The Hotel

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

Seth Tanner pulled up to the employee parking lot at the four star hotel, The Westin. He worked there. He has worked at the Westin for 2 years now and has had to carry luggage for celebrities like Justin Bieber, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney. He has also met 3 professional baseball, and hockey players. He has now become assistant manager of the hotel because of his loyalty and work ethic.

He is tall, lean and a lot of girls have wanted to fuck him because of his good looks. He has sky blue eyes with short blond hair, he is physically fit and had played sports in high school. He had graduated 2 years ago. His boyish charm was enough to drive every girl nuts, but unfortunately, he is gay. He walked into the foyer and greeted the guests waiting to check in. He walked around the counter and assisted some people. A brunette girl around 25 walked up.

"good morning. Checking in?" he said in his deep seductive voice.
"yeah I have a reservation for a single bedroom suite."

"ok. Let me check that for you. Do you have any I.D?"
"yep." she pulls out a drivers license and hands it to him.
"hold on one moment."

I Typed Her name in and got a match. I handed her a room key.
"enjoy the room." he said with a smile.

"Seth!" the manager screamed. "I need you out front in five. We got a celeb coming in."

"got it." he said in a response. He walked out of the foyer and back outside. A Limo pulled out and someone stepped out. It was the young film star Daniel Ranger. Daniel was around 5'11" with emerald green eyes and dirty blond hair. He has seen Daniel shirtless in his movies and he's been crushing over him. He walked up to the hot star and extended his hand for a shake.

"welcome to the Westin hotel Mr. Ranger."
"thanks, Seth." he said reading Seth's name tag.
Seth walked him to his room on the 7th floor.
"if there's anything you need Mr. Ranger please call."
"actually." he said grabbing Seth's arm. "there is."

"what do you need sir?" he asked looking at his hand wrapped around his arm.
"come in to my room and lock the door." he followed Daniel into his room and tentatively locked the door behind him.
"what can I get you?"

"well I tried to turn on this A/C and it won't work."

"oh that's no problem, sir." He reached up and fixed the air conditioner. Daniel noticed on how this Seth was. His looked great in those khakis. He moved his eyes up his back to see the white leather belt and purple polo shirt. He soon felt an erection in his pants. He wanted Seth. He walked over behind Seth and wrapped his arms around him. He moved his hands up his body. He pressed his hips against his ass.

"uh... What are you doing?"
"uh... Sir." he said uncomfortably. "may I ask what your doing?"

"shut up and get on the bed." he whispered In Seth's ear. Seth felt Daniels hands fall from his body and he walked over to the bed. He laid on his stomach and he felt Daniel pounce on him. He pressed his hips against Seth's round ass. His dick is now hard.
"um... Is this necessary sir? I'm not comfortable doing this." he said as Daniel kissed his neck and was grinding his crotch against Seth's hard ass.

"it's in your interest to do this for me." Seth didn't understand.
"my interests sir?"

"yeah. Because if you don't, alls I gotta do is call your boss and tell him you refuse to help the guests..." he said enjoying Seth's uneasy feelings. He had a great gaydar and it went off when he met Seth outside the hotel.
Seth felt Daniel pull down his pants and boxers. Seth was now extremely uncomfortable.

"please, Mr. Ranger. I can assist you in any other way. But please not this way." Daniel ignored him. He could hear Daniels belt unbuckle. Seth knew that this will happen one way or another. Seth felt Daniels hard dick on his bare ass. He started to thrust a little in sort of a tease fuck. Seth breathed in sharply. He relaxed and he felt Daniel insert his into his ass. He winced at the pain.

"shhh..." he said trying to quiet Seth. "just relax. I know it hurts..." he said as pleasure rushed up his spine." Seth groaned. But he still didn't approve of what was going on. He felt his ass start to chafe. Daniel didn't use lube. He liked it rougher then normal. Seth closed one eye to try to compensate for the pain, but it soon subsided.

Daniel was obviously enjoying the wonderful feeling he was having, even if it was a result of forced sex. Seth soon relaxed and finally, reluctantly, allowed Daniel to finish. It wasn't soon after when he felt Daniels warm cum shoot upwards into Seth's shaven ass. Daniel gasped in immense pleasure and collapsed onto Seth.

"you can get back to your work now Seth."

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