The House Of Blood

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

This story starts in the 1800. Victor the vampire leader was ruthless and cared none for the living. Jamie A 18 years of age at the time walked toward the castle were Victor and other members of the house of blood lived. As Jamie entered the castle he was meant by to large guards who both fell at Jamie hands. He then headed for the hall were he knew Victor was waiting.

When he entered the hall he turned and there was Victor waiting as he approached Victor quickly moved toward Jamie and grabbed his neck slamming him into the wall. Victor then looked in to Jamie eyes. victor asked. what brings you here? Jamie responded I want to be with you. victor started to kiss Jamie neck he began to push Jamie to his knees. Jamie began to undo victors pants.

Victor pulled Jamie to his feet and turned him around victor now behind Jamie and told Jamie to drop his pants. Jamie did as victor wanted as he entered Jamie he pulled his head back. victor then asked Jamie. Do you want to be turned? Jamie knew he would have to make his move fast as victor finished Jamie brought his pants back up he grabbed the dagger from his side and held it in front of him out of victors site. Jamie then asked victor. are you going to change me? as he asked this victor started to laugh. what's so funny? Jamie asked and just as he did his body started to heat up he dropped the dagger he was holding and dropped to his knees.

Victor then walked toward him and kneeled down in front of him. victor then picked up the dagger and said to Jamie you came to kill me and now your for me you left me have you and now I can change you or let you die. Jamie was now in unbearable pain victor leaned down over him and started to on Jamie neck. Jamie now to weak from what victor's juice was doing to his in side begged victor to help him victor then whispered in Jamie's ear I will but he then sank his fangs in to Jamie's neck. as victor stood up he grab Jamie's lifeless body and carried him to the top of the castle and threw his lifeless body in to a near by river.

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