The Game

(Part 1 from 1. Fiction.)

As usual Andrea quipped, “Let’s play Strip Poker,” over her Bridge hand. And as usual, she made the same tired old jokes as she drew yet another losing hand. She folded it with disgust and reached for her drink. All was quiet for a second, as usually happened after Andy’s patented line, which marked the halfway point of their Friday night game. This Friday, however, things didn’t happen in the usual manner from there on.

“I heard of a game that sounded interesting,” Gloria said quietly, followed immediately with a swig of her drink. There was a long pause.

Finally Andy picked up the ball, “And what game would that be, Gloria?”

“Well,” she began, picking up steam as she spoke. “It’s like Strip Poker, but not quite. Everyone takes off their clothes as they lose, but you stop at your panties.”

“I don’t seem to be wearing any panties, honey,” Brian shot out teasingly.

“Hush,” said Andy as she slugged him on the arm. They had always been a bit more than close from the day they’d become neighbors. “Go ahead, honey,” Andy added.

“Anyway, when you get down to your underpants, you have to do stuff to the winner. But whatever you do, you can’t touch anything inside the underwear. ” Gloria’s face had a slight crimson tint by the time she was finished.

Andrea’s eyebrows arched as a low “Oooh” escaped her lips. James just sat there quietly and swirled the ice in his drink.

“Where the hell did you hear about that?” Brian demanded.

“A friend on-line e-mailed it to me,” Gloria confessed, not looking at her husband.

“Well, why the fuck not?” Andy, as was her style, jumped in. “What could it possibly hurt?” she asked and then snickered.

“Sure, what the hell … I’m in,” Brian chuckled too. The two of them were sure it was all just an extension of Andy’s original line, thinking nothing more about it.

“Okay,” James spoke up for the first time. “Who deals first?”

Suddenly the whole room came to a screeching halt. James never got involved in the flirting and teasing that sometimes went on between the other three. If he was speaking up now, it meant that this joke had somehow become an actual idea, even a . That thought quickly sobered the other three. Somehow a line had been crossed somewhere along the way. Here and now it seemed to be ‘gut’ check time. Apparently, Andy was the first to finish her soul searching, because she grabbed the deck and started shuffling.

“Deuces wild, five card draw, need an ace for four,” she chimed in as if by rote as she started dealing. The table came to silent order as the cards fell before them. A hint of fear seemed to be sitting on the crest of Gloria’s quivering lips, but she picked up the cards as was expected. The game was on.

The first hand went slowly and finished with James as the winner. Brian, to no one’s surprise, was the first to take his shirt off. Also, no surprise, both of the ladies removed their shoes. Things progressed slowly after that, the winning spread out fairly even between the four of them. Everyone was uncovering his or her bodies at much the same rate. When the girls had to both strip off their bras on the same hand, that little show was quite a spectacle in itself.

Andy, ever the bold one had no problem about letting her shapely girls out to play. She tried to toss her bra at James, but totally missed. Instead it landed on Brian’s head, and again, the eyebrows were hard at work speculating on the hidden meanings. Gloria, on the other hand, made a production out of slowly peeling off her bra and freeing her puppies. She hemmed and hawed about how embarrassed she was and how no one should look, lest they vomit. Finally, both Andy and Brian leaned over, grabbed the shoulder straps, and yanked. As she gasped in surprise, they both notice that she hadn’t struggled against them at all. James’s eyes widened ever so slightly, though, at the lovely breasts the wife of his friend had just been displayed to him.

A moment passed while everyone got a good look at all of Andy’s newly exposed flesh. Then James grabbed the deck, shuffled, and nervously dealt. The competition seemed to be growing more and more intense now, as long strategies were being worked out in their minds and the notion of bluffing became an issue. Brian tried it and failed miserably. Andy had counted on her three fives as a sure thing, and was disappointed. Gloria resigned herself to a loss when all she could muster was a pair of Queens, which left James the winner with a full house. No one said a word.

“So, is it winner’s choice?” chuckled Brian as he smirked a bit. The girls, out of habit it seemed, sank to their knees in front of him. In a surprise, and unrehearsed move, they each took one of his nipples in their mouth. Then both snickered as they sucked, knowing that both men enjoyed this secret bit of kink. As his nipples hardened, James tried desperately to suppress a shudder.

“What about you, loser?” James cackled an uncharacteristic flirtatious joke. Everyone enjoyed a hearty laugh, except Brian. With tremendous courage, Brian stood, approached his wife and friends and did the unthinkable. He took his friend and neighbor of twelve years by the face and kissed him on the lips. The intensity and depth of their passion stunned them both. Brian had meant it as a joke to tease and tantalize both James and the girls. Instead James’s mouth was demanding. Time, itself, stood still until in an effort to down play the kiss, Brian burst out in uproarious laughter, a laughter that spread to them all.

