, just a crack, and Kevin’s mom’s voice echoed through.

“Kevin, do you know where Ramon is? I don’t see him outside.”

Controlling his voice to be as normal as possible, Kevin replied, “No.”

Both of them heard the door click closed.

“Shit,” Ramon said, quietly, “I need to get outside.”

“Not yet,” Kevin replied, provoking Ramon by pushing his ass quickly backwards over his cock.

Ramon took the cue and quickly slammed his cock back into Kevin. “Quiet,” he ordered, at the first sign of a moan by Kevin.

Ramon fucked Kevin like a rabbit, feeling his cock fill, until Kevin’s legs began buckling. Ramon kept fucking him as they slowly fell down into the tub.

“Fuck,” Kevin whispered, as Ramon pulled his cock out.

Kevin laid in the , stroking his rock hard cock, as Ramon knelt in between his legs. Ramon jerked at his full cock, with its head pointed towards Kevin’s taint.

“Ohhh,” Ramon moaned softly, “Fuck.” Ramon’s load shot out hitting Kevin’s ass and running down his crack.

“Fuck, fuck,” Kevin moaned, “I’m getting close.” Ramon watched Kevin play with his bone for a minute before pushing his cock head into Kevin’s ass. Kevin moaned as his second load came busting out of him onto his stomach.

“Oh,” Kevin said, “that felt great.”

Ramon smiled, “I have to get outside.” He got up and left the shower, as Kevin caught his breath.

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