The Hardware Store

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

My wife and I had recently moved to the other side of the state and had found an old Victorian home that we really loved. It was very reasonably priced, but in drastic need of remodeling. For the month or so, my free time was pretty much taken up with repairs around the house and frequent trips to the local hardware store. There was one who worked in the store who was always extremely helpful with suggestions about repairs and tools and he soon became my go-to guy whenever I visited the store. He was a younger guy named Max- probably in his late 20's- tall and lanky, standing about 6'5" and weighing no more than 160 pounds. He had long blond hair, tied neatly in a pony tail, with a slightly scruffy beard and mustache.

One early Friday morning my wife awoke me around 5 AM. She had walked into the kitchen and immediately noticed water flowing from the cupboard under the sink. I walked into the kitchen and assessed the situation. The cold water pipe had cracked and water was flowing out at a pretty good rate. I shut off the water to the kitchen, cleaned up the mess and decided that I could replace the pipe myself. Around 9AM I headed to the hardware store and quickly found Max. We headed straight to the plumbing department and he helped me pick out what I needed, even cutting the right length of pipe for me. We talked a bit then I said that I had to head to the bathroom to take a piss then get going back home. I grabbed my shopping cart and headed for the men's room, located in back of the store in a corner. Max followed along, chit-chatting with me as we walked.

I entered the bathroom, Max following close behind. There were two urinals, no divider between them and I took the urinal to the right, Max taking the one to the left. As we stood there pissing, I noticed Max was glancing over at me, looking down at my crotch and smiling. I turned and smiled back, glancing down as I did. Wow- Max was packing a one- he was holding the tip of his and it was at least 6" long, slender and uncut. I glanced up at Max and smiled as he continued to glance down at my own meat. I wasn't exactly hung, only 4" flaccid but I was pretty thick. Suddenly Max reached over and placed my cock in his hand. "Do you mind? he muttered. I didn't know what to say. Nothing like this had ever happened to me before. I released my hand from my cock, not saying a word, looking down as he held my cock as I pissed.

The closest to anything like this ever happening to me was a drunken night in college when my roommate and me were watching porn on his computer and ended up jacking off together. I took another glance over at Max's crotch- his penis had stiffened up somewhat and was partially hard, curving to the left. Suddenly we heard the bathroom door open. Max quickly released my cock from his grip and stuck his back in his pants, then walked over to the sink and washed his hands as the guy coming in walked into the stall and shut the door. He quickly exited the bathroom as I finished up with my piss. I zipped up, washed my hands and walked out the door. Max was waiting just outside the door. He had a nervous smile on his face. "I hope I wasn't too forward or anything- it's just I think you're an incredibly man."

I looked down at my feet, my face turning beet red and muttered "Thanks, but I'm not Gay or anything." Max let out a nervous laugh. "Yeah, I figured as much, but no harm done?" he asked. I laughed. "No harm done," I replied. After a short, uncomfortable silence, Max quickly looked around. "Say, I'm just about to take my break. I'm heading out in back to my car. Care to join me?" I smiled. "What do you have in mind?" I replied. "Nothing," he answered, "we can just talk." I glanced around nervously. "Let me check out then I'll pull my truck around" I replied. Max just smiled and said, "Red Chevy, parked by the dumpsters." I proceeded to the checkout line as Max headed to the back of the store. I paid, loaded up my truck, got in and drove around to the back of the store, seeing the back of Max's car sticking out from behind the dumpster. There was a free spot right next to his car, a row of high bushes to the right. I pulled into the spot and got out. Max was sitting in the driver's seat drinking a coke. I got out of my truck and climbed into the passenger's seat next to Max and shut the door.

"Hi" he said nervously, a slight quiver in his voice. "Hi" I muttered back, looking over at him and smiling. Max sat there silently, glancing over at me and looking back into his rearview mirror occasionally. We sat there for a couple of minutes not saying a word, just looking at each other with nervous smiles on our faces. Suddenly Max took a furtive move, and placed his hand on my inner thigh. I looked down and smiled as he started to move his hand back and forth, reaching up to the crotch of my pants, just below my balls. I just sat there, letting him softly stroke my thigh. "That feels nice" he muttered. I just smiled. Every once and a while Max looked back into his rearview mirror. After a couple of minutes his hand moved up to the growing bulge in my jeans. He smiled, muttered "Do you mind?" and started to undo by belt, then unsnap my jeans and pull the zipper down.

I was staring intently at his hand on my crotch, as he reached into the fly of my boxers and pulled out my penis. "Are you sure this is safe?" I whispered. "No one's going to come back here, are they?" Max took a quick glance back and answered "We're okay." He started to stroke my hardening cock. Soon I was fully erect, my cock curved up at its full 6" in length. "Nice" he muttered. I scooted up in the seat, grabbing my pants and underwear and slipping them down to my knees. Max took another look back in the mirror, then undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees as well. His shaft was fully erect, taking a sharp banana curve to the left, the knob of his shaft sticking halfway out of his thick foreskin. I could see beads of pre-cum starting to ooze from his shaft.

Without saying a word, Max leaned over and took my cock all the way in his mouth. I felt his tongue running circles around the tip of my shaft, occasionally probing into my piss slit as he sucked away on my rock-hard shaft. I was staring down at him as he worked my cock, occasionally taking glances back to make sure no one was coming. I started to softly moan- I had never in my life imagined another guy sucking my cock- especially in a parking lot behind a hardware store. It felt amazing. Max continued to suck my cock for a couple minutes, then sat up and took a quick glance out the rearview mirror. Without saying a word he kicked off his shoes and removed his pants and underwear, then scooted over and climbed over to the passenger seat. He hovered his over my lap for a second, looked back around and grabbed my twitching member, then slowly eased down. I felt my cock slowly penetrate his ass as he lowered himself down. Soon he had his full weight on me and my cock was plunged balls- into his pucker. I could feel the tightness of his sphincter muscle rapped around the base of my shaft and the incredibly soft wet, creamy texture of his rectum enveloping me.

Max slowly started to raise his body up and down, pulling my cock almost completely out of his ass then slowly lowering himself back down repeatedly. "God that feels amazing" he muttered as I started to gyrate my hips. He turned his head slightly and kissed me passionately on the cheek, then moving over to my mouth. I let my lips part and he dove his tongue into my mouth, now gyrating his hips as he kissed me hard. I reached around with my right hand and placed my hand firmly around his shaft and started to masturbate his cock as I fucked his ass. Both of us were moaning softly, not saying a word when suddenly I felt my balls tighten and my cock start to pulsate. I pulled away from his kiss and muttered "I think I'm gonna cum." Within seconds I felt seven strong spurts ejaculate from my cock, filling his ass with my load.

Max slowly rose, pulling my cock from his ass, then he moved back to the driver's seat and bent down and placed my throbbing, cum-oozing shaft in his mouth, taking the remainder of my load down his throat. He then sat up, looked at me and smiled. Without saying a word I leaned over, placed the tip of his cock in my mouth and started to quickly stroke his cock with my hand until about two minutes later I tasted the slightly bitter, creamy and extremely thick texture of his cum in my mouth.

I sat up and Max leaned over and softly whispered "Feed me my load" and I complied. We both collapsed back in the car seats exhausted, moaning softly for a few minutes before Max suddenly exclaimed "I better get back to work." We silently pulled up our pants, then exited the car. Max briskly walked to the back door of the store, turned, smiled and waved at me as I climbed in my truck and drove back home.

When I arrived back home my wife was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee, still in her robe. "What took you so long?" she asked. "Oh, nothing" I replied, "I just stopped for coffee on my way home."

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