Immediately everyone secretly began to analyze this new and unexpected development in the back of his or her minds. The kiss hadn’t been long, and it hadn’t been sensual. There was no tongue involved so it was obviously meant for its shock value and it broke in a friendly and timely fashion. The gears in their heads could be heard whirring, processing the findings. Then Andy groaned loudly, easing the quiet tension in the room.

“You’d better not chicken out,” she said to her husband as she stood, and they again all took their places at the table. This time Andy dealt the cards quickly. Her panties, already damp, were now so wet they clung to her sticky crotch. Andy desperately wanted to shove her hand inside and let off some of the pressure in her swollen clit, but she settled for lighting a cigarette instead. They all did, even James who didn’t smoke anymore.

The next hand went to Gloria and Andy jumped at the chance to suck on one of her erect nipples. James made a dash for the other one, leaving Brian to nibble on the nape of her graceful swan like neck. Gloria squirmed like a snake in heat. As she adjusted to being the center of attention, Gloria wished to god that someone, anyone, would break the rules and play with her horny crotch. Unfortunately, no one did. The game resumed after a long and vicious tease. Again the stakes had been raised.

Poor Gloria won the following hand as well and again there was licking and sucking. This time she was almost in tears when they again moved back to the table without getting her badly scorned body off. Andy took the next hand, and was also left feeling the same way. When she took the following hand as well, she suspected the fix was in. That thought didn’t occur to her, though until after she’d pleaded with all of them to peel her panties off and eat her raw. Her pleas fell on deaf ears because no one gave in.

The next hand made it obvious. Brian wound up the winner with a Queen high. Again, they all took their places without acknowledging the obvious. This time Andy forced her husband to kneel with her between Brian’s legs. He hesitated at first, but after she threw him ‘the look’ he knew he wasn’t getting out of this that easily. He watched as Andy extended her tongue and teased the skin of Brian’s inner thigh. Brian moaned into his wife’s mouth as she straddled his lap and kissed him. Andy swatted James’s for his overt attention to Gloria’s bobbing invitingly above him and directed him to do as she was. It became apparent that, if this were to develop into an act of sexual intercourse, he would need to earn it. The blackmail stung, but a shot at the firm ass just inches from his face wasn’t something to be taken lightly. James eventually, reconciled his conscience enough to give in and both of them teased poor Brian’s inner thighs in ways he never imagined possible.

As James self-consciously licked Brian’s inner thighs a wicked smile broke across Andy’s face. She knew she had won and, therefore, felt quite free to throw the game. Breaking all the rules and declaring herself the loser, she silently pulled Brian’s jockey briefs aside allowing his hard popped up. She actually gasped it was so beautiful. Not gigantic, only about seven inches but very big looking, due to its thickness. It was very veiny, and dark-colored. And it had the juiciest, roundest head. Brian’s balls were thick, and hung well below the base of his cock. Shyly, Andy reached down and gently touched Brian’s hard, throbbing cock. Awe struck, she took it in her hand, caressing it gently, rubbing the shaft and then she moved down to caress his balls. She could tell that he was enjoying her touch when he arched his hips, pushing himself against her. She could feel his erection growing in her hand. God she couldn't wait to suck on it.

Almost as if I was in a trance, Andy moved her face closer to Brian’s cock and took it into her mouth. She didn’t waste any time with teasing or anything like that. She just started bobbing her head up and down on Brian’s cock. She could feel his cock getting harder, longer and thicker in her mouth. She could taste his pre-cum as it started to leak out of his piss hole. His pre-cum tasted a little like her husband James’s tasted, but it wasn’t as thick.

When Andy took the dismally tormented man’s rigid cock in her mouth, Brian’s body immediately went rigid in his wife’s arms and he whispered his thanks to god and shivered violently at the intensity of the feelings.

As she sucked, Andy opened one eye and looked squarely into the eye of her husband James. He knew he was doomed.

Meanwhile, Brian tried to suck the tongue out of his wife’s head to keep her from turning and interrupting the moment.

After giving Brian’s cock a good hard sucking, Andy lovingly held the stiff cock, stroking it tenderly. Then with a smile, she invitingly held the cock out towards her husband, James. With wide eyes, he considered the task she implied. She let her anger show at his hesitation. She also made it clear that this would end in a fight if he didn’t pick up the gauntlet. For what seemed like an eternity, the Heavens felt the strength of their test of wills.

With a shake of his head, James gave in, and Brian’s stiff cock slipped easily between his lips and into his mouth. Much to his surprise, it didn’t feel all that horrid as it glided across his tongue either. The whole experience was far less a catastrophe than he had imagined. It was a bit of a surprise, though, when Brian’s hips bucked as he started trying to fuck James’s mouth. Panicking, he spit the stiff cock out as a defensive reflex. With a big smile, Andy moved her face forward and her mouth reclaimed Brian’s hard cock so she could finish the task for her needy friend, and brand new lover.

As she sucked, Andy winked, giving him her blessing as James rose and claimed Gloria from her husband’s lap. It seemed that she was the unspoken prize for letting Andy taste one of her most secret fantasies. They adjourned to the couch while Andy finished off Brian.

Andy nearly gagged as she felt Brian’s thick pubic hair against her nose and his heavy balls against her lips then slapping against her chin as he began to rock back and forth gently fucking her face. “Oh god, that’s good. Keep sucking,” Brian pleaded. With a laugh, she kept bobbing her head up and down his raging cock. As Andy moved her mouth over his cock she used her tongue to massage the bottom of it. Brian started moaning softly, and before she realized what was happening she felt his hand wrap around the back of her head and pull her face tighter into his crotch as he shot his load down her throat. He shot at least 4-big bursts of hot cum in her mouth and down her throat before she felt him ease up on the back of her head and give her a chance to breathe.

As the caught their breath, they watched James lay Gloria down on the couch. Completely oblivious to their presence, his free hand was all over Gloria’s body, squeezing her erect nipple, and wandering down her tummy to the wet crotch of her panties. Then he reached up and gently cupped a hand under her breast, lifting it slightly so that its weight rested fully in his hand. Teasingly James bent his head forward and flicked his tongue over her nipple several times before he took it between his lips and gently sucking it, using his lips to roll her nipple back and forth. Then he pushed Gloria away so he could pull off her soaked panties.

Dropping them on the floor, James drove a finger inside her wet box, and fingered her deeply. Wantonly she slowly spread her legs to show him her pink little pussy lips all smooth, shiny and wet and just waiting to be licked and sucked. He knelt down by the couch and pulled her legs open even farther, immediately rubbing the tip of his tongue around the outside of her pussy, teasing her with his hot breath. So close to being in her, but not yet letting her savor his full tongue inside of her.

Then James licked the outline of those wet lips slowly, just brushing her hard clit at the top of each stroke. He took her soft wet pussy lips delicately between his lips and sucked them gently, occasionally darting his tongue briefly inside her hot, wet, and juicy hole. Keeping her wet lips open, he ran his tongue deep inside her, now stroking Gloria’s clit on each pass with rapid light strokes. He slid two fingers deep inside her pussy with a long stroke. Now he could finger that wet box while he drove her crazy with attention to her sensitive clit. Eagerly James worked his way down further along her pussy, and ventured down to her ass, teasing that sweet little bud with his tongue and another finger.

James had three fingers inside of Gloria now, two in her wet pussy, and one in her ass. He fucked her hard and deep with all of them. Returning to her clit, he worked it with his tongue and mouth, sucking and licking her, as he knew she’d like. It wasn’t long until she cummed all over his face and hand, bucking as she did.

Ignoring Gloria and James, Andy and Brian changed places. As soon as Andy was seated, Brian was on his knees pulling her legs apart. Andy laid her back as Brian lightly licked the velvety flesh of the inside of her thighs. Andy moaned and spread her legs wider as he licked ever higher towards her pussy … then teased it gently for a moment before retreating and licking her other thigh. Lazily she reached down and stroked his hair, and gently caressing the muscles of his neck as he blew softly on her clit. She could feel the cool air evaporate his moisture and it was a sensation that brought her ever closer to an orgasm. She felt Brian take her clit into his mouth and gently suck on it. The sensation caused her moan. Pulling back and releasing her clit, he began to use his amazing tongue in a way only he could, sometimes quickly, other times slower, moving it vertically or making slow, lazy circles around her clit while working a finger inside of her. Penetrating deeply, he moved his finger in and out in the rhythm of his tongue moving against her clit. Andy moaned as the feelings swell inside her ravaged body, and as they intensify her body started shaking with an earth shattering orgasm. Frantically writhing, Andy could hear herself moan as Brian continued to work on her, kissing her, licking her, stroking her.

Midnight found the four still engaged in their lightly bisexual . The girls were still hot, however winded, but the boys were beginning to run out of steam. Brian and Andy pounded against each other in an attempt to make him cum for the third time. James gave up without popping off a second orgasm, content to keep eating Gloria despite her pleas to stop. After both Brian and his wife erupted for the last time, things slowed to a stop. There was tons of heavy breathing going on. Lazily, everyone started to dress Brian and Gloria for their trip home.

At the door, the girls exchanged kisses with everyone, but the boys, however, just hugged.

Andy knew she was right not to push it just then, so instead she made a bid for continuation, “Next week … naked Twister?” They all rolled their eyes.

